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Naomi Chick

Style and preference:anime and manga

What media you can do and which is preferred: Pencil and pen

Specific preference regarding subject:Human in anime status

Weaknesses overall:Feet, nose and hands in a certainly position

Strengths overall: I'd like to think I'm good at clothing style and certain part of the body

Link to your Portfolio:


I give you that link to that part of my album because I gotta other stuff placed on the whole album.

9/14/2008 #61


Naomi Chick, while I appreciate your interest in AAT, please read the rules in Read This First. The first of which says, "To be on that list, artists must sign up in the Suggestion topic, and answer all the areas that the 2nd post dictates." Please look at the second post in this topic and post in the suggestions topic the information required so that we can add you to the artists list and then your offer will be valid.



9/14/2008 #62

As per rule 6, the previous request is CLOSED

9/19/2008 . Edited 9/19/2008 #63


I'd like a drawing of my character Steven Alley. Steven is about 28-years-old and somewhere around 5 foot 6 inches. Average height. He's skinny and fairly weak. Clearly never been to the gym. His hair is a bit disheveled and is jet black. It's somewhat long, but not too terribly much. He wears glasses that are taped in the middle. His T-Shirt is a solid black and his jeans, which are torn a bit, are also black. His shoes are, well, black. On top of that, Steven has his nails painted black and wears black eyeliner. The only thing in color on his is his green eyes.

Despite his gloomy appearance, Steven is actually a chipper fellow. He's technically considered a villain in the story. He's been a hacker since high school, which got his expelled. He got himself involved with the main cabal of villains in my story. He wants to get out (mainly from the insistence of his wife Natalie), but the villain blackmailed him into staying. He's also a bit angered that the good guys are treating him a more like a prisoner ever though he's willing to help them.

9/19/2008 . Edited 9/19/2008 #64
Fractured Illusion

Because of time, this is


9/24/2008 #65


XD Hehe, I'm doing it now! Anyways, I would like a picture of my characters Bo and Ashley together, from my story Chasing August. Please note that they are both male and both intimiate (or atleast that's how I want it for the picture).

What I was hoping for was something tender and sweet, I didn't really have anything specific in mind. Some suggestions though are, Bo drawing Ashley, Ashley cooking with Bo "helping" in the kitchen, or just a sweet moment with a farm backdrop. It really doesn't matter, it can be up to the artists choice what the pose is or what's going on. Those are just some suggestions. As for characters!

Bo: He's about 6'0"/6'1", built strong and muscular. He has a set of broad shoulders, a barreling chest and tight six spack. His arms are carved by lean, firm muscles and his legs are strong. He has a hard set jaw and wide, powdery blue eyes with a navy rimming. His nose is long, slightly tilted up, and his lips are soft and full, with dimples in both his cheeks. His hair falls in short strawberry blond baby curls around his face and he has a deep farmers tan. He's also 19 years old. He typically wears simple clothing, anything like jeans, work boots/sneakers, and t-shirts...oh and a cowboy hat can be added! Mostly because when he's not in school he helps his parents on their farm. Bo likes to work, get his hands dirty, mess with animals, and draw. He's very artistic.

Ashley: He's is about 5'9" with a lean muscled build. He isn't tiny or petite! He's just leanly muscled, like a swimmer or soccer player. His shoulder's aren't as broad as Bo's and his chest is nicely defined, but not barreling. Everything tappers down to sharp, curvy hips. He's more soft angled then Bo. His neck is swan like and his face is softened, his jaw not having a hard edge. He has a slim nose and cupid bow lips, the bottom fuller then the top. His eyes are slim, narrow hazel hues flaked with gold. His hair falls in a stylish wave of wheat gold around his face. His complexion is a soft creamy tone, not pale, but he doesn't have a tan. Just a sweet peach. He's 31 years old. He dresses in either nice suits (though not designer), or casual things like kahkis, jeans, t-shirts, polos, and so forth. He's originally a history teacher, but he loves to cook and wants to open his own restaurant.

Please note that in the relationship, Ashley is the submissive one and Bo is the dominate one!

9/24/2008 #66
Naomi Chick

Is this where you want me to post my information? Because I'm still searching for it in suggestion topic.

9/25/2008 #67


Naomi Chick the Suggestions topic is the one labelled suggestions. You posted in there asking if that was the right topic and we responded yes. Please put your info in that topic or PM a mod if you have any more questions DO NOT post in this topic since you know you have not been listed as an artist.


9/25/2008 #68

As per rule six, the above trade is CLOSED.

9/29/2008 #69

We would like a drawing of our characters Cada and Ares from the story "Making the Best of Things".

Cada is about mid-height, and slender with very light skin. He has straight, shoulder-length dark brown hair, and slanted amber eyes. His features are angular and delicate, and his face is slightly pointed. He wears eyeliner, tight jeans and t-shirts, with fingerless gloves and ratty tennis shoes. He is usually watching Ares, wearing the slightest hint of a smile. He has a scar on the top side of his left wrist.

Ares is tall and powerfully built, with well-defined muscles and an assertive stance. He has medium length shaggy brown hair, and hazel eyes. He has a serious mouth, but eyes that betray a hint of amuesment. Ares wears a tight muscle shirt, with baggy shorts covering his maimed left leg, and a dagger rests on his hip.

Cada should be leaning on Ares' shoulder.

We would like a realism or anime drawing, colored if at all possible.

9/29/2008 #70

Rule 6, unfortuantly.


Please PM a mod if you wish to be added to the leftover list

10/4/2008 . Edited by simpleplan13, 10/4/2008 #71


There hasn't been much traffic here recently, so I hope this can get through. I would like a drawing of my character Mary Ling. She is an asian woman in her forties. She wears glasses and her clothing is very business-like. I would say blue. She's of average height. Maybe a bit shorter. Her eyes are green. Her hair is jet black.

As for personality, she's tired an overworked. She's the principal of the only school left in Rhode Island, and the student population keeps rising. On top of that, he staff sucks and Miles keeps bringing her into his Polar Shift investigation, and she's prefer to stay out of it. Most of the time she is in her office, so she should be pictured at her desk or doing something professional-like in her office.

10/4/2008 #72
Fractured Illusion


And for the love of God, people, CLOSE YOUR OWN EFFING REQUESTS! Vinny this is the second time someone else had to do it for you. This ain't your mother working for you. Clean up your own mess or there are gonna be rules about restricting such people using this thread!

--- OFF TOPIC ---

News: Soon artists themselves are going to be allowed to start requests of offering to make art. Keep an eye out on the News topic.

Edit: And now its do-able!


10/9/2008 . Edited 10/9/2008 #73


I need a drawing of my character Melissa. She is tall and has dirty blonde hair and hazel eyes. She is a fighter so if you could do a fighter pose great! I don't care what the type is and her clothes are cargo pants, and a T-shirt(any color) with a belt that has some kind of weapon.

10/9/2008 #74
Naomi Chick

Hey daydreamer1009, I would like to draw your character Melissa. I can have it done by next week. If that is find by you?

10/9/2008 #75


i can draw mellissa in black and white anime style in either inks or penils, whatever you prefur, for 1 in depth review and 1 easy fix review. i can have it done by thurday next week. maybe earlier :)


woot! i kinda finished it like 5 days early but i'm sure that doesn't bother you. you can find melissa at this link:

10/10/2008 . Edited 10/11/2008 #76

THXS groovi-gal-numba1! I'll get you your reviews ASAP. Thank you again!! Doesn't matter to me what you use either...


10/10/2008 #77


STYLE:Detailed sketch in pencil or ink, whichever you prefer.

SCENERY:He should be sitting inside a cave, with his back against the wall. Above him, stalagmite (or was that stalagcite?) glitter. Beside him, is a pool of crystal clear water, mirroring the stalagmite above.

DESCRIPTION: Darmuid looks like a human male of around 25. He should be fairly tanned. He's reasonably tall, say 6 feet. He has longish dark brown hair: think of Daniel Radcliffe in the Goblet of Fire. His face personifies classical greek beauty, and he has deep green eyes. His expression should be piercing and he has a firmly set jaw; thereby signalling strength of character. He's looking out of the picture, seeming to read all the in's and outs of who ever it is that he's seeing. He is lithe: picture a slightly toned down physique of Micheangelo's David.

CLOTHES AND ACCESSORIES He's wearing a loin cloth of rough, handwoven cloth. From his neck dangles a rough shard of unpolished emerald, hung by a simple cloth chain.

Someone please do agree to this, as I badly need a picture before my eyes for me to flesh out the story better. Since this is the first time I'm doing this, I don't know if I've been specific enough, or if my descriptions have become too confusing. Nonetheless, I'm keeping my fingers crossed. If my descriptions seem ambigous to you, please do feel free to contact me, I'll explain it to you as well as I can- please don't let it dissuade you from taking up the offer.

Thank you!

10/10/2008 . Edited 10/10/2008 #78

--off topic--

so, because the person above me is currently looking for an artist, i can't open my own ad for an artist yet.. right?

--end off topic--

10/10/2008 #79
Nicki BluIs


@ starleaf: exactly; once the person says closed OR three days have elapsed, you can make ur request


10/10/2008 #80
Fractured Illusion

--- OFF TOPIC ---

Correct. Only one request at a time, and you cant start something new until you see CLOSED in bold uttered.


It'd help more if you spaced the text out a bit. You know, to make it readable.


10/10/2008 #81


Thanks for the tip, Frac; I'm on it! And also, thank you for being thoughtful enough to send in a copy of my post before you deleted it that time. If it hadn't been for you, I'd have to type it out all over again- thanks!


10/10/2008 . Edited 10/10/2008 #82
N.J Robinson

Caramir, I will draw your request for two in-depth reviews. I'm saying two only because a background is involved.

10/11/2008 . Edited 10/11/2008 #83


i can draw your request in inks for 3 in depth reviews (as your request is very complicated and detailed). I could have it done in 2 - 3 days time if that suits you :)


finished drawing can be found at + click on "Caramir's Darumid"

10/11/2008 . Edited 12/3/2008 #84

I would like to hire both artists for this job, for the price that they've mentioned- so could you guys tell me the pieces you'd like reviewed?

@ N.J.Robinson

Could you tell me the style that you're comfortable with/will prefer to do the drawing in and the time you'll take? I've already hired you though, but I guess I'd still like to know.

This trade, therefore is CLOSED

10/11/2008 . Edited 10/12/2008 #85


I would like a drawing of my character Michael David Ross. He's around average height, but he's very muscular. He's African-American and he's around 17 or 18 years old. He was quarterback for his old school, so he should be wearing a green letterman jacket from Central High School. His jeans should be a faded blue and he wears high top Converse.

He doesn't crack a smile very often, but when he does it's a smirk because he's ruined someone's day. His eyes are pretty nondescript, and he doesn't really like looking at people directly in the eyes (a habit he got for lying so much). His face is pretty circular. No hair.

No specific scenery required, but if you'd like to draw it, Michael Ross should be pictured with his red Ford pickup truck. There should be some wear-and-tear on it, as well.

Or not.


10/12/2008 . Edited 10/16/2008 #86


i would like a detailed drawing of my character Aliya in any medium. i would prefer it if it were in colour, but it doesn't have to be.

Character: Aliya is a genie. that's right like a wish granting genie in a bottle :D. she's about 16, with tanned skin and black hair. She' actually a fairly large girl. shes not really fat, but shes a bit above normal weight. She wears a genie costume with large poofy pants, curled shoes, an off the shoulders top which doesn't cover the stomach. she has sheets of fabric tied around her waist, head, arms etc. If you have trouble imagining it just type in genie costume into google images. it can really be any colour you want.

Aliya has only recently found out that she is a genie, and now faces a life of slavery. She rejects the idea, but still finds herself

Scenery:I would like Aliya to be chained to a dirty brick wall, limp and crying. She should look fairly beaten, bruised and pained. Her costume can be torn in different places. Its symbolic of everything that happens to her in the story -- she is always confined and chained. Poor as much emotion as you can into her pose and facial expression. It should be a fairly dark, depressing drawing, but still beautiful at the same time. If you do decide to do it in colour the colours should be like blue and blackish type shades.

I'd REALLY REALLY love to have someone draw this for me. I'm really happy with any medium. I'm willing to pay a large amount of reviews if necessary, and i don't really mind how long it takes. I realise that its a hard drawing to do, but i will pay you handsomely!!!

EDIT: This post has been closed.

10/16/2008 . Edited by simpleplan13, 10/20/2008 #87

--off topic--



I've been waiting and I overslept and I missed my turn :(

--end off topic--

EDIT: In the future please limit strictly off topic posts to the OT.

10/16/2008 . Edited by simpleplan13, 10/17/2008 #88

The above trade is CLOSED

New Trade!!! - October 20th

Sorry this is so long :(

Hey! :] I’d like to hire an artist to draw my female human character, Jade. This is VERY specific, which explains the length of the post. I only made it this specific to help you; I don’t want you doing all the work just to hear me say “I don’t like it!” (Not that I would say that to you, actually). In reality, the picture shouldn’t be too difficult.

Because this is very specific, I’m willing to do as many reviews as you’d like. 5, maybe even 10. Especially if the background is included. (Heck, I’ll review a whole novel if you want. That’s how much I want this character drawn).

Her skin is of a somewhat medium complexion – not pale, but not tan either (she’s white). Her eyes are the color of – surprise surprise! – Jade (you can just google the word jade under the image search if you aren’t completely sure of the color). Her hair is a medium brown, much like milk chocolate, and is pin-straight down to about her breasts with side-bangs (which side of her forehead really doesn’t matter). She should look young, but not TOO young – she’s 24. Her body type is considered pixy-like; she’s a bit short (5’2 – 5’4ish. slightly below average height for a woman. No need to be exact), and very lean, yet still shapely… not twiggy. Oh, and her nails don’t have to be painted.

Clothes. Hm. I guess just a pair of low-cut, light denim jeans and a tight scoop-neck forest green shirt that shows a bit of cleavage and belly. She can be wearing a studded belt and a black choker with a dark green heart embedded in the center if you wanna get that detailed. Shoes don’t matter, ‘cause I’d like this to be a bit zoomed in – you’ll only see the character about thighs-up.

As for her personality / facial expression, she should probably look like she’s dealing with a lot. Not completely depressed or worn out, but worried-looking. Kind of like she did something wrong and she knows it. If possible, I’d like her to have one arm hanging straight down, parallel to her body, with the other bent at the waist and coming across her stomach to hold the straight arm. If you know what I mean, you can see that’s kind of a worried/ insecure sort of posture. She should be a bit off to the side of the picture, with her head turned and glancing to her side a bit, at the shadowy figure of a man behind her (just a shadowy figure, no details with the guy really – it’s not supposed to be any man in particular). She lives in Manhattan, New York City, but the background doesn’t have to be all that detailed. If you really want to work on a background I’d suggest a typical Manhattan street – sidewalks, street packed with cars, tall buildings – but I know this can be a lot, so if you don’t think you could incorporate all of this I’d be willing to settle for just the two characters with a shadowy background.

I’d prefer it colored, and the style doesn’t really matter… I just don’t like that jagged style, if you know what I mean. Like pointy joints and hard lines and such. If you’re good with anime or just plain cartoons, that’s great, as long as she doesn’t look childish.

10/20/2008 . Edited 10/20/2008 #89

hm... starleaf I will do it, but i'm not sure if i have the right type of style for you. I do anime, but i'm not sure if its right. you can check some of my art on my deviantart account and see what you think:

But i will do it in black and white for 6 reviews and can have it done in about 8 days.


finished drawing can be found at + click on "Starleaf's Jade"

10/20/2008 . Edited 12/3/2008 #90
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