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Royal Bliss

hahaha soo... here's what I'm sending

"What is love Baby don't hurt me Don't hurt me no more Baby don't hurt me Don't hurt me no more What is love


Oh I don't know why you're not fair I give you my love but you don't care So what is right and what is wrong gimme a sign

Donk da da dun da dun




Ohhh ohhh ohhh yeaaaaaahhhhhh give it to me give it to me WHAT IS LOVE SHOOT A LOAD ON MY FACE OHH OHH NO MOREEE"

7/23/2008 #631
Fractured Illusion

OMG whyyyy? They will think you are serenading them? (or possibly that you are the gay love interest)

7/23/2008 #632
Royal Bliss

Pfft no they won't they'll think I'm some obnoxious 13 year old boy.

7/23/2008 #633
Royal Bliss

See how I got a little pornographic near the end...

7/23/2008 #634
Fractured Illusion

I am still afraid they will take it as a positive thing.

Oh! Are you reviewing under your account? Tell me what review reply you get! :D

7/23/2008 #635
Fractured Illusion

See how I got a little pornographic near the end...

Hence the gay love interest :p

Btw, FP will cut off any letters you use repeatedly if they are mroe than 2 at a time.

Like Oooooo will be oo


7/23/2008 #636
Royal Bliss

Yeah I'm reviewing under my account...I don't run and hide. But anyway...I gotta book it... If they reply I'll send it in next time I'm only.

Peace yo.

7/23/2008 #637
Fractured Illusion

Over and out

7/23/2008 #638

Sometimes I read Limyaael's rants just for the comments. Like this gem, for instance:

[Quoting robling_t]

c) Too many fantasy authors lack the ability to write something truly frightening, so the nightmares sound silly and incapable of inspiring such terror when described.

Such as the time when I was about four when I apparently had some nightmare that had me crying for weeks but all I was able to articulate about it to my mother was, "Goofy in the toy box! Goofy in the toy box!!!"

To this day I have no idea how anything fitting that lame description could have produced such a result...

7/23/2008 #639
Fractured Illusion

Fucking asshole

I dont know why, but I want smash his/her head in.

Perhaps it is due to the person's icon as well. Nerdy face needs to smashed in.

7/24/2008 #640
Fractured Illusion

Gosh where are my manners today?

7/24/2008 #641

I ate them.

7/24/2008 #642
Fractured Illusion

In the back of the trunk, most likely

7/24/2008 #643
Fractured Illusion

I know this, because they are still screaming for me. Which means you cannot have digested them

7/24/2008 #644
Fractured Illusion

Still wanna smash the know-it-alls glasses in, eventhough it is not his/her glasses.

*needs anger management* :3

I just have never smashed anyone's glasses in! T_T

*traumatic childhood: loss of such an experience! What will Frac do? Find out in the next chapter: Going strong, put on a thong!*

7/24/2008 #645
Fractured Illusion

Yay I changed my icon to another AP one :D


7/24/2008 #646
Fractured Illusion

This is funny... what's going on? I failed to ignore the last few posts because I understood most of it :)

The know-it-all knows nothing at all, and I intended to make that painfully obviously to him/her

7/24/2008 #647
Fractured Illusion

I lost concon.

7/24/2008 #648

Quoting me from some other forum eh? I'm willing to bet there's no point. Whoever it is won't get it either :)

7/24/2008 #649
Fractured Illusion

I did not want to spam in that thread, for it is not meant for spamming. This topic is, and I knew if you were online youd see it here anyway.

Whoever it is won't get it either :)

For their own sake I hope they will, or they really have no braincells.

7/24/2008 #650
Fractured Illusion

Virginity is mine!

7/24/2008 #651
Fractured Illusion

And new AP icon showed through!

7/24/2008 #652
Fractured Illusion

But I still want to smashy smashy the glasses in :o

7/24/2008 #653

Is anyone here?

7/24/2008 #654

Look who's back.....back....back.....I don't actually know any more of the!

The rascle jo be back! And she done missed y'all!

7/24/2008 #655

Hey Rascal!

7/24/2008 #656

HI!!! Dang, I just looked back at my post and went.....why must I be so obviously south of the Mason Dixon.......*sigh*

7/24/2008 #657
Fractured Illusion

I am happy the "stupid snorkel" movement is finally going places

7/24/2008 #658

*bursts out laughing* It really is a great phrase. I love great phrases. THe poet in me, johanna, is squeeling and burbling. You made her day.

7/24/2008 #659

Wow, my hunt for a new icon is failing miserably. 30 minutes on photobucket and I think I found three good ones :p

7/24/2008 #660
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