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Fractured Illusion

Ha! No fillers? First season had fillers too you know? They dragged the epiosdes too!

6/17/2008 #1,171
Fractured Illusion

Why are you bowing when I expect to be the bulls eye of eating utensils? O_o

6/17/2008 #1,172

Ugh, I know! I refused to watch those extra filler eps during season one, and I haven't watched Naruto since the end of season one.

6/17/2008 #1,173
Fractured Illusion


what link didnt work? :o

6/17/2008 #1,174
Seigetsu Ren

What? Lefty already had her graduation about a week ago!

In that case, a vacation. She doesn't have computer access.

6/17/2008 #1,175

I'm bowing because you got rid of Snow, Believe the girl who goes to school with her EVERY DAY OF HER LIFE: that is not an easy thing to do. *returns to bowing*

6/17/2008 #1,176
Fractured Illusion

oh. haha. Well keep bowing then :p

6/17/2008 #1,177
Fractured Illusion


6/17/2008 #1,178
Fractured Illusion


6/17/2008 #1,179
Fractured Illusion


6/17/2008 #1,180

Yes! That's right! Fake your angelicness! We know your true nature. :o

6/17/2008 #1,181
Fractured Illusion

I am Pope gosh darnit!! There is nothing to fake. Haaaa!

*halo is still there!*

6/17/2008 #1,182
Seigetsu Ren


So the Pope of RG has a halo?

6/17/2008 #1,183
Royal Bliss

:* .... yo! and I think no one is on... :(

6/17/2008 #1,184
Royal Bliss

damn I think I'm going to have to cut my nails because I can barely type they're so long .... I liked them too and I'm typing like King Kong on crack it's so loud sounding that or I'm paranoid.

6/17/2008 #1,185
Royal Bliss

Wow I think I hate my old teacher...suggesting a book to me turns out is about like... drug addicts and whatnot saying "you should read this you'd love it"... I guess I come off as one? ... awkward.

6/17/2008 #1,186

haha paranoid much?

maybe it's just a good book

6/17/2008 #1,187


Wow, that is awkward O_O

6/17/2008 #1,188

Haha, yeah, what she said ^_^'

6/17/2008 #1,189

I havent been posting lefty really missing?

6/17/2008 #1,190

Yup T_T

6/17/2008 #1,191

sucky times

6/17/2008 #1,192

man I'm soo annoyed...some gimp my sister invited to her house party stole my hair straightners

6/17/2008 #1,193

my hair is so fricking frizzy right now

6/17/2008 #1,194

it's all pubey

6/17/2008 #1,195
Oceans of Mercury

Wow that's pretty grodey. I'd do something about that.

6/17/2008 #1,196

I was stopped from attacking it with an iron...something about scalp burns, so I'm going in the direction of curls, I live a fulfilling life

6/17/2008 #1,197


Never heard that before

6/17/2008 #1,198
Oceans of Mercury

Oh well, scalp burns build character. Just just savagly maim it with your iron, don't hold back.

Grodey: Something that is seen as gross, distasteful, or disgusting

6/17/2008 #1,199
KnittingKneedle character is in pretty desperate need of building, I shall burn away.

I should have figuired with the's one of those words that just sound disgusting to say like bubonic or statutory rape

6/17/2008 #1,200
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