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7/30/2011 #301

waah! D: I didn't realize one of the chapters in my story is ten pages long! o___o

*lays flowers down for wrist in advance*

time to get to typin'. I do still want to at least get to bed by three. -___-"

7/30/2011 #302

I should write...

But I'd rather waste time on stupid animal videos on Youtube. Such is life.

7/30/2011 #303

This made me feel better about life :)

7/30/2011 #304


*does not even want to attempt ten page long chapter*

When I upload that chapter, whatever readers I'll have will hate me for sure. o:

And then I won't have anymore readers. xD

7/30/2011 #305


I wish I could open an act on DP by myself, that would be awesome.

I think since it is so much dead in there, we should be able to do that. XD

7/30/2011 #306

which reminds me that I've been re-thinking the plot of my next story, and I've decided to cut out any vamps.

I suck at writing vampire stories anyway.

Now I just gotta figure out how a lycan pack is going to play into all the crazy I have set up for my characters.

7/30/2011 #307

lolol, Cracked. Love it. xD

7/30/2011 #308

What's DP?

Cracked is the only place I get my news. And any good conversation starters XD

7/30/2011 #309

ack, July is almost over! D:

good thing I got all my clothes shopping done.

I still need shoes. :\

Oh, and a spine. Could use that, too.

7/30/2011 #310

What's DP?

Dialogue Play. I have a link on my profile!

Cracked is the only place I get my news. And any good conversation starters XD

Hehe, I'm never on Cracked enough. :( I've read so many articles in one setting, though.

7/30/2011 #311

*glomps Fang*

7/30/2011 #312

Dialogue Play. I have a link on my profile!

I'm probably being st00pid, but I don't see it?

7/30/2011 #313

XD it's not on her profile.

it's on mine though!

or I'll just link you straight to it.

7/30/2011 #314

I'm probably being st00pid, but I don't see it?

omg, I forgot that third link wasn't DP, it was RM. XD

why did I forget to link to DP when I clearly posted in that forum? :\

*old timer's moment*

Well, I'mma link it now. xD

7/30/2011 #315

okay, it is done. and hiiii Sheriff! :D

7/30/2011 #316

hiii! Patrick tastes like tangerines!

7/30/2011 #317

That's an odd statement. xD

Why is Sheriff tasting Patrick?

7/30/2011 #318

I used the word "tang"! he must taste like citrus :D

7/30/2011 #319

Oh, there you are. went looking on skype for you. xD

whatddya mean you used the word, tang? Like, as in a verb?

7/30/2011 #320

description silly. tang of something in the back of his throat. maha.

ALSO, I just had this little thing between the two:

Sera: Nice shirt.

Pat: .... I'm shirtless? O__o

7/30/2011 #321

ololol! XD

Sera can be funny, when she's not being... Sera.

7/30/2011 #322

waht? XD

7/30/2011 #323

lawl, when she's not being a devious, conniving, backstabber, I guess I should say.


7/30/2011 #324

... right. haha.

7/30/2011 #325

at least this makes her more likeable to the readers.

bonding time!

7/30/2011 #326


hopefully they'll be okay when I pull the rug out from under them, eh? lol

7/30/2011 #327


and okay, I'm heading to bed.

night, Sheriff!

7/30/2011 #328

g'night dear!

7/30/2011 #329
Fractured Illusion

My knee is better! :D

Thank you Lurch and Monk!

7/31/2011 #330
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