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Fractured Illusion

This is place to come if you want reviews for a story that has at least 4 chapters, and the review type is "easy fix", aka a simple review.

Only stories go here. Not poems.

You can use whichever RG you like: Stories or Multi-chap. Just because your story is multi-chap does not mean you cannot use the Story RGs. These RGs are all voluntary.

For Review Game rules and some fun facts, go to "Read this first!". Read the rules for the Review Games as well as the rules about Multi-chap.


FAQ: ยป Two or more people have reviewed the same person! What happens now? Answer


Moving on, this is the basic structure of the Review Game: Multi-chap:

Person 1: Please review "This."

Person 2: I reviewed two chapters of "This." ch 5-6. please review two chapters of "That."

Person 3: I reviewed five chapters of "That." (chapters 1-5), please review five chapters of "Yay."

Person 4: I reviewed five chapters of "Yay.", ch 3-7. "Story" only has four chapters, so please review all of them.

Person 5: I am reviewing 4 ch of "Story". Edit: Done, ch 10-14.! Please review 4 chapters of "Singular"

As you can see, you need to enter a story with at least 4 chapters. The request of reviews has to be at least 2 or max 6.

You review the above person with how much he/she has requested or more and then request the same amount for yourself, or less (not more! If you want to request more, you review the person above more). You can't state what you want reviewed until you have completed all reviews. But you can make a holding post, stating you are reviewing. This lasts for max 2 days. When you are done with the reviews, edit into your post what you yourself want reviewed.

First person to post in this topic gets a freebie of a minimum of 2 reviews. As they have not reviewed, they cannot request. So the second to participate decide how much they wish to review within the established range.

But! If you have1 chapter with 4000 words or more: your max request can only be 4 chapters.

And if you have more than 1 chapter with 4000 words or more: Max request - 3 chapters


Don't try this if you are new to the review games. It will be too confusing. Start with regular review games Easy Fix.


For Easy Fix, your review needs to fulfill these requirements, otherwise you will not be seen as someone who has fulfilled their obligation and you can thus not be seen as a participate.

REVIEW REQUIREMENTS: There are three categories used to determine whether a review meets the minimum review requirements for the Easy Fix thread. Meeting only ONE of these is required in order to put yourself up next.

First Option:

Your review needs to be AT LEAST 75 WORDS LONG. You can determine the word count of your review by copying and pasting it into any type of word processing software.

Second Option:

Your review needs to be AT LEAST 450 CHARACTERS LONG. Meaning, instead of counting how many words there are in the review, we'll be counting how many letters. This helps with those who review on a tablet or phone since a word processor is not available to them, and Fiction Press' review system tells you how many characters long your review is as you type it.

Third Option:

You need to state two things you liked and *why*, OR two things you didn't like and *why*, OR one thing you liked and one thing you didn't like and *why*. The review will be seen as invalid otherwise. This option does not require a word or character count minimum.

Restating the same thing does not count as a why. "I really enjoyed the piece because I thought it was very enjoyable" does not count as a why. "I really enjoyed the piece. It was enjoyable because the characters were relateable" does count as a why.

Phrases like "no mistakes" or "good job" do not count as a like. If you cannot find a dislike then write another distinct like do not say "there are no mistakes." That will not count. Saying "good job" or other similar phrases will not count as a like on a piece either. It is not specific.

Here are templates to ensure your review clearly fulfills the qualifications, you can use any of them if you choose, but they are not required:

1) I liked... because... I disliked... because....

2) I liked... because... I liked... because...

3)I disliked... because... I disliked... because...

If you are still unsure on how the review requirement for Easy Fix is viewed, look at this post for guidance.

Note: Commenting on summary and/or title will not count.



3/2/2008 . Edited by Dr. Self Destruct, 10/30/2015 #1
Otseis Ragnarok
I'll take the freebie... Dream Angel
3/2/2008 . Edited by Fractured Illusion, 3/3/2008 #2
Kelsci J. Sceasel
I read 2 chapters of Dream Angel. It's great :] Please review The Last Agnitiora.
3/3/2008 #3
3 chapters of The Last Agnitora The Last Summer, please
3/4/2008 . Edited 3/4/2008 #4
Done three chapters of [i][b]"The Last Summer"[/b] [/i] Three chapters of [i][b]"Letting Go"[/b][/i] please. Thank you. Kaiyako K.
3/8/2008 #5
reviewed three chapters of "letting go." i hope i was helpful... i'm really sorry that my review was kind of... well... vague... >_< three chapters of princess if you can, or three chapters of my others if you can't. thanks! -Lefty
3/9/2008 #6
l. fayette
three chapters of princess. three chapters of the Puppet Queen please.
3/9/2008 . Edited 3/10/2008 #7
I reviewed three chapters of Puppet Queen. Three chapters of "Another Little Mermaid", please.
3/10/2008 #8
Reviewed three chapters of [i][b]"Another Little Mermaid"[/b] [/i] Three chapters of [i][b]"Letting Go"[/b][/i] please. Thank you. Kaiyako K.
3/11/2008 #9
Esther Jade
Done 3 chaps of "Letting Go." "Heart of the Driechtnacht" - 2 chapters please. Thanks!
3/12/2008 #10
Did 3 of "Heart of the Driechnacht." "Another Little Mermaid", please. Two chapters.
3/12/2008 #11
Done Two Chapters Of [i][b]"Another Little Mermaid" [/b] [/i] [i] [b]"Letting Go" [/b] [/i] <--- Two Chapters please. Preferably the third and fourth. Thanks. Kaiyako
3/13/2008 . Edited 3/13/2008 #12
Otseis Ragnarok
"Goddess Of The Gates" wasn't posted... so I read 3 chapters of Letting go... Is that okay? If it is, then Dream Angel, preferably the later chapters... Thanks...
3/13/2008 . Edited 3/13/2008 #13
Reviewed 'Dream Angel' chapter one, two and a combined review for three and four. Probably review five in my own time later. The first two or three chapters of 'Dark Bloodline' please. (chapter two is really long sorry, im going to split it somtime in the future)
3/13/2008 . Edited 3/13/2008 #14
Resurrection! Reviewed the first two chapters of Dark Bloodline. It's a decent start. n.n Chapters 1 and 2 of [s:2476370:ARCE] please. Skip the prologue (it's too short to review XD).
3/19/2008 #15
loves him
did "ARCE" can anyone do chapters five and six of "Three Guys in One Coffee Cup"? Thanks.
3/19/2008 #16
l. fayette
sorry, I did chapters 1 & 2. I hope that still counts... 2 chapters of Daughter of the Sea please,
3/20/2008 #17
loves him
did chapters 1-4 of daughter of the sea. four chappies of three guys in one cofee cup pleasee.
3/21/2008 #18
Did Chapters 4-7 Of [i][b]"Three Guys And One Coffee Cup"[/b][/i] Four Chapters Of ---> [i][b]"Letting Go"[/b][/i] please. Thank you, -Kaiyako K.
3/21/2008 #19
Seigetsu Ren
Did chapters 1-4 of "Letting Go" (previously did ch. 5 and 6 for the other RGs) Preferrably all four chapters of "Stolen Flight". If it's not physically possible (as in you've reviewed some chapters already), then do as many as you can (I think the minimum for this RG is 2 reviews though)
3/24/2008 . Edited 3/24/2008 #20
Otseis Ragnarok
Did all 4 chaps of stolen flight. I want the same for Dream Angel, four reviews, please...
3/25/2008 . Edited 3/25/2008 #21
Esther Jade
Done 4 chaps of Onar's "Dream Angel". 2 of the "Heart of the Driechtnacht", please. Thanks!
3/26/2008 . Edited 3/26/2008 #22
Seigetsu Ren
Did ch. 5 and 6. Interesting character development! 2 chapters of "Stolen Flight" please.
3/26/2008 #23
Oracle of Destiny
Done first two chapters of Stolen Flight - hope my commets hepled you Dexterity :) 2 chapters of 'Destiny and I: A New Man' please. (edited by Frac, because you can't request more than you reviewed)
3/28/2008 . Edited by Fractured Illusion, 3/28/2008 #24
Reviewed prologue + 2 chapters of 'Destiny and I.' Someone do the same for [s:2225780:A Thousand Bayonets], if they'd like. :)
3/30/2008 . Edited 3/30/2008 #25
Esther Jade
Done 2 chaps of "A Thousand Bayonets" 2 of "Heart of the Driechtnacht", please. Thanks!
3/31/2008 #26
Reviewed first three chapters of "Heart of the Driechtnacht". Please review three of Thanks!
3/31/2008 . Edited 4/1/2008 #27
Esther Jade
Done 3 chapters of "Baptism of Fire" - dumb computer kept losing my reviews (Argh!) 3 of "Heart of the Driechtnacht", please. Thanks!
4/1/2008 . Edited 4/1/2008 #28
Done Chapter 3 of Heart of the Driechtnacht. Good work on that, a few things, but very well-written.:D Please review Transcendental. Thanks.
4/1/2008 . Edited 4/1/2008 #29
(sorry, I clicked reply instead of edit)
4/1/2008 . Edited 4/1/2008 #30
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