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I saw a documentary, "The Celluloid Closet" last night. A survey of LGBT characters/themes in films

8/24/2011 #2,791
Fractured Illusion

Ah hell, I'm gonna make no pretends: I'll watch it just for the eye candy. It's gonna be a guilty pleasure I guess.

who nows mayb itll win an socar haha

8/24/2011 #2,792
Fractured Illusion

I saw a documentary, "The Celluloid Closet" last night. A survey of LGBT characters/themes in films

conclusions? sond interestin

8/24/2011 #2,793
Fractured Illusion

is it on youtub?

8/24/2011 #2,794

I do belive it might!

Oh, snap! My internal speller has left the building!

8/24/2011 #2,795
Fractured Illusion

it is! yay

8/24/2011 #2,796
Fractured Illusion

My internal speller has left the building!

i think mine tricked yorus and now theyre in a bar

8/24/2011 #2,797
Nicki BluIs

brb. The spit and rub method didn't work. SIGH

8/24/2011 #2,798


Ah, it's more of a survey, so there's no defo conclusion. But, I have to say, it's pretty damn interesting. Who knew Ben Hur was meant to be gay, or that John Wayne played a gay cowboy, but in a subtexty way.

Plus, it's really extensive; so many people interviewed.

Some astute observations: "For a gay character to win an Oscar, you'd have to be dead or dying"

8/24/2011 #2,799
Fractured Illusion

brb. The spit and rub method didn't work. SIGH

your diets not healthy enough then

8/24/2011 #2,800

Oh dear lord, Frac. XD

I hope you look back on this when you are more conscious and see your spelling, lol.

8/24/2011 #2,801

My thoughts precisely, Fang!

8/24/2011 #2,802
Fractured Illusion

m 3 min into the focumentary

so many black and white gay clips i am already shokced haha XD didnt know blackandwhite even aknoledged it

8/24/2011 #2,803

Bahahahaha! See, told you it was good!

8/24/2011 #2,804
Fractured Illusion

rly good so far

8/24/2011 #2,805

I want to watch Celluloid closet, but I am watching Slumdog Millionaire for the first time.


8/24/2011 #2,806
Fractured Illusion

i liked that movie, tho its very melodrama haa. very pretty tho, lots of shotsofindia

8/24/2011 #2,807
Fractured Illusion

snap need to go


8/24/2011 #2,808

I was really blah about the whole thing, as in, Slumdog.

So, for what my opinion is worth, I'd say go for Celluloid now. 'Course, if you're really liking the movie...

Oh, and bye Frac!

8/24/2011 #2,809
Nicki BluIs

baaaack. And cleaaan. :)

8/24/2011 #2,810

i feel retardd

she's so cute when she's half-conscious!

8/24/2011 #2,811
Nicki BluIs

lol indeed :)

8/24/2011 #2,812

Hey, Bubbles!

Question: do you think being overweight should have any bearing on me wearing boots? Not the knee length ones, but the more normalish ones?/fashion advice needed

And denim works with them, right?

8/24/2011 #2,813

Hey Sheriff!

What're your thoughts on Lurch's fashion query?

8/24/2011 #2,814

Ah, man, did I just murder the OT? Some OT faux pas that I shouldn't have committed?


8/24/2011 #2,815
Nicki BluIs

pfft! boots are hot for everyone. Just make sure you're balancing out your body. Like don't wear things that cinch or cut you off in places that are unflattering.

8/24/2011 #2,816
Nicki BluIs

Sorry for the delay, Lurch. I went to have brunch.

8/24/2011 #2,817

Ah, no problem

OK, so, like I shouldn't wear anything too body hugging when it comes to my torso, right? Cause my legs are OK-ish in that respect.


8/24/2011 #2,818

Also: what'd you have for brunch?

8/24/2011 #2,819
Nicki BluIs

Yeah. Make sure that your clothes are your size. Too big or too small is no good. And make sure you pants are straight leg (or at least not tapered). You don't wanna look like an icecream cone :)

/loves giving fashion advice.

Have you ever seen the show What Not to Wear? It is wonderful... but mostly they help women so it might not be useful for you.

8/24/2011 #2,820
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