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..and a warranty is given to a warrantee

I find that really funny, actually. :D

And yeah, computers often don't last long. I've got a PC with Windows, it's slow but still works well. (curse you all with macbooks and laptops)

6/16/2008 #1,021

lol about the warranty warantee thing...whoa...FP doesn't recognize the word 'warantee' haha...

6/16/2008 #1,022

the computer's life all depends on how hard the hardware is worked...say, for instance, if you use the computer ALL day everyday, literally, like 20/7. (yes i just put 20/7 because 4 hours of each day is spent sleeping) then obviously, it won't last more than say...2 years?

XD that's what happened to my old Dell...but the performance is still average and not particularly lagging. ^_^

ok, gotta go make a bank run! brb!

6/16/2008 #1,023

you know lots bout comptuers, Lime, doncha?

6/16/2008 #1,024

I use my computer all day, every day. :B

6/16/2008 #1,025

well, i SHOULD know alot about computers, seeing as I'm a CS major... XD

6/16/2008 #1,026

@Loyllyst: i think i've found a nickname for you! ^_^ what do you say about Tootsie Pop? abbreviated, it's TP...*tries to hold in laughter* ok, ok, sorry, just kidding...maybe this isn't a good nickname. lol.

nickname aside, yes, I'm one of those 20/7 users...haha. *guilty*

6/16/2008 #1,027

eck...tootsie pop...and TP...for some odd reason reminds me of Puss in Boots from Shrek...makes me want to call you Kittie from now on...

BUT there can only be ONE resident cat of RG! meh! *evil laughter erupts from the lime-cat's throat in the form of meowing cackles* O_O now THAT, was weird.

6/16/2008 #1,028

Lime doncha mean 24/7 lol

What about something munchkin oriented because of the lollipop guild?

6/16/2008 #1,029

what do you say about Tootsie Pop? abbreviated, it's TP in toilet paper. XD Ha, that's funny. I could like that.

6/16/2008 #1,030

@min-tin: nope, i mean 20/ the note in the original post..^_^

6/16/2008 #1,031

yes! we're calling you TP from now on, tp! =D

6/16/2008 #1,032

Kay Lime. |D (I swear I'm going to regret this one day..)

6/16/2008 #1,033

haha...possibly. >_>

6/16/2008 #1,034

By the way, the cat in your icon is freaking me out. (the whole eye is black..?!) D:

6/16/2008 #1,035

yes...i understand...doesn't it scream evil at you? or, as some people pointed out - hell bent on world domination? XD

6/16/2008 #1,036

XD Yes, exactly. Like icon, like owner?

6/16/2008 #1,037

*proud* yep!

by the way, TP, would you be interested in joining my campaign for animated emotes in the FP forums? *waves the key to the RG weapons storage shed in front of TP's eyes*

weell????? *evil grin*

6/16/2008 #1,038

Animated emotes? :o Sounds interesting. *eyes RG weapon key*

Suuure, hehe..

6/16/2008 #1,039

oooooo I want a key!!!!!!!!!!!11

6/16/2008 #1,040
Lime-Cat any more interesting weapons there, min-tin?

6/16/2008 #1,041

I have lots of clippies. Like black clips of papers. we can clip their skin with them... that outta hurt.

6/16/2008 #1,042

I have a violin. :K I can play it (horribly) and they'll beg me for mercy!

6/16/2008 #1,043

huh...i'm chatting with flipper (she hasn't been on FP in eons!) and she suggested we use my mac's hardcase cover that has rough edges that weren't really sanded down well to cut people to bits with it....

got anything along those lines, perhaps?

6/16/2008 #1,044

Hmm..I have fifty million decks of not-so-dull cards. :D?

6/16/2008 #1,045

aaand, it has been proven by mythbusters that playing cards cannot deal that much damage beyond paper cuts

6/16/2008 #1,046

(unless your enemy is dumb enough to stand there (also given you have the accuracy) to repeatedly get hit in the same spot with an infinite number of playing cards...)


6/16/2008 #1,047

your proposal has been rejected, TP. unless you can find something to trump the facts i have pointed out. XD

6/16/2008 #1,048

aaand, it has been proven by mythbusters that playing cards cannot deal that much damage beyond paper cuts

Lol. XD I saw that episode on Mythbusters. I guess that rules out my cards..I've got no trump. D:

*pushes the easy button* :c

6/16/2008 . Edited 6/16/2008 #1,049
Fractured Illusion

I live! I stayed over at work to finish up and not only did I have time to buy a shirt afterwards (yaaay!), I am also free to laze around. Wohooo! This means RG night!

And my lasagna will arrive any minute now :D

Is anyone here?

And where the fuck is my lefty? She has not responded to my PMs! If she went and died, I wont forgive her!

6/17/2008 #1,050
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