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I'm gonna need to go to bed soon, too, but right now, I'm on a writing spree.

really glad I decided to just jump to a new scene.

4/14/2012 #1,321
Dr. Self Destruct

I kinda like each FMA as their own series since they're so different. But yeah, I can't choose which one i like more, lol

4/14/2012 #1,322
Potter, Sica and Lyra, and Sheriff: Pottermore ID's, you lot. I'm in Gryffindor. I so wanted to be in Slytherin or Ravenclaw though
4/15/2012 #1,323

Ah! Buggers, lol

I'm WitchPotion114, add me yo'!

4/15/2012 #1,324

Ugh, I can't figure out how to unlock the 2nd book! It has never let me click on the first chapter to enter ._.''

4/15/2012 #1,325

oh! it hasn't been released yet.

well then!

4/15/2012 #1,326

'We look forward to seeing you!' Yeah, well I'd like to see more of you than validation pages. Bah.


4/15/2012 #1,327
Dr. Self Destruct

Of course I got my second email the minute my ass hit the bed to go to sleep last night.

4/15/2012 #1,328
Dr. Self Destruct


^ My Username

4/15/2012 #1,329
Oh God, I'm so helpless at casting spells. Can't get my accuracy past 27 or so. Slightly better at potions. What other ways can you earn points? Oooh, what're your wands? Mine's Aspen with unicorn hair.
4/15/2012 #1,330
Dr. Self Destruct

Sent you a request, Potter. :3

4/15/2012 #1,331
I haven't had my second email yet, woe
4/15/2012 #1,332
Dr. Self Destruct


^ My wand. :D

4/15/2012 #1,333
Dr. Self Destruct

This is a lot more fun than I originally thought it was going to be lol

4/15/2012 #1,334
Dr. Self Destruct

Yep, I'm in Slytherin.

I guess that means I'm getting locked in the dungeons during the big fight in the last book. Damn houseist wizard, all of them!

4/15/2012 #1,335
Dr. Self Destruct

"But that's enough about what we're not. Let's talk about what we are, which is the coolest and edgiest house in this school."


4/15/2012 #1,336
Sica, we share wand wood! Mine's unicorn though, which means mine bonds most strongly with me :)
4/15/2012 #1,337

That's me- sent you and Potter requests!

4/15/2012 #1,338
I just made THE yummiest beef hotpot. Unfortunately I only had half a bowl, then I went back for more and there's none left cos of my housemates... it would have fed a family of five haha. They'd already had their own dinner!! Cheeky bastards
4/15/2012 #1,339

YAY Nicole and I are house buds :D

4/15/2012 #1,340

I'm friends with so many Ravenclaws...XD

4/15/2012 #1,341
this wild abyss

Heyyy, OT! I feel like nobody's here, though.

4/15/2012 #1,342
this wild abyss

Annnd, I was right. Too bad.

4/15/2012 #1,343
I always see a bat before I see a man when I look at your av, Oogle.
4/15/2012 #1,344
anyway, I need to be considering dinner.

I hope my mother isn't touching my jade plant. That thing is delicate. I will be pissed if she messed it up. -__-"

4/15/2012 #1,345

my pretzels are gone. T_T

4/15/2012 #1,346
Dr. Self Destruct

Hmm... boy friend fell asleep on my bed while reading. I wonder if I should wake him up...

4/15/2012 #1,347
Dr. Self Destruct

Or how I should wake him up.

4/15/2012 #1,348


4/15/2012 #1,349


4/15/2012 #1,350
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