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Ahhh. The only longish layover I had was in Tapeii (that's spelt wrong and Im not even sure that's right... lol) On our way to the Phillipines it was only 4 hours, but I was insanely sick and throwing up so it felt like FOREVER.

6/13/2008 #811
Fractured Illusion

Well have fun with your family :)

Oh and just so you know, i am waiting for Lefty to reply in the Sug topic, so its not like I have abandoned it or anything.

6/13/2008 #812
Midnight In Eden


I don't really know how I know that.

I hate being sick on trips. I always get terrible hayfever from hotel air-conditioning which is infuriating because that aside, I love hotels.

6/13/2008 #813
Midnight In Eden

Frac - that's no big deal. I don't mind waiting. Depth is always a bit slow anyways.

6/13/2008 #814

I think I had issues with the food there. Maybe the grease they cook with? So I was relaly sick for almost all the vacateion (except when we went to the resort bc they cook American

6/13/2008 #815
Fractured Illusion

I havent had much trouble with vacations in that light.

The vacations themselves have sucked, nor the airline etc :p I've waited 1h or so for departure, but hey, same with trains. Its to be expected.

6/13/2008 #816
Midnight In Eden

Bummer. Eating in different countries is always difficult to figure out.

I think with some places you just need to be careful of where you eat but at the same time sometimes random street food in SE Asia is fabulous and sometimes it gives you terrible food poisoning. The best Chinese I've had in my life was in this tiny restaurant on the SE corner of Hong Kong Island. It was cheap as anything (plastic chairs & tables, open air dining kinda place) but so much better than the upmarket places that litter the city there.

6/13/2008 #817

I've never really had to wait for a plane because it was late or anything

6/13/2008 #818

I don't travel much and I don't eat meat. My guess is the fat they cooked with was from meat so my stomach just had no idea what to do with it and died... lol

6/13/2008 #819
Midnight In Eden

I had an eight hour delay in Chicago a few years ago due to an epic electrical storm which led to me missing my connecting flight and having to stay in LA overnight - I hate that city so much.

I seem to have bad luck with these sorts of things.

6/13/2008 #820
Midnight In Eden

I love travelling. I think living all over the place and having nomadic parents helped. It's fun but an enormous drain on the bank account. I envy my friends who are more financially independent but have never been overseas. Either way though you lose out a little on something I guess.

6/13/2008 #821

MY bad luck recently has been in driving. Yesterday & today 2 different streets were cut off for some reason and I got detoured. And then in one spot the light was out & no one was directing traffic.

6/13/2008 #822
Fractured Illusion

Meve, chances are you travel more than us, and therefore are more likely to have more occureneces of missed flights/delayed flights etc :p

6/13/2008 #823

We never really moved My dad was a big one for vacations and driving, but it was usually always around the East Coast.

6/13/2008 #824
Midnight In Eden

I hate that, especially when the detour completely screws up the route you were going to take.

I should head to bed though - it's 1:30am here and sleep is feeling necessary right now.

Try to have fun with your driving =]

6/13/2008 #825
Fractured Illusion

YES! The burned down house is now equal to the mass killings in the poll! :D Watch it rise! RISE!

6/13/2008 #826

That's what I picked!

6/13/2008 #827
Fractured Illusion

Yay! Go burning down the house! :D

6/13/2008 #828
Fractured Illusion

Btw sorry for not playing the freebie. SUV thing confused me greatly and I am too tired to understand wiki haha

6/13/2008 #829

Lol. Basically an SUV is like a big car... lol. One that uses a lot of gas.

6/13/2008 #830

So cars are cars, trucks are trucks and SUV are the other nontruck big vehicles

6/13/2008 #831
Fractured Illusion

I think we call those Kombi over here :p

6/13/2008 #832

I has never heard that word before.

6/13/2008 #833
Fractured Illusion

Yeah I am not even sure I got it right.

Cars and terms for them is like Greek to me :p

6/13/2008 #834
Fractured Illusion

wohooo I won! :D

6/13/2008 #835
Fractured Illusion

I miss mah lefty D:

6/13/2008 #836

Who is lefty? O.o

6/13/2008 #837
Fractured Illusion


Lefty is the other mod of this forum! T_T She is my chosen one! I chose her to be my mod :p

She's not coming back til Monday I think, though. Have you two not met yet? Her full username is Imalefty

6/13/2008 #838
Fractured Illusion

Woho, I did a new freebie! ^^

People cant really start guessing until my new icon shows though

6/13/2008 #839

where is she?

6/13/2008 #840
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