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I'd like an artist to draw a character from my not-yet-posted-story; Scipio Ormanni. he is falsely accused of being a vampire, so he should fit the typical profile of a vampire. Pale skin, dark hair and eyes. His face has very long, angular features, and his hair is roughly shoulder length and greasy, as if it's never been cleaned. It can either be worn down or in a pony tail. And he should probably have some stubble like he hasn't shaved recently. His clothes should look like this:

but much more slovenly; no tie, cane, or hat, shirt un-tucked, jacket unbuttoned, etc. He is very tall and skinny, almost anorexic, and roughly 25 years old. As far as personality, the only thing you'd really need to know to draw him is STRANGE. He's an eccentric genius-type character who has slightly modern thinking for the 1800s. Any style is fine with me, but I'd prefer a loose-sketch to a full-out drawing.

8/15/2008 . Edited 8/19/2008 #31
N.J Robinson

I will draw Scipio for you for two in-depth reviews on my stories Radioactive Spiderbite and Diary of a Mental Patient - one review for each. Give me about three or four days to complete it.

8/20/2008 #32
Fractured Illusion


(this will be settled via PM, though if you accept NJ you still have to give a link through your offer post)

8/20/2008 #33

-blushes- whoops forgot. Ahem:


Could I have someone draw my character Carson please? He's a vampire too (eheh), but he's kinda cruel and amoral. He looks about twenty-two, has shoulder-length wiry hair. His eyes are deep set, so you can't really figure out what colour they are. He dresses in a black t-shirt, ripped-up denim jeans, and doesn't wear anything on his feet. He wears a wristband that has a smiley-face motif on his right wrist, and carries a black violin with a white chinrest wherever he goes.

I'd much prefer a black and white drawing to colour, because I'm that way. Apart from that, I'm easy with whatever style you choose. Name your offer.

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8/26/2008 . Edited 8/29/2008 #35

SOunds great! I accept.

Deal closed.

8/26/2008 #36


Hi! I'd like to have someone draw a picture of my character Angie please. She's 16, 'round about 5' 5"/5' 6", slim with an ever so slightly boyish figure, has straight black hair that ends a few inches past her shoulders, and is half-Korean. The only pose I have in mind is of her lying down on her front, hair piled up into a bun, reading a book with her back arched and her feet up in the air, sorta like this:

- but from the side, with her feet a little higher up/closer to her head. For some reason I have the mental image of her pet goldfish hanging just above her head by her toes, looking scared. (Obviously he's in a plastic bag... I'm not sure how to make fish look scared, but maybe something along the lines of fins pressed against the bag as he's working out how to escape...) But as she's a gymnast, any picture that shows off her flexibility whilst remaining sorta humorous/cute is fine by me! :D

I don't mind if it's in black/white or colour, but I do confess that I'm leaning towards b/w; as for style, well I don't really have a preference but I have a feeling that something vaguely cartoonish would suit it well...

References: --

8/26/2008 #37
Fractured Illusion



If you want to use this function, then join. Otherwise you have no business here. Don't break the rules.

I will now delete your post.


8/28/2008 #38
Fractured Illusion

In the name of Rule 6, I close thee:


8/31/2008 #39


I would like a drawing of two of my characters: Doug Danson and his daughter Paige (one picture). Doug is 25 and I'd say he's a little bit taller than average. 5'7'' or 5'8''. Around that area. He's be wearing a nice, expensive, freshly ironed suit. Preferably blue or brown. He has a tie. Any color, but nothing that would seem tacky. His shoes should also match his clothes. As for his hair, he doesn't have any. He shaves it all off, becuase he feel hair in an unmanageable bother. His daughter Paige is 7 years old. She wears her blonde hair in pigtails and always has a wide smile on his face. Nothing specific on her clothes. Just soomething that a regular seven year old girl would wear.

Nothing too specific about the pose, however I feel that Doug should be holding Paige is some way, or at least holding her hand. If personality is important, Doug is overworked. Not only is his job overbearing, but he's burdened with constantly bailing Donna (Paige's mother) out of trouble since she's a con artist. (Former con artist, but he doesn't believe she's reformed. He's issued a court order to keep Donna way from Paige at all times.)

I really don't care how it's drawn. Any medium. Black or white. Whatever you're good at. Since I'm asking for two characters in one picture, I am willing to pay handsomely for this picture. If you have any questions, just ask.

8/31/2008 . Edited 8/31/2008 #40

I'll do it in detailed pencil for a depth review of The Scarred Ones by my friend Innocent Harbinger of Doom. Probably have it done before Tuesday. For examples of style view my gallery.

EDIT: Here's the finished project. hope you like it. Please edit the link into your old post do not put it separately as a response to someone else's request, that will confuse people.

8/31/2008 . Edited by simpleplan13, 9/1/2008 #41

I like your style. I accept.


8/31/2008 #42

New Request

Can someone do a colored realistic drawing of a character (from a story that's in my head) for me? The character is a Russian guy about 17 or 18 with short blond hair and blue eyes and about 6'1". He is lean muscled (not bulky weightlifting muscles!), wears baggy black cargo pants, a white t-shirt and black boots and a small cross around his neck. For the pose, pretty much whatever you think looks best. I picture him standing up with his hands in his pockets, but if you think a different way looks better, feel free to do that. Personality-wise, he's distant and withdrawn with sadness in his eyes. A plain background is fine.


Edited by Frac. Time ran out. I apologize, AtlantisGirl12. You are free to return some other time.

8/31/2008 . Edited by Fractured Illusion, 9/5/2008 #43


Sorry AtlantisGirl but I really need this!

My character, Ella, is a female human in her late teens. Her hair is dark, dark brown, so it looks pretty black. Her skin is tan. She has no freckles, small feet, and large hands. She is wearing a loose medium blue no-sleeved shirt, which clearly used to be bright but has been washed so many times it's pretty faded, also has a thin layer of dust and grime. She is also wearing too-small jean shorts. However, she has a pattern of tattoos that look kind of like a cross between a spiderweb, stained glass, and something from Celtic architecture. They show up on her arms, legs, hands and feet only. They are bright blue, like really bright. She is of a small build, pretty short and thin, with a slight figure. She looks slightly sad, slightly angry, and slightly determined, but mostly blank. I would prefer this colored, if possible. Any style is fine. Here's the big thing: Ella is standing on a pedestal in front of a group of people in business suits and suchlike, they look rich, they're facing towards her so we see them from the back. They're outside. The pedestal is made of grimy, dusty stone, and it sits in a sandy cleared-out area, like a weapons practice ring in a video game. Behind her are some tall, tannish, faceless buildings with a few windows that you can't see into. The sun looks very, very hot. The sky is of that shade that's a kind of blue that seems to be on fire. Suffice it to say it's a very hot day.

Please! I'll do whatever it takes to get this! My entire collaborative writing forum is depending on me!

9/5/2008 #44

Per rule 6, this trade is...


9/10/2008 . Edited 9/10/2008 #45

New Trade

Can I make a specific request here? I was hoping that Ashanta, sckry, or KCdusky could take this on since their styles best reflect what I’m looking for.

My character is named Aurelie Dielle; she’s a seventeen year old human, a bit short, with long curly brown hair and blue-grey eyes. She’s from a wealthy family in my fantasy story, and is a bit spoiled and proud, but is compassionate and thoughtful too. She’s also a sorceress.

She wears late 18th Century period clothing along the lines of: or

And she looks a lot like Emma Hamilton

9/10/2008 . Edited 9/10/2008 #46

I'll draw anything for 2 reviews.

Review first then picture.


9/10/2008 #47


I'll draw anything for 2 reviews.

Review first then picture.


@Summer Frost

While your offer is greatly appreciated, you are not a registered artist for the Artist Author Trade thread. In order to offer up your services to the requestor, you must nominate yourself by filling out the "application" form and posting it in the Suggestions thread. You will find more information regarding joining as an artist in the first and second post of this thread. Next time, please read the rules carefully before making a post. If you have any questions/comments/concerns in regards to my post, please take it to the Problems/Questions thread. Thanks.


9/10/2008 . Edited 9/10/2008 #48

Hi, sugaplumprincess, I'd be glad to draw Aurelie for you. She sounds interesting! I should have it done by this weekend, either Saturday or Sunday. Could you please do a full-length review of Kumi in exchange?


9/10/2008 . Edited 9/14/2008 #49

Accepted. Thanks so much!

I'll get right on it :-) and by full-length review you mean you want me to do all 3 chapter, right?


9/10/2008 #50

by full-length review you mean you want me to do all 3 chapter, right?

Yep, if you could, please. :) And you're welcome!

9/10/2008 #51



I would like a drawing of my character Kat (from lighthearted.) she is female, a vampire (although she appears human) with very pale skin, purple-ish eyes, copper/orange-esq (think hayley williams) hair. she is wearing a red blazer, unbuttoned, and and a red and black plaid tie over a white button-down blouse, as well as a black and red plaid pleated knee-length skirt, and some converse all stars. she is very short and extremely skinny, and looks about 12 even though she is 16. just a vague background is fine. any style works as long as it is color. she would be sitting on a plain bed, and probably looking off into some distant corner instead of at the viewer.


9/10/2008 #52

Hey, FirstBloom13, I would like to offer to draw your character Kat. I can do a full coloured pic for two in depth reviews on Eariee. I could probably get it done by next thursday, if that suits you.

EDIT: Finished product at

9/10/2008 . Edited 9/20/2008 #53

Thank you so much sckry!

I think I can get those reviews to you by thursday as well.

I accept!

this is CLOSED

9/10/2008 #54
Royal Bliss

and I guess not.


9/10/2008 . Edited 9/12/2008 #55
Rain D. Flowright

New Trade

i would like a drawing of my character Vincent, Tall top hat with a red tattered bandana wrapped around the brim, long silver hair, round sunglasses with blue eyes hidden behind them. Wears a black cloak with white gloves. Character proportion is tall and slim, age would be 26. Often carries a gun. (doesn’t have to be included) facial design is based off of Sobi from loveless.

Also if possible (not required, I’d be willing to do extra work for this) if a young boy, age 15, could be drawn next to Vincent, black hair with a dreadlock on the right side with a red bead on it, eyes red. Body proportion should be slim and average height (shorter then Vincent) hair length down to shoulders and clothes for boy can be anything dark.

9/12/2008 #56

I'd be willing to do a picture, cartoon style and colored by markers. It would be full body and could include both characters, done by the end of this week (Saturday). Price: 4 indepth reviews on my story Tales of Lujah: Prelude to Destiny. :)


9/13/2008 . Edited 9/20/2008 #57
Rain D. Flowright

ok i can get you those reviews by saturday also thanks very much

9/14/2008 #58
Fractured Illusion


9/14/2008 #59

New Trade! (yay!)

I'd like a drawing of my character Karen from "Project: Angel". She looks like she is about 17 years old, but she is really much older. Karen is slightly short with shoulder length blond hair, bright blue eyes that are usually hidden behind a pair of glasses, and she is always seen with a little black pomeranian dog next to her. It would be really nice if someone could draw her with her in a red dress that goes down about to her knees and a pair of red high heels to match.

Bonus! This is optional, but it would be really nice if someone could draw the main character, Dirk, with her. He should be taller than Karen, slightly masculine, and have dark brown hair with matching colored eyes. Dirk is wearing something semiformal and look like he is dancing with Karen (swing dancing to a Michael Buble song is what I have been imagining). This is for a certain scene in my story and it would be wonderful if someone could draw this for me. Any style would be nice. Thank you!

9/14/2008 . Edited 9/14/2008 #60
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