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Fractured Illusion

For authors, this is the place you go if you wish to either trade reviews for character drawings or other things representative of your original work. For artists, this is the place to go if you wish to gain reviews by taking on art jobs and draw the requested characters/scenes by the authors.

Both stories and poems can be requested for review.

Either artists or authors start a trading auction. If an author starts it, artists will reply, and vice versa if an artist starts it.

For "Artist - Author Trade" rules go to "Read This First!"


Moving on, this is the basic structure of the trading:

Author 1: NEW TRADE - 7/31/08. I'd like a sketch on my male character Bruce. He is a werewolf -- [what mandatory details needed to be stated in their opening post will be covered below in "post requirements"]

Artist 1: I can do it for one depth review on my story "God is an alarm clock". I'll also be able to do the job in 3 days. [the mandatory information for artists to cover is stated in "post requirements"]

Artist 2: I'll need two depth reviews on my story "Witch Princess", but I'll be able to do it in 1 day.

Author 1: Since I want it quick, I will pick Artist 2. CLOSED

Artist 3: NEW TRADE - 8/1/08! I am willing to do a picture for someone's character since I am feeling rather artsy, I'm willing to do it for --- [see 1st post for post requirements!]

Author 2: I'd be willing to trade with you if you drew Melissa [insert info in accordance to post requirements]

Artist 3: I accept. CLOSED

Only one trade will go on at a time. However, this does not stop the trade starter from selecting several artists/authors. Payment is entirely up to the two parties (the author and the artist) to discuss. Artists are allowed to charge what they want, or nothing at all. This does not mean the author has to accept. Both sides can bargain and try to get the price lower/higher. The price cannot be monetary. For those that have DeviantArt, you can make such business there. Not here.

A trade can only be open for 3 days max. Make sure to close your trade when your time has run out so others can open their trades.

When the artist is done with their job, they will edit their offer post and edit in the link. To edit a post: Click "Mod". Click "Edit". Copy and paste link, and then "Submit".

The "Left Over" list is for authors that did not find a artist to trade with, but still want one. That way, if an artist comes to this topic, they can look at the authors that are currently without a fulfilled trade and then privately PM them. If the author on the list does get a trade, they must tell the moderators so he can be removed from the list.



To help both parties understand how much effort and work the job requires, both artist and author have these guidelines to follow. They may add additional information if they wish, but this is the bare minimum they must state in their respective first post.

For authors: The date of which you start your request, according to FictionPress' time [year-month-day] -- gender of character -- species -- basic coloring of skin, hair, eyes, nails, etc -- clothes-- unusual characteristics/accessories -- height/weight (described, not stated in numbers) -- personality (if that should be portrayed) -- world they live in (if scenery is to be applied) -- what style (sketch, colored, realism, etc) -- action/position

For artists: The date of which you start your request, according to FictionPress' time [year-month-day] -- the price they are willing to do it for (ie, number of reviews) -- what type of reviews (depth or easy fix?) -- what story to be reviewed -- estimation of how long it will take to create the piece

Stating date is only for those that make a request. Those that answer to one don't need to state it.

If you fail to meet the post requirements, your post will be deleted without warning.

Examples of Styles to Request:

- Loose or Refined Sketch

- Lineart

- Realism / Anime look / Cartoon look

- Scenery

Specify if you want it colored.



7/31/2008 . Edited 1/8/2011 #1
Fractured Illusion

Left-Over List:

This section is meant to collect all those authors that sought for a trade, but did not get one. Of course, if you wish to be on this list, you must specifically state so in your closing post. Our hope is that those on this list will be seen by artist that find their request suitable, and thus a trade will start. This trade will happen through PM only. Not through posting in this thread. You can only be on this list for 30 days.

If you are on this list, but have gotten a trade, notify the moderators through PM so they can remove you from the list.

All information given here about the left over authors are those that the author gave themselves in their first post.


List of Leftover Trades:

No one at the moment.


Information Regarding Joining

This section is for the artists. If you want to be on our artist to hire list, you need to be an artist, and have some kind of online portfolio where your work is displayed. Make a post in the Suggestions topic, and state that you wish to be an artist for hire. Also add in the following information:

Artist:Style and preference (ie, realism or anime or cartoon) -- What media you can do and which is preferred (pencil? computer?) -- Specific preference regarding subject (ie, females, or animals) -- Weaknesses overall -- Strengths overall -- Link to your portfolio


If you already are an artist for hire, but wish to be no more, make a post in the Suggestion topic and claim that you resign.


Be aware that you can specifically requested by authors, but it is up to you to decide if you wish to take on the job or not, and for which payment.


List of Artists For Hire:

It is only these people that are allowed to make trades with the authors. If other artists offer but are not on this list, they are to be disregarded and, if sought after, sought after through PM and not through this thread.

- ashanta

Style and preference:Cartoon-ish

What media you can do and which is preferred: I can do either pencil or computer, but I mostly do computer these days.

Specific preference regarding subject:Humans, any kind, really. I cannot draw animals for the life of me, I am so serious.

Weaknesses overall:Hands. Feet. Animals.

Strengths overall: I'd like to think I'm good at drawing faces.

Link to your portfolio:

(There's other stuff in my main gallery too, but I think my most diverse stuff is in the Kumi one.)

- sckry

Style and preference --Realism (however not high realism) or a blend of realistic amine/cartoon. At the moment, I'm working on imitating the style of Amano (think Final Fantasy concept design) which involves bright colours and lots of patterns and textures. However I'm happy to give anything a go if anyone prefers one over another.

What media you can do and which is preferred --I use opencanvas, which is a program for digital artists.

Specific preference regarding subject --I like to think of myself as fairly well rounded when it comes to subject, so either female or male characters are welcome.

Weaknesses overall --The thing I worry most over is shading and tonal effects, and sometimes I can be a bit lazy with line arts...

Strengths overall --I like to think that I have a fair grasp on the human anatomy. I also try to come up with interesting and original character designs.

Link to your portfolio --You can find me on Sheezyart or at deviant art

- concerto49

Style and preference: Anime but not quite...

Media:I can use pencil brushes if that's what you're after, though I use airbrush more. (Note I don't have a scanner but I usually practice on paper and pencil since it's faster). Whoever said they use canvas I use painter.

Specific:I can't draw animals right now. I guess I prefer drawings females but it's alright.

Weakness:Time? I can only draw when no one's around me - like absolutely, e.g. late at night. Not sure how long everyone takes to judge. Too many minor details and coloring sort-of, again you decide.

Strength:You decide... actually I believe I more someone that captures the feel of something that the actual thing itself.


- marvel-fan739

Style and preference:Pretty close to realism I would say. Maybe describe it as 'simple realism'.

What media you can do and which is preferred:Traditional. Pencils. Colored pencils. Nothing digital.

Specific preference regarding subject:Preferably female, but I will try my hand at males. Something human or humanoid usually works best.

Weaknesses overall:Animals and backgrounds, haven't done a lot of these. Male anatomy sometimes. Time too occasionally. Busy schedule.

Strengths overall:Shading and coloring, details, female anatomy.

Link to your portfolio:

- Sheepie

Style and preference:Cartoon.

Media:I use a variety of medias and what is used depends on the price. I use traditional forms of media such as pencils, colored pencils, and markers. I can also do computer graphics. As stated though, what is used depends on the price because of the quality, energy, and supplyanddemand of the media.

Subjects:My subjects are pretty wide in variety. I can do humans (male and female), moderate backgrounds, animals, and anthros. Keep in mind not all of these are strengths, but can be done with references.

Weaknesses:Animals and anthros are tough, though I can do them. Muscular men or women are another that I can't do well and I refuse to do excessively muscular characters. So if your character belongs of Gladiators then I won't likely do. Machines/mecha are another weak point and a flat out no. :C Can't do, sorry.

Strengths:Traditional forms of coloring such as colored pencils, shading, and markers. I'm also very good at females.


Email:You can reach me at maryesmith8(at)gmail(dot)com, I do request though that when emailing it pertain to the matter of business.

- Mayaj

Style and preference:Comicsy/ realistic/photo-reference realistic

What media you can do and which is preferred: Pencil, ink[both comic and etching style], watercolors, charcoal, digital but I hate it

Specific preference regarding subject:Face expressions, portraits, interesting poses.

Weaknesses overall:Backgrounds

Strengths overall: Expressions, anatomy in general, male torsos in particular, detailed wardrobe.

Link to your portfolio:

- KCdusky

Artist:Kim Cadogan (or KCdusky)

Style and preference:anime style that's a little cute but a little realistic in proportion.

What media you can do and which is preferred:I'm going to use pencil and paper, though I can use photoshop as well.

Specific preference regarding subject:Hmm, I like drawing faces?

Weaknesses overall:I can't draw tedious details, like machinery or what not.

Strengths overall:My proportions are well done, I believe.

Link to your portfolio:

... Oh ignore the mecha I experimented drawing there. I really am not experienced at doing detailed things like that.

- Dexterity

Style and preference -I prefer anime style, but I do a little realism and semi-realism occasionally.

What media you can do and which is preferred- I can do pencils, somewhat ink, and pencil crayons! (laughs) I mostly photoshop for coloring purposes, but then again...that takes a long time, so it is not preferred. Pencil is my favorite!

Specific preference regarding subject- I like drawing people more, especially female faces. I don't really like to do animals. Scenery is ok, but it's too much work to photoshop those...

Weaknesses overall- I can't do realism very well. And animals...I can't do that either. My photoshopped scenery isn't too great either. Some poses are a bit harder for me too, like somebody pointing. I tried that before, and the hand looked weird...

Strengths overall- Anime-styled faces. I'm okay with anatomy...usually. I guess I'm somewhat versatile?

Portfolio- I think it would be best if you can judge my artwork for yourself, haha. Here is my "portfolio":

- Theological Medusa

Style and preference:I tend to do animeish inspired, and I can do specific artist-styles in some cases. (For instance, I can draw in the style of DBZ or FMA or YYH to do an original character.) I also have a few styles to choose from, though lately it's been a smaller eyed-round-nosed-lipped-pseudorealism kind of style. I'm by no means professional, but I am decent.

What media you can do and which is preferred:At the present, I am restricted to physical stuff only. I have no access to PS (yes, feel sorry for me T_T ). I can do pencil and inked sketches. Anything more than that, expect a little longer time period before I'm done. However, I can do prismacolor pencils, watercolors, acryllics, and some oil painting. However, you'll wait months if I do acryllics or oils, and a few weeks for watercolors just because of how much I invest in that sort of thing.

Specific preference regarding subject (ie, females, or animals): Prefer females, but can do males if prompted. Not good with animals. I don't like architecture, but I like natural settings.

Weaknesses overall:My men look like women. Like many anime artists, lol. I have trouble with animals and anything that requires a straight line. I don't like getting out my ruler more than not being able to do it.

Strengths overall:I am good at color coordination and at drawing women. My best work is in sketches, prelimenary works, more than finished works. I'm in college, so it sometimes takes time to get things done.

Link to your portfolio:I have two dA profiles, mostly because I was being harrassed on my UK account. and

- Naomi Chick

Style and preference:anime and manga

What media you can do and which is preferred:Pencil and pen

Specific preference regarding subject:Human in anime status

Weaknesses overall:Feet, nose and hands in a certain position

Strengths overall:I'd like to think I'm good at clothing style and certain part of the body

Link to your Portfolio:


- groovi-gal-numba1

Style and preference -Well i mainly do manga/anime style. I also do alot of cartooning, and i do realism from time to time. i'm best at manga though

What media you can do and which is preferred- I can do pencils or ink. i can KIND of do photo shop, but i'm just starting out. i prefur for my drawings to be in black and white, but i'm happy to do colour if its asked of me.

Specific preference regarding subject- i'm better at drawing females than i am males. but i can do both. I can draw all animals cartoony and few animals realisticly (realistically i can only do cats, dogs and horses)

Weaknesses overall- it depends on what style i'm drawing in, and my mood. But usually my weekenss uis time, coz i'm a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to anatomy, shading and crap. haha. but at the same time, i can often not pay attention to tiny details.

Strengths overall- diverstiy? creativity? haha iono

Web Link: of the stuff there is quite old, but thats ok right?

- DeidaraXTobi

Style and preference -Sorry, I only docartoonish/anime style.It's not the serious looking kind, either, like Cowboy Bebop or anything. I developed my style off of Digimon back in the day, so think rather skinny characters with big feet and eyes--Digimon or Teen Titans or something.

What media you can do and which is preferred- I do NOT draw in pencil. I draw in pen only, and I color with colored pencils. I preferblack and white.If you want it colored with photoshop, it's gonna cost you extra, as I need outside help on that one. I'm a newb with photoshop.

Specific preference regarding subject- I like drawing people, but I'm not very good with poses that aren't standing (like sitting and things like that), Idon't do scenery--people is about all I can draw, but I love drawing other people's OCs. It's pretty fun. I also like creating my own OCs, which is why this artist trade thing interested me. Male, female, animal, monster, doesn't matter. But "cutesy and girly" is what everything tends to look like--even though that is the kind of anime I stay away from. I also like to drawreally overdramatic weapons.

Weaknesses overall- I don't draw hands especially well, but I have my ways around that. I'm not good at drawing realistic people or scenery. I really suck at drawing guns or machines--anything technical really.

Strengths overall- People; full body pics or busts. Girly anime style. Clothes/costumes.

Web Link:'re going to have to click thebrowse galleryoption, that's where you'll find more typical artwork by me.

- dragonflydreamer

Style and preference-A strange blend of cartoon and realism with an odd twist of anime/manga.

What media can you do and which is preferred-Generally, I only do pencil, and colored pencil if colored. I have photoshop, but I can barely use it. I'm okay in MS Paint, but I'd prefer to avoid it.

Specific preference regarding subject-I'm fine with men/boys or women/girls. I'd prefer to stick to regular humans; my creativity just doesn't stretch far enough for fantasy :p

Weaknesses overall- Body proportions is my main one. I'll also take a while because I'm such a perfectionist.

Strengths overall-Erm . . . shading?

Web link: (Sorry, I only have one quck sketch posted. I'll try to put more up soon.

- RYTwinDemon

Style and Preference:I do an anime-style that rather has a unique blend of its own (Or so I like to think.)

What media you can do and which is preferred: Pencil, colored pencils, a bit of photoshop and a bit of watercolor. (Although I'm not really good at watercolor, just started. I'm best with pencil and colored pencil.

Specific preference regarding subject: I prefer drawing humans, but I can draw animals if needed (Even a bit of dragons... although just the small ones.)... I don't really do scenery all that well. One thing I haven't even touched on is monsters and the like.

Weaknesses overall: Anatomy... of males especially. And scenery.

Strengths overall: I think I'm pretty good with faces, clothes ad hair...

Link to your portfolio:

- TheScreamingGoblin

Style and preference:Anime with a bit of realism, I can also draw sketches and shading; it depends on what you're asking for.

What media you can do and which is preferred: Pencils, pencil crayons, sketch, fine line tips for outlining. I hardly use computers as I'm terrible at PS.

Specific preference regarding subject:Humans, I suppose? I will give a shot at animals and such, but I'll probably need a reference.

Weaknesses overall:Tiny details, licensed clothing (Eg: major label clothing), and time.

Strengths overall: Hair, girls, capturing expressions?

Link to your portfolio:

(I only have two drawings up, and they were designs for clothes and models, so I can do a quick line art to make sure the asker knows what they're getting into.)

- improvisationallychallenged

Style/Preference:Prefer to do realistic(ish) stuff, but can do basic anime style also. Work in traditional medias, pencils, crayon, markers, watercolour, pastels, chalks - most of my stuff ends up mixed media. I have very basic knowledge of photoshop and often use it to touch up/adjust work to fit what I'm aiming for. Cannot do digtal art. At all.

Subject Preference: Prefer to draw living things (people, animals, plants, ect) but can draw buildings if the need is there. I also work a lot from reference pictures, so when it comes to character portraits, if there's an actor/actress who is close to the particular look you have in mind, it would be helpful to tell me.

Overall Strengths: I hate picking out strengths. It changes for me every time.

Overall Weaknesses: I'm not too hot on clothes or poses without a good reference pic (but I'm resourceful). My major weakness with my own work is discipline. However, I never miss a deadline for another person unless I have a really, really good excuse...

Portfolio Link: This isn't really a proper portfolio, just random odds and ends that I actually got around to uploading, but I guess it will give you an idea of what I can do. Be sure to check the scrapbook.


Style and preference:I am more comfortable with anime styles but I can do more realistic styles as well.

What media you can do and which is preferred: Photoshop, coloured pencils, lineart pen, water colour

Specific preference regarding subject:I prefer to draw people, will draw animals but will need reference.

Weaknesses overall:Designs on clothes, feet (but I can use reference right?)

Strengths overall: People- girls especially,

Link to your portfolio:

- cbei02

Style:Realistic anime (I realize the two terms are completely contradictory, but that's the best way to describe it)

Media:I can do pencils and charcoal.

Strengths:I'm good at drawing females, most animals, and really elaborate clothes, hair, backgrounds, etc.

Weaknesses:I can't draw guys. (They look too feminine!) And hands. I'm bad at drawing hands.



Style and preference:I do a sort of mix of anime and cartoon styles

What media you can do and which is preferred:I can do uncolored pencil drawings and colored or uncolored digital drawings. I prefer digital.

Specific preference regarding subject:I'm good at both female and males, but I prefer drawing females in sort of 'pinup' poses. Things I also like drawing: people who look beat up, cats and cat-people, boots and high heels, cool costumes, short skirts, suits, cool poses.

Weaknesses overall:I'm not to good at drawing men with muscles and foreshortening. Realistic animals and backgrounds are also not my forte.

Strengths overall:Basically my preferences: girls, cool poses, cute things, and ctas.

Link to your portfolio:


- DemonicBlackCat

Style and preference:I can do realistic, semi-realistic, and anime style. I'm best at semi-realistic.

What media you can do and which is preferred: Photoshop, pencils, pen

Specific preference regarding subject:I prefer to draw beautiful people

Weaknesses overall:I'm not good at drawing places, and I'm practicing to give better backgrounds

Strengths overall: Humans, specifically, young girls

Link to your portfolio:

Additional note: My mood commands whether I'll draw fast or not. The pictures, however, will be done in 3-7 days, sometimes less. More, if you're asking for background.

Price: it depends on the request. But I'll most probably ask for 2 in depth reviews for anime-style, 3 for semi-realistic and 4 for realistic (COLORED). Subtract one each if you want to go black and white.

- moon-skittles

Style and preference --Between anime and realism.

What media you can do and which is preferred --I can do pencil, pen, watercolor, and/or digital. Preferred is pencil or digital.

Specific preference regarding subject --I can do males or females equally well.

Weaknesses overall --Animals; old, fat, or ugly people.

Strengths overall --I'm rather good at anatomy, and my digital coloring skills are rather good, imo.

Link to your portfolio --

- Trisha Myers

Style and preference: Portraits. Realism. Only B&W for now.

What media you can do and which is preferred:I love charcoal. Love it! I can't get enough. It's a very speedy medium. Icando prisma colors, but it takes half a life time. I also can do graphite. I draw on a large scale, usually 18" X 24", and if you want I could ship out originals. However, it can get complicated. I've had to send out some originals in the past, and most of them were a pain to do, but now my post office knows me, so it might be easier XD Prisma color and graphite pieces are usually much smaller than my charcoal ones fyi.

Specific preference regarding subject:People only please. I could do animals,butI'd much rather not. For the sake of speed I'd like to stick to portraits for now. So a bust is about as far as I'll go until I have more time. You can have them kinda sketchy like this dude: refined like Mr. Abbey here:

Weaknesses overall: Me and the digital tools do not get along at all. We're always fighting, mhm. I am no good in the designing of jewelry/clothes/any apparel.

Strengths overall:I've gotten pretty good at basic human anatomy -- yay drawing class -- and I love drawing faces and silly expressions.

Link to Portfolio:The DevArt :B account doesn't have half of what I've done so far this year, so everything past the most recent 4 entries is, well it's old.

- Nonlinear

Style and preference:Cartoony to realistic. Where on spectrum depends on you.

What media you can do and which is preferred: I use my computer tablet the most. I can also traditionally paint and draw at a college level.

Specific preference regarding subject:Humans, creatures, maps, objects, animals, settings... I'm game.

Weaknesses overall:Googly-eyed anime. With the...sparkles.

Strengths overall: Painterly stuff. Faces. Human figure. Am a bona fide Art Major, former Design Major.

Link to your portfolio: account: few pieces up now but many more waiting in wings)

- Variable estrella

Style and preference:Realistic but not overly so

What media you can do and which is preferred: I mostly do digital work but I can use pencil and paper if it is preferred.

Specific preference regarding subject:People (normal human ones), Females are easier for me but I will do either

Weaknesses overall:Busy Schedule, Anime (especially animals)

Strengths overall: A fair amount of realism, I like to think.

Link to your portfolio:


Style and preference: semirealism. My style tends to be painterly.

What media you can do and which is preferred: both digital and traditional, more digital for online trades

Specific preference regarding subject: males, animals, dragons, MEDIEVAL THINGS

Weaknesses overall: foreshortening/odd angles, female design anatomy, blonde hair, costume design, anthros, obscure poses

Strengths overall: interesting lighting, environments [backgrounds], atmospheric painting, male design anatomy, interesting/action-y composition, medieval time period

Link to your portfolio:

- Howle

Style and preference:Cartoon-ish, realism

What media you can do and which is preferred: I don't do digital at all. Technology doesn't like me very much :( I'll do pencil and acrilic. If the light hits me right, maybe watercolor. I really prefer black and white though.

Specific preference regarding subject:Humans, animals, anthropomorphic, whatever comes.

Weaknesses overall:Hands. I can draw male subjects, but not as well as females. Oh, and my coloring sucks.

Strengths overall: Not sure really. Maybe faces and bodies?

Link to your portfolio:

- Sarah A. W.

Style and preference:Similar to realism, anime style

Media:I draw characters with pencil, colour using water colour or photoshop.

Specific preference:I prefer drawing females and males who are not very old in age, like 40 or a character that is 70 years old. Wrinkles is not my thing.

Weaknesses overall:I'm not that good in drawing realistic characters.

Strengths overall:I'm better in drawing anime characters, however I can make them look as realistic as possible if requested.

Link to your portfolio:

- SketchSanchez

Style and preference:Urban Anime/cartoon

What media you can do and which is preferred: I sketch and ink in traditional media then color on the computer using a tablet

Specific preference regarding subject:Humans, any kind, really. I do not draw animals or machines very well but I'm willing to try. Nothing Furry please.

Weaknesses overall:backgrounds

Strengths overall: Character/costume design, sequential storytelling, pin-ups

Link to your portfolio:

- Xephia

Style and preference:Anime, painted, cell shaded, sketchy or softshaded.

What media you can do and which is preferred: Digital

Specific preference regarding subject:I won't unmentionables or (most) het couples. I like creative outfits. And cat ears. But I hate reading stories about kids with animal ears so I probably won't be drawing any here. Little boys and girls, slash and femmeslash are my favorite subjects.

Weaknesses overall:Mature men... but I'm working on it! Characters that look like everyone else's characters.

Strengths overall: Woman and under-20 men. Backgrounds. Boobs. Outfit design. Shota.

Link to your portfolio:

- Potentially Shoeless

Style and preference:Realism

What media you can do and which is preferred:Pencil/Color Pencil

Specific preference regarding subject:Humans in general. Whole body over detailed head shot.

Weaknesses overall:Computer editing/computer graphics. Requests involving any kind of ink (such as markers, pens or sharpies).

Strengths overall:Traditional media in coloring. Moderately good at both females and males, though I prefer the prior.

Link to your portfolio:

- Saeyre

Style and preference:Semi-realistic sketches

What media you can do and which is preferred:100% digital. Got a tablet a while ago and never looked back.

Specific preference regarding subject:I'd prefer to do sketchy portraits with minimal background. Full-body poses, scenery, or multiple characters interacting would take me more time and effort. I can do basic coloring pretty easily, but a fully painted image wouldn't really be an option for this kind of trade. Paintings take me forever! Here's a couple character sketch examples that aren't on my DeviantArt:

Weaknesses overall:Animal characters, I need a lot of reference for those. Hands. Also action poses and backgrounds, as previously mentioned.

Strengths overall:Faces? Female characters. Oh, and hair, I love drawing hair!

Link to your portfolio:

- VivianTheUnicorn

Style and Preference: Sketching is my style, I don't 'do' hard lines or cartoons. But I'm also willing to offer up my photography, which I know is a bit unusual for this artist trade business, but hey, I like being diverse!

What Media can you do and Which is Preffered: So as I've already said, I'm definitely willing to do photography, but for sketches I'll do black and white pencil sketches, I can add some pen and maybe watercolours too if you want. I haven't even started my art GCSE yet, so I guess as I do that I will add more to what I can do.

Subjects: Anything really!

Weaknesses: Photography: I wouldn't exactly call this a weakness but I'm not sure how many people will be ok with their pictures all over FP, so don't expect photography portraits unless you really, really want them, in which case I will make an exception. Sketches: Animals will take me longer and won't be as good.

Strengths: Photography: I love macro shots (ie close up nature shots) and I live near the sea so I can do sea shots as well. Sketches: I can do still lifes quite well, and people too, though don't expect anything perfect!

Link to Portfolio: So you can find some of my photography and maybe a few pieces of art here: If you want a more detailed look through my current sketchbooks, please just PM me and I'll sort out getting them to you asap!

Time: So I just though I'd mention that I'm not going to get you an illustration straight away - maybe a photo if I've already got something that will work - because I have loads to do every night after school, and I don't normally get home till late, but I will try and do it as soon as I can, promise!

- Anihyr Moonstar

Style: Cartoon/anime mix, occasionally semi-realistic but not "realism"

Media: Digital (tablet, drawn in SAI)

Preferred subject matter: Humans or humanoids - mild preference for females, but either gender is totally acceptable.

Weaknesses: Animals, metalic things, heavily anthro characters (i.e., very animal-like characteristics - humans with animal ears and tail are fine, but if you want them to look like vaguely humanoid intelligent mice or cats, I can't do it), extremely masculine characters, complex body armor (if no reference is given)

Strengths: Young (but grown) male and female characters airing on the side of "pretty" (as opposed to rugged and battle-scarred or grotesque)

Portfolio: My dA- (Please note, my dA is a big mix of stuff. Usually for artist/author trade I will be doing headshot sketches and possibly waist up sketches - rarely full body work and rarely fine-tune "cleaned" lineart.) Examples of what I'll generally offer: or like this - - if a more cartoon-style is preferred.

-- Jax Creation

Artist: Jax Creation

Style and preference -- Anime/Manga (from chibi to semi-realistic)

What media you can do and which is preferred -- Traditional (pencil), and Digital. Usually do the base sketch in pencil and scan it for digital inking and colour.

Specific preference regarding subject (ie, females, or animals) -- People

Weaknesses overall -- Hands. Feet. Animals. Machinery. Poses can sometimes look awkward. Working to improve lineart and shading.

Strengths overall -- Female anatomy, faces/expressions, (female) hair, and clothes.

Link to your portfolio:


Total: 33


7/31/2008 . Edited 1/6/2013 #2


Thought I'd start this up :D

I'd like a sketch on my male character Caelum. He is a human, tall and well built. He has an angular face with hooded gray eyes, a thin mouth and dusty blond hair cropped short, and is rigid and tense in his bearing. I has a few reference pictures if you need them.

7/31/2008 #3
Fractured Illusion

--- OFF TOPIC ---

You forgot to fill out a few aspects that will help the artists create the pic:

Mainly, clothes, pose/action, style. And if you want it colored or not :p


7/31/2008 #4

Whoops sorry, I assumed we sorted out the finer details once we'd made a deal.

So, I don't mind what style it is done in. Which ever suits the artist. Clothes are simply a dark grey jacket (slightly militarised), white shirt ad dark pants, but its really open to interpritation.

As for pose, I was really just looking for portrait, maybe three-quarter body shot, most likely of Caelum brooding or looking solemn, preferably coloured. Nothing hugely detailed though.

Hopes thats enough :)

7/31/2008 #5

Hi, sckry! I can do it for one in-depth review on Kumi, and I should be able to get it to you by Monday, since I'm out of town at the moment. Also, since you mentioned reference pictures, I'd love to see them--reference pictures are always a bonus for me! :)

EDIT: Here's the finished product:

Hope it's to your liking, sckry! :)

8/1/2008 . Edited 8/4/2008 #6

Excellent, I would love to accept ashanta for this artist-author trade. Is there an e-mail address that you want me to send the reference pictures too? You can PM it to me if you don't want to post it here. Monday is fine, take as long as you want.

Ah, looks like it's time to dust off my old english analysis skill :)


Edit by Frac: I just edited in the bold, no biggie :p

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New Trade

Id like any style art of my character Jesslyn. She is obviously a female with tan skin, green eyes, and black hair. She would appear to almost be Brazilian, but her eyes have a somewhat feline hint. She usually wears loose clothing, usually rather decorated with flowing material. Wearing a really old necklace it is rather plain, it is mostly just the chip of a rock with some cheap wire around it. A rather curvy girl Jesslyn is not a stick, but she is not fat either; as her slightly shorter than average height would not help in picking her out of a large crowd. There are 3 worlds that make up her "world", and she herself has 3 personalities/bodies. Im not sure how the artist would want to portray that. I leave it up to you. Basically to put it bluntly, her original body dies and her soul gets put into 2 separate bodies; all of which have a somewhat willful and stubborn attitude. I would like to have that somehow represented on the cover, I am not really sure how though. I also have one reference picture. In case your curious, one of the two bodies is a stubborn child and the other one is somewhat of a.... for lack of a better word believe it or not promiscuous woman.

8/1/2008 #8


8/1/2008 . Edited 8/29/2008 #9


I would love to accept this artist/author trade and would be more than willing to do two in depth reviews for your story. I'm really excited this is fun!

8/1/2008 #10
Allegra Lena


I'd like a drawing of a nineteen year old girl. Style of the drawing doesn't matter, but preferably realism or just whatever works best for the artist. Also, I'd prefer it to be colored. She has pale to fair skin, dirty blonde hair, big brown eyes, and softer features and bone structure. She's tall and skinny with lean muscle that isn't too cut. Victoria has a few scar marks from bullet wounds, cuts, etc. I'd like the drawing to be a straight on view of her standing, full body. She should be wearing a deep/medium gray bomber jacket with a darker shirt underneath, black striaght trousers that are somewhat wide, black lowrise Converses, a black and gray striped or plaid short scarf, and avaitor sunglasses.

I have reference pictures also, if that helps- like the hair style, certain clothes, and such.

8/1/2008 #11

Hey Epitome of Bold, I would be happy to draw a coloured full body portrait of your character for two indepth reviews on my story Eariee. Would you be happy if I did it in a realistic cartoon style, with full tonal depth. I could probably get it to you by next monday, and would be welcome to any reference pics you have.


I think it states in the rules at the beginning of this thread that you can only have one trade going on at one time, which means you can't post up another request for an artwork unless the trade before yours is complete. Um...thats how I took it to be any way.

Edit: Here's the finished product:

8/4/2008 . Edited 8/10/2008 #12
Fractured Illusion

--- OFF TOPIC ---


It is indeed true what sckry says: Only one trade at a time. I will delete your posts now since they will cause confusion.


- Epitome of Bold is up with a request!

8/4/2008 #13
Allegra Lena

Hey sckry, that would be great. I'd love to do depth reviews for your story. If there is anyway I could show you the reference pictures, then let me know. :]


8/4/2008 . Edited 8/4/2008 #14


It seems that the previous one is closed, so let me jump in here before I lose my chance. I've been trying to get in hre since it started.

I'd like a drawing of my character Drake Sarkassian. Any kind of drawing. All kinds of drawing. I want a variety and I'm willing to hire more than one artist for it. I'd prefer it colored, but if you're better with black-and-white, I'll accept that as well. Drake is twenty-five years old. Short Brown hair. Blue eyes. He wears a white jacket that's standard issue for all doctors at the hospital where he works. He wears solid black jeans and a T-shirt under the jacket. Any color. Any style of shoes as well. If personality is important, he has major self-esteem issues. He has a job--dean of medicine--that he doesn't think he deserves, and he doesn't think he can handle it. He's afraid of failure and afraid that his friends will think of him as worthless if he fails.

8/4/2008 #15


8/4/2008 . Edited 8/29/2008 #16

When will it be ready?

8/4/2008 #17

Sorry, I meant to add that. I would say by the latest next Wednesday, only because I'm working on the other piece. But it'll probably be done sooner because I have a few days off from work that need to be filled with something constructive.

8/4/2008 #18

Fantastic. I accept.

CLOSED... unless some else whats to draw him as well.

8/4/2008 #19

New Trade

Ha ha! An artist wanting a trade. LOL I just like seeing ym charactersin different styles. Okay, so I would really love it if someone could draw Nova for me doing what she does best. Wasting the night away sitting in front of her computer (or something like it, I'll leave creative control to the artist). She would most likely be in her pajamas which consist of tee shirts, sports bras and shorts or her underwear. She has short hair, thought it is longest int he front and it falls just below her chin. Lets see... she has blue eyes and is rather petite, about 5'3". Just some random fun, she is a big fan of Java Juice, which is basically a liquefied fruit that makes a ton of caffeine.

I am in no rush to get it so don't worry about the time. If you need anything else, let me know. ^^

8/5/2008 #20

Hey, Waffle! I'd like to take a stab at drawing Nova, if you don't mind. Payment would be one in depth review either of my stories, The Alliance or Kumi. Since you said you're an artist, do you have any reference pictures I can look at? If not, that's fine too. :) I should have it done by about Friday or Saturday.

EDIT: All done:

8/5/2008 . Edited 8/9/2008 #21

That would be cool. as for refrence, I dont have anythign really recent so what I have is just early concept sketches scattered through my DA page. innocentwaffle{dot}deviantart{dot}com You sure you wanna take it on? It would probably have nekked feet ^^ Unless you are crafty and can avoid it. LOL

8/5/2008 #22

Haha, I'll do my best. ;)

8/5/2008 #23

Then by all means, go ahead and have fun. If there are no morr takers....


8/5/2008 #24

After a bit of confusion, it appears there's a slot for a new trade. So here goes:

NEW TRADE. I would like someone to do a sketch of my character Zoey. She is a little above average height, and she's not stick thin; however, she does have some curves. She has tanned skin and different-colored eyes--one is turquoise and the other is a jade green. She has layered, shoulder-length black hair. As for clothes, she is wearing somewhat short denim shorts and a fitted green T-shirt with the World Wildlife Fund logo on the front. She has 3 scars on her stomach (these may or may not be shown) from a surgery. Her jewelry consists of four-leaf-clover earrings, a leather bracelet with a silver "Believe" slider, and a macrame anklet. She can be wearing any shoes, or none at all, as long as they work with the rest of her. She's popular, and she's leaning on something (her hip, a locker, a wall, etc.) with a somewhat seductive look in her eyes. The surrounding scenery can be either a hallway or a beach. Use your imagination! I would like a refined, colored sketch, preferably not in an anime or cartoon style. If you wish to try drawing her in an anime or cartoon style, feel free, but I do prefer realism. I hope that's detailed enough, and have fun sketching Zoey!

8/7/2008 . Edited 8/7/2008 #25

Yush there is a new slot. ^^ I would love to have a go at this, though given my current schedules, trying to balance the right amount of sleep work and school, I might be able to get you the drawing in a week to a week and a half (starting form the time you accept the offer if you do). As for what I would like in return, in-depth review on my story Super Nova (including thoughts on the plot line so far) As for a realistic style, I sit somewhere between cartoon and realism as I exaggerate my eyes and body curves and things like that.

8/8/2008 #26

The time slot is fine, as it doesn't bother me in the least. I think this will work. I accept InnocentWaffle's offer.


8/13/2008 . Edited 8/13/2008 #27


I would like somebody to draw my character, Nox. He is a shapeshifter and he has long pointed elflike ears. His face is long but with smooth curves and his skin is pale. Nox is blind and he has blank, misty eyes because of this. He has two scars running from an inch above his eyebrow, over his eye to the middle of his cheek. These two scars are the reason why he is blind. Nox has long, black, unkempt hair. He has untidy bangs that occasionally fall over his eyes. Nox wears a long black robe that falls to the floor and hides his feet. It’s very loose so it hides most of his build. The robe has a hood in the back which Nox occasionally wears to hide his face. Covering his hands are black gloves which are mostly hidden by Nox’s long sleeves. Along with the robe, Nox wears a cape, clasped by the nape of his neck, and it billows out around him. Nox never smiles, he doesn’t get too expressive and he usually has an intimidating kind of face. He’s rather tall, almost seven feet. I don’t mind how it is drawn or whether it’s colored or not, since Nox just mostly wears different shades of black and gray. No background is necessary. I would prefer a full body shot of him but I’m not picky =] I don’t mind the style…whichever the artist prefers. I don’t care if the artist does something with Nox’s shapeshifter aspect or Nox, it doesn’t matter to me one way or the other ^^ I don’t mind what pose he’s in either. Any takers?

8/13/2008 #28

Hey Chiblingbaby, I would be happy to do a full length coloured picture of Nox for two in depth reviews. I can get it to you by about next Thursday, if thats alright with you.

Do you happen to have any reference pictures of him? If not, thats fine.


EDIT: Heres a link to the finished post.

8/14/2008 . Edited 8/21/2008 #29

Awesome! That sounds great! I'll PM you the links for some references I found. By the way, which stories would you like the two reviews for?

I accept this trade!


8/14/2008 . Edited 8/15/2008 #30
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