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8/5/2009 #391

New Trade!

Character Name: Royce Licorice Blastaide

Age: 800 or so. (But he looks to be in his mid-twenties.)

Gender: Male

Race: Demon

Physical Description: Royce has spike, bubble-gum pink hair, though part of it is long and tied at his nape, going down his mid-back. His complexion is pale, but not so much that he looks sick. His eyes are always twinkling, and are like swirling chocolate orbs. Royce is quite handsome. His nails are painted black. He's somewhat tall, about 6 feet, without his hat. He's lean, and has long legs.

Clothes: He wears a red top hat, with two swirly, rainbow-colored lollipops stuck to one side. His inner shirt is a simple white, long-sleeved button-up, though it has ruffles in front. (The ruffles look like the ones in the victorian era, the one that looks like a ruffled kerchief... lol.) He wears white gloves and a red leather trenchcoat. He has tight, sort of skinny-jeans-like black leather pants, and black combat boots.

Personality: He's mocking. He's teasing. He's evil. He's manipulative. The very epitome of a demon... though he loves sweets, too, hence the name 'Candy King'. And despite his bad traits, he's a total gentleman.

I'm willing to review anything, and any style will do. :-D

8/8/2009 #392

I remember this latest request being opened on the 8th. Therefore, this request is...


8/11/2009 #393

Off-Topic Question: Is there a limit as to how many pictures one can draw? I checked the post requirements and couldn't find anything. Thanks in advance!

8/14/2009 #394



If there's no rule stating a limit on the number of pictures an artist can draw, then there is no limit. I can't think of a reason why we would have to limit the number of pictures artists can draw. Haha.

PS: For future reference, all questions/comments regarding anything in the forum should be posted in the Problems/Questions thread. Thanks. :)


AAT is open for a new request! Grab it before someone else does!! :D

8/14/2009 #395

New Trade - 8/14/09

I'd like a drawing of my character, Aubrey Whitmore, for my story "Tiananmen Sqaures."

She's a normal human. Fifteen years old. Her skin's a pretty average tan, slightly pale. He hair is bleached blonde with multi-colors at the tips and very frizzy. It's worn in two pigtails that are gelled to stick out out both sides. Her eyes are blue with a lot of colorful eyeshadow.

Clothes include a tight, bright-colored tanktop with a very loose white shirt over it that exposes her shoulders and reads "make love not war." For bottoms, a tu-tu style skirt of any bright color with biker shorts underneath, then three layaers of tights with a lot of holes and runs (bottom is a solid color, middle is rainbow stripes, top is fishnet.) Her shoes are custom-made converse with pink, green, and blue, and yellow for different sections.

She's slightly on the short side, thick-boned but not particularly fat, and has a large chest. Her face is very rounded, especially her nose. She has a monroe piercing (on the top lip to one side).

Any style is fine, though colored is preferred. I'll edit in a link of my own concept drawing for her pose.

Any amount of payment is fine. Thanks in advance! :D

8/15/2009 #396


8/19/2009 #397


Name: Melissa Vaan (goes by Mel)

Gender: Female

Species: Versipellis - That's a werewolf(starting as human) that turns into a wolf. Not a hybrid, a wolf.

Basic Coloring: Fair skin, clear complexion

Hair: Long, dark blonde, usually worn in a pony tail to keep it out of her face while baking.

Eyes: Pale blue

Clothes: Jeans and a tank top generally, wears an apron frequently--as she's a baker--but on occasion will dress up a bit in low heels and a cocktail dress. Not much of a girly girl. Wear's mostly solid colors, t-shirts she gets for free, or other such things she can work in. Favorite color is lavender.

Unusual Characteristics/Accessories: Scar on her left arm where she was bitten, as well as track marks(same arm). When provoked her eyes tend to flash in a more wolfy color and her canines are slightly overdeveloped.

Height/Weight: About five foot nothing and hundred pounds and change soaking wet - not exactly someone to strike fear into the hearts of men, though she tries.

Personality: Escapist, cocaine addict--psychologically addicted, not physically. She's quite sarcastic, but most of her gruff is just a facade to hide behind. Truthfully, she's just trying to protect the people she loves from the truth of what she's become.

World They Live In: Alternate Earth - basically our world but with werewolves.

Style of Drawing: Anime styling is fine so long as your major sources of inspiration aren't Sailor Moon and Naruto. I don't like the huge eyes. More flowing styles are fine, the newer CLAMP style, without the huge eyes. But really I prefer a more realistic style. More American illustration.

Action/Pose: I leave it up to the artist.

8/19/2009 #398

Hi Hemlock

I'd be happy to do a black and white portrait of Melissa for you in exchange for one depth review on any of my stuff.

I would be able to get it done and online by next week.

I've had an idea for a pose - Melissa with a mixing bowl, looking pretty normal, with a snarling wolf standing behind her, glowering out from around her legs.

If that doesn't take your fancy, let me know, and I'll think of something else.

I have a deviantart account, - - but it's rather limited and out of date, but if you want to take a look at what's on there, feel free.

EDIT: Okay, I have the line-art up on deviantart, here is linkage:

I did try a version with shading, but it just was not working...if I ever go back to it and pull it off, I'll let you know :P

Also, I'm afraid Mel's missing her shoes - feet are truly my Achilles heel in this sort of thing, and I managed to do a pretty decent pair, but then went and lost, if I ever find the damn sheet of tracing paper they happen to be on, I shall update the pic and let you know. :)

Hope this is up to scratch.

8/25/2009 . Edited 9/2/2009 #399

Sure, that sounds great. If you change anything about the picture, it's also cool, I like surprises. The price is more than fair.


8/25/2009 . Edited 8/25/2009 #400


Name: Blossom

Gender: Female

Hair: Red. It's pulled back into a ponytail and it goes about halfway down her back.

Eyes: red

Clothes: Not surprisingly, red. Blossom wear a pair of red jeans and a polo shirt that is a lighter shade of red. Her shoes are a pair of red high-top converse. She also wears a red bracelet.

Height/Weight: She's thin, around 5'7

Personality: Yes, basically take the same Blossom from the Powerpuff Girls and make her into a teenager. However, she still has the mind of a five-year-old, for the most part. She still is, however, the natural commander and leader. She has a very high sense of duty.

World They Live In: Townsville is just like any other large metropolis along the lines of New York or Chicago.

Style of Drawing: I'd prefer realism, but I'm open to most types of drawing.

Action/Pose: I leave it up to the artist.

I am wiling to give any amount of reviews, and even more for background and color.

9/3/2009 #401
Variable estrella

I would be glad to draw Blossom for you. I can get it finished within at most a week, possibly within a day or two.

The style can be reasonably realistic, I would do it in color with a simple background.

As for price, I would do it for three reviews. They can be depth or easy fix, either way.


9/3/2009 . Edited 9/8/2009 #402
Perfect. Three reviews will be coming your way. Thanks again! TRADE CLOSED
9/3/2009 #403
Star the Foxhound


Name: Shiloh Poole

Gender: Male (26)

Hair: Light Brown, straight, his bangs sometimes fall into his eyes although he always pushes them off to one side.

Eyes: Dark Blue, often have a hallowed look to them.

Clothes: He prefers to wear just Union army pants and a white shirt although when he's working he does wear a doctors coat. Although for this picture I'd prefer him to not be in the doctors coat.

Height/Weight: Skinny, pretty much down the bone. His face his thin and his cheekbones show. This is a result of him not being much of a eater. He's slightly below average height.

Personality: He tends to be outgoing and speaks his mind without thinking about what anyone else will think. However, fate, and loss has changed him so that he appears to be no more then a shell of a person. Since he lost two of his brothers to the war, he retreats into himself more and more, only speaking when he has to. However, despite his injured soul, he has a wonderful heart and cares for everyone brought before him, Union or Confederate. It was something taught to him at the beginning of the war from his scub nurse who he is also in love with.

World They Live In: The time of the Civil War. He's a field doctor.

Style of Drawing: Realism

Action/Pose: Standing alone, staring out into nothing like he often does. A background isn't needed but if you want to do one he'd be in a field of some sorts, out in the open.

9/6/2009 #404

Ahhhh, this is perfect. I'd love to draw this character and would be willing to do the trade for about three simple reviews, between one (not one line of course) and four lines I guess is good.

Your picture will be on the speedpainted side, completed in about a week, more or less, depending on my homework load.

You can find my gallery here:

9/7/2009 #405


Name: Naomi White

Gender: Female (16, 17ish)

Hair: Black, wavy hair with hints of brown

Eyes: Brown eyes (pretty)

Clothes: She can wear a v-necked gray t-shirt and denim jeans.

Height/Weight: Slender. She's 5'5''

Personality: She is a shy, quiet person, but around her friends, she will speak out. Kind of has a hidden rebel streak.

Style of Drawing: Realism

Action/Pose: Standing alone, with two male shadoes behind her.

Info: She has the ability to control fire

Background: Flames and fires and such.

9/7/2009 #406

She lives in the normal world and Nakymaton world (I invented it). I am open to give reviews, and the one above, I requested it SEPTEMBER 7, 2009.

9/7/2009 #407

-- OT --


You have to wait until the last request is declared CLOSED! Since it isn't, your request is invalid.

Do come back when it's closed, though, and repost the info and such if you'd like. ^^;


Star the Foxhound's request is still open.

9/7/2009 #408
Star the Foxhound

Jaetea, I accept your request and I'll get you the reviews as soon as I can over the next week. PM me with any questions.

I'll declare this trade as CLOSED.

9/7/2009 #409


Name: Adam Bay

Gender: Male (17)

Hair: White-blonde (think Draco Malfoy but a little bit longer)

Eyes: This is the crucial part. He has silver, swirling, gorgeous eyes.

Clothes: A dark grey long-sleeved, rolled up collared fancy shirt. He is wearing black dress pants and black shoes.

Height/Weight: He weighs normal for the typical 17-year old, but has muscles too. He's 5'9".

Personality: Formal, overprotective.

Style of Drawing: Realism

World they live in: It's a small town, but I would like the backgorund to be a crumbling bridge.

Action/pose: One hand in his pant pocket, and the other hanging.

Preferably in gloomy colours (grey, black...).

I am willing to give reviews to whoever is up for it.

*Sorry for the confusion before. IT was my first time...

9/11/2009 #410
Seigetsu Ren

I am willing to do this without any reviews (I haven't written anything for a long time; I just want something to draw)

However, I would like reference pictures for the hairstyle, clothing, and the background, because I really don't want to draw something different from what you have pictured.

Also, if the final product is slightly different from what you have pictured, I can make small changes, but I will not redraw the whole thing.

If you are OK with this, I will get to work on the picture this weekend; I'm not sure how long it takes though. Probably up to 2-3 weeks.

I'm not sure if my style is realistic enough for you; here are some examples:

Finished product:

9/12/2009 . Edited 9/19/2009 #411

Dexterity, perfect. Your styles are fine for me. I will PM you the links of the reference for the picture. TRADE

Mod Edit: Bold the word "Closed" when you close your trade. Thanks.


9/12/2009 . Edited by Lime-Cat, 9/12/2009 #412


Name: Rak-non

Gender: Male (27)

Skin Colour: Deep tan

Hair: Shoulder length, black

Eyes: Emerald green

Height/Weight: Tall and well built, with muscular arms

Clothing: Grey, open-neck shirt (no buttons)

Action/Pose: Always has a serious look on his face, and carries a gun in his right hand, which is pointed towards the ground. His shoulders are untensed and he is looking slightly to his right. His left hand is hanging freely by his side. No background is needed.

Style of Drawing: Realism

Thank you in advance to anyone who draws Rak-non. He lives in the 23rd century and is a soldier. He doesn't often let his feelings show, and has a bad drinking problem. I'd prefer his whole body to be shown if possible, and I'll leave it up to the artist about his trousers and shoes.

9/13/2009 #413

I can do Rak-non by Tuesday. Maybe by Monday evening if I can manage it.

Umm...two easy fix reviews on any poems on my account would be the desired payment. How about it?

9/13/2009 #414

That would be great. I'm not in a hurry so take as long as you want. Do you want the reviews done first?

9/14/2009 #415

Thanks. Umm the longest possible I'll take wil be Wednesday, but I should have it finished by tomorrow evening.

You can review whenever. Whenever you feel compelled to anyway.

Anyway, I guess I can declare this trade


Done! Sorry it's slighly late. Hope you still like it.

9/14/2009 . Edited 9/16/2009 #416

NEW TRADE -- September 14th, 2009

Hey, all! I was hoping someone could draw my character Scott Williams from my story "Superhero".

Name: Scott Williams

Age: Somewhere in his 20's

Appearence: Scott is an odd fellow who wears a superhero outfit of his own design. It consists of a white shirt with black pants and a big yellow belt. He also has black gloves and a blue cape. He has a freckly face and faded red hair and he's pretty scrawny and pale. He wears oversized round glasses.

Location: New York City

Personality: Scott believes it is his job to protect the citizens of his city. He is very protective and caring although a bit out of touch with reality.

I don't have a preference for the style or what pose he's in. The artist can feel free to play with that however he/she likes. If he/she wants, he/she can read my story to get a feel for the character since I may not have done him justice here.

Thanks! =]

9/14/2009 #417

Hey Chiblingbaby. :-]

I'd like to have a got at drawing Scott, if you don't mind an anime-style. I can do either digitally or traditionally colored, whichever you'd like, and I'd ask for three reviews of my story, Speculum(I've actually only got to chapters on, but I'll be updating within the day), not necessarily in-depth, but something more than a one-liner. :-) Would that be okay?

9/15/2009 #418

Alrighty! Sounds like a plan. I'd prefer it to be digitally colored, but if that's too much trouble or doesn't seem to fit the picture, you can draw it traditionally. Thanks! =D


9/15/2009 #419

I'm feeling really artsy of recent. Anyone want me to do a piece for them? A simple price of two easy-fix reviews will realy suffice. I'll try my best!

9/18/2009 #420
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