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Fractured Illusion

wait what kind of offering? O_o

6/14/2008 #931

a sacrifice....*all creepy*

6/14/2008 #932


6/14/2008 #933


6/14/2008 #934
A.S. Leer

I am totally here, ting.

I don't know what kind of offering- haven't done it yet. What kind of offering would Reggy like?

Hey, ting- no one in my country that I speak to saw it, so will you tell me what was up with 'The Doctor's Daughter'?

6/14/2008 #935

what's to know...there was a machine thingy that stole his dna and that girl popped out

6/14/2008 #936
A.S. Leer

So he didn't really have daughter? That's actually a bit of a relief.

God,I'm subscribed to this magazine PiQ (the pathetic replacement for an epic magazine than no longer exists, to the chagrin of the many subscribers) and this month's had a Doctor Who article, so I flipped right to it. Immediately I noticed an error. They said the Seventh Doctor, and said (not in these words) 'the show then ended until 2005, when Christopher Eccleston took up the role of the Doctor'. So I'm sitting there, glaring at the magazine for completely ignoring the Eigth Doctor- it's not right to just skip one like that... I wrote to them to complain- hehe.

So how've you been?

6/14/2008 #937

well eight was only in a film...a shiteously bad american of course we wouldnt want to acknowledge him

6/14/2008 #938

I'm good, and you?

6/14/2008 #939
A.S. Leer

Ah, I didn't know that- still, he should be mentioned- can't skip him, or it's like "Uhm, why is there a seven, and then a nine?"

I'm pretty good.... Relieved that school is out for me, and I got an epic GPA.

6/14/2008 #940
Fractured Illusion

a sacrifice....*all creepy*

Slay someone! :D

Lets slay the banned heathen! Wooosh!

6/14/2008 #941

nice...we still have like a month left :(

6/14/2008 #942
Fractured Illusion

Someone added me to their favorites O_o I think it may be because of the reviews I gave? But I didnt give it to them but to the story they had favorited *confused*

6/14/2008 #943
Fractured Illusion

So, since I dont wanna get a bad icon rep:

How do you all feel about new icon?

6/14/2008 #944

I dont like smallville

6/14/2008 #945
A.S. Leer

@ting: That sorta sucks... I'm relieved to be out, since I now have more writing time.

@frac: I love Clarky!

*goes to slay the banned one*

Anyone ever heard this? I suggest watching the AMV too- it's timed perfectly. Rosemary's Baby- Elfen Lied

6/14/2008 . Edited 6/14/2008 #946
Fractured Illusion


I like it, mostly. Its one of those shows you can watch and just not bother to think :p

6/14/2008 #947
Fractured Illusion

I cant wathc the vid..

6/14/2008 #948
Fractured Illusion

Youtube doesnt think I can handle it

6/14/2008 #949
A.S. Leer

I just changed the link- it's the same vid, without the confirm age crap.

6/14/2008 #950
A.S. Leer

I used to like Smallville, but I haven't watched it in like 2 years.

6/14/2008 #951

nah i hate lana too much to sit through much of that show

6/14/2008 #952
A.S. Leer


I didn't really like any of the girls, but Clarky made it worth it. Plus I liked Lex and his father.

6/14/2008 #953
Fractured Illusion

The songs kinda nice

6/14/2008 #954
Fractured Illusion

Plus I liked Lex and his father.

Thats my reason for watching

6/14/2008 #955
Fractured Illusion

I hear Lex made president, too :p I would have never figured ^^;

Lois Lane is a good femme character though. I like her

Lana is Mary Sue. So much is just screams of it.

Chloe is boring :/

6/14/2008 #956
Fractured Illusion

Then there is supergirl Kara whom I have just seen in 2 episodes...Dunno what to think of her yet

6/14/2008 #957

I hate Lana...lois is the best....but apart from that there is nothing for me in that show

6/14/2008 #958
A.S. Leer

Must go shopping! Bye!

6/14/2008 #959
Fractured Illusion

Its okay TT I understand if people dont like that show. I didnt at first. I watched it to pass time and make fun of it.

Then it just sort of growed on me. Like fungus, as lefty says :p

6/14/2008 #960
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