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Sure, I like your style! And it's okay that it won't be colored, I prefer it colored but I'll take anything, haha.


10/21/2008 #91

NEW TRADE - October 21

I'd like a drawing of my character Donna Murphy. I'll take any style and I will pay any amount of reviews. I will review whatever you want, as much as you want. I'll accept any and all styles. I want you as the artist to be comfortable. Do it the way you see it.

Donna Murphy is a fairly tall young woman. She is in her early to mid twenties. She's a brunette with wavy hair that comes down just below her shoulders. She wears a button-up jacket that she leaves unbuttoned. Preferably, it should be either black or red. She wears a regular T-shirt under it and wears a clip-on tie as well for no apparent reason. Her pants should match the jacket.

She's a pretty monotone person, but she should have a look of despondency on her face. If you tell her something, she's nod and say she understands. Her voice is confident enough, but you kind of look at her and you can see in her eyes that she may have missed part of it. Her only concern is the welfare of her daughter, so she's easily manipulated when it comes to that. I'd prefer no background.


10/21/2008 . Edited 10/24/2008 #92
Jilted Eve

New Trade- October 24

I'd like a drawing of my main character Xavier Firenze.

He is 25 years old.

Speices: Dhampir. (Half human half vampire) so he should have that alluring "predator" look about him but still look human in a way. He is not deathly pale but lack-of-sunlight-for-a-few weeks pale. He still should look healthy.

He is six foot with a strong lanky build. His face is angular but not so much that his cheekbones are that apparent. His hair is black and thick (It's almost curly) His eyes are a maroon colour.

Clothing consists of a long trench coat, with a white tee underneath, dark jeans and plain runners.

Background: A cracked plaster wall, almost like an old theater building

Pose: He shoould be leaning against the wall, hands in his pockets, and facing the viewer with a contemplative look that says: Why am I here?

Style: A sketch would be nice.

Price: 3 reviews on poems OR 1 substantial review on a chapter of a story. I will complete these reviews Monday. Wednesday at the latest.

Thank you,

- An Apple Bleeds At Twilight

EDIT: Still pending requests but for future posters, unless this one isn't answered, its Closed. (Thanks to Fractured Allusion who cleared this up for me.)

10/24/2008 . Edited 10/24/2008 #93

If that is closed...


Opened Sept. 27, at 4:20 pm

I would like a drawing of two of my characters (together:) Kat and Drew.

Kat (a girl, human-looking vampire):

Hair- bright coppery red. cut choppily to the jaw.

eyes- bright reddish-purple.

body- she is 17 but has the body of a 10 year old, so very short, skinny, no bust. very pale skin.

clothes- red and white lumberjack shirt, much too big, sleeves rolled up to her elbows. basic denim pants. white socks on.

Drew (a guy, human-looking werewolf):

hair - earlobe-length dark brown, messy hair.

eyes- dark grey.

body- 17 year old guy. average height. fairly skinny.

clothes- black tee shirt, nondescript pants, white socks.


they would be in a well-lit, living room type room. off-white carpet. red couch behind them.

Pose: up to you. they could be sitting on the couch of on the carpet. preferably sitting close together, or with his arm around her waist.... they are two teenagers in love. nothing too PDA or anything.

I really don't care what style, as long as it's in color.

I would pay up to 3 EF reviews, or up to 2 depth. I would prefer to review stories than poems, but can do either.

10/26/2008 . Edited 10/28/2008 #94
Seigetsu Ren

To FirstBloom13

Not sure if this style of drawing or coloring is ok with you

Sample of my style:

If it is ok, then I can do it in two days time for 3 EF reviews on any of my stories.

Finished product:

10/30/2008 . Edited 11/3/2008 #95
Fractured Illusion

Sorry you two. Time's run up. Sakura you may of course still accept Dex's offer but do so via PM.


10/31/2008 #96

NEW TRADE - October 31

I would like a drawing for my character, Tony Cortez. He's Hispanic, fairly tall, thin, and around 28 years old. His hair is somewhat curly with way too much gel. His hair is a deep black (dyed) with two small strands of hair coming down over his forehead. His clothing should be fairly professional. He should be wearing a suit of some sort with matching pants. Blue would be best. His shoes are freshly shined and deep black like his hair. He's easily confused and can't handle too much pressure, so they should be evident in his picture.

I would prefer color, and I will review anything you want as much as you want. Thanks in advance!

10/31/2008 . Edited 10/31/2008 #97
Seigetsu Ren

I would prefer to draw somewhat anime style, and retain my pencil lineart when I color

Sample of my style:

If this is ok, then I can do it in two days time for 2 EF reviews on any of my stories if a plain background is ok. If you'd like a background with the character, then an additional 1 EF review would be needed.

And I would appreciate it if you can provide any reference images, but of course it is not required ^^

Finished product:

10/31/2008 . Edited 11/1/2008 #98

Wonderful! I accept with great enthusiasm! He doesn't require any special background. Just a regular room will do, or a blank background if you prefer. I don't have anything in the way of reference pictures, but I would like to add that Tony sports a soul patch much like Howie Mandel's.

Again, thanks. I wait expectantly.


10/31/2008 #99
A.S. Leer

New Trade

Oh, stupid FP...messed up my I has to redo it...

Date: *notices that it's November now* 11/1/08

Finally! I have only been trying to get in here for ages now!

I'd like a drawing of one of three things (artist's decision): either Alister from Twilight Moon, Armand from Twilight Moon, or the pair of them together. I'll go for any style, I just want a picture and am too far in need to really care on the details anymore. I would prefer some background, but it doesn't really matter if there is or not. Same thing goes for colour.

Alister: A young male of 18 years, he is completely human. He is a little pale, but his skin is basically normal. He has pale violet hair and amber eyes. Lately he's been stuck in tighter clothing than he would usually wear, because that's what Armand has allowed him to have- yeah, he's sort of stuck with a vampire right now, and he's a Hunter, so he's bit miffed. Alister is a very thin boy, and not especially tall- maybe 5'10", tops? Regarding his personality...He's stubborn and pretty sarcastic, but lately he's giving in to the fact that he really wants Armand.

Armand: A vampire who has been around for some years, and was turned when he was around 30-35. His eyes are a sort of cobalt, and his hair is strange, being pure white. (I was kinda bored when I created him) Armand dresses in things that look as though they belong to nobility, and that is very well what he is, or at least was and still considers himself. He has a scar on his collarbone, on the left, which looks as though it came from someone's nails. Quite the opposite of Alister, the vampire is somewhere near 7 feet tall, but not quite there. Armand is...Well, he's hard to define. It takes a lot to ** him off, and he's determined to make Alister his own, no matter how much convincing it takes, and so far, he's doing a pretty good job in his own opinion.

Anything else you want to do doesn't matter to me. I'll go for whatever. -.-

11/1/2008 . Edited 11/1/2008 #100
Naomi Chick

Hey Arianna Sterling, I'll take the request of drawing Alister or Armand in black and white or color. I can have your drawing done by next Wednesday, in return for two depth review on any other my stories.

The finish drawing for Arianna Sterling:

11/1/2008 . Edited 12/11/2008 #101
A.S. Leer

I checked out your style and I like it. I'll have your reviews complete by Wednesday as well (limited Internet access) if I don't have time today. If you can, I do like colour better. Whichever you prefer.


11/1/2008 #102

New Trade! (11/1/08)

I'd like a drawing of my character, Vittoria. She is a 16-year-old girl living in 1800's Tuscany. She should look very skinny and malnurished with angular features. Clothing should be a very basic dress, brown and white if colored. Her hair and eyes should me a dull brown, and her hair falls midway down her back and is usually worn up somehow. Though she is not a vampire, there should be a vampire-ish feel to her--pale, kind creepy, etc.

Ideal position would be sitting in a dark, broken down house trying to read a book, but I'm open to any position/background or none at all. Just run anything by me.

Any style is fine, and I'd be happy to give any amount of reviews.

11/1/2008 . Edited 11/1/2008 #103
Seigetsu Ren

I can give it a try if you are okay with my drawing style.

Samples of my artwork:

I don't think I have time for a colored drawing, but I can do a sketch and set the lineart to brown (since the colors you request are mostly brown anyway). I can try to draw her in an old chair, reading a book, with a sort of charred paper background if you prefer. I'm not great at sitting positions though, so if it doesn't work out, are you ok with a standing position?

If you are ok with this, then I think I can finish it in two days. The price would be 1 in-depth review on any of my stories of your choice.

Finished product:

11/1/2008 . Edited 11/1/2008 #104

I like your style! Sketch sounds good to me. Don't worry about the background; just a plain standing sketch is fine with me.



11/1/2008 #105
Shout 'Cause They're Staring

New Trade: Date: 11/1/08

I would like a picture of my two main characters, Vivienne and Evan.

Vivienne has long red hair, freckles, and Evan is an olive skinned, black hair and is middling tall.

I'd like the picture to be Evan lying in a hospital bed, (with any injuries you see fit) and hooked up to some machines.

I'd like Vivienne to be leaning against the rail of the bed, facing away from Evan, staring out at the window, and to not seem all there, more like daydreaming.

Cold stark walls are the only background I had in mind besides the machines hooked up to Evan and the bed.

I would like it to be colored, please.

11/1/2008 . Edited 11/1/2008 #106
Seigetsu Ren

I can give it a try if you are okay with this sort of style that retains the pencil lineart and is not really sharply colored (only one layer of color with minimal shading)

Sample 1:

Sample 2:

I don't know how long I can get it back to you, as I'll be wrestling with midterms the entire time. I'll take at most 2 weeks? Is that okay with you?

The price would be three easy fix reviews on any of my stories.

Tell me if you are interested.

EDIT: hmm...I managed to finish it very early!

Finished Product: (please click to full-view!)

11/2/2008 . Edited 11/2/2008 #107
Shout 'Cause They're Staring

I accept Dexterity's terms.

I liked both of your samples, and think it would work nicely with my picture.

Don't worry about getting it to me quickly, I'm in no rush.

Trade Closed

11/2/2008 #108

New Trade! Date: 11/2/08

I would love a drawing of my character, Renee, from "Ribbon". She is about 10-years-old (so she would be somewhat short), has brown hair, and blue eyes. Her clothes consist of a slightly French style winter dress (she is in a French colony in Canada during the 1700s) and a half red half white ribbon is in her hair. Any style of drawing is okay with me, but I would love it to be in color. Thanks in advance!

11/2/2008 #109
Seigetsu Ren

I can give it a try if you are okay with this sort of style that retains the pencil lineart and is not really sharply colored (only one layer of color with minimal shading)

Sample 1:

Sample 2:

I don't know how long I can get it back to you, as I'll be wrestling with midterms the entire time. I'll take at most 2 weeks? Is that okay with you?

The price would be two easy fix reviews on any of my stories.

Tell me if you are interested.

Finished product:

11/2/2008 . Edited 11/7/2008 #110

I accept your terms, Dexterity. Your style is pretty much exactly what I am looking for, and I'm in no hurry to have the picture. If you need any more information on Renee just pm me.

Trade Closed.

11/2/2008 #111
Jilted Eve

If that is closed...

New Trade- November 2nd/ 2008

I would like a drawing of my second main character, Ally Conner, please

She is 20 years old.

Species: Human.

She is five feet. A slender build and buxom. Her face is round and innocent looking with a weak chin and a full mouth. Her hair is long, ginger and curly. Her eyes are green.

Clothing consists of a white blouse, blue jeans and cowboy boots.

Background: A tree.

Pose: She should be sitting against the tree, one leg brought up, the other straight out. One arm should drape across the propped leg, the other out supporting the body. She should face the viewer with a smile, as if thinking of something pleasant—a “daydreaming” look.

Style: A sketch would be nice.

Price: 3 reviews on poems OR 1 substantial review on a chapter of a story.

Thank you,


11/2/2008 . Edited 11/2/2008 #112


I'd be happy to draw your character. My price would be 3 EF poem reviews--one an "Bird and Beast Amend" and the other two on whatever you'd like.

I'm currently working on another drawing, so I'll stay on the safe side and say it'll take 1 1/2 to 2 weeks.

Sorry, I don't have any real artwork up, but my DA account is:

11/2/2008 . Edited 11/2/2008 #113
Jilted Eve

I accept your offer, dragonflydreamer. I can't wait to see it! I'll begin on those reviews ASAP.

Thank you.


11/2/2008 #114

New Trade 3rd November 2008

I d like a sketch of my character Sky/Katherine from my story Wendake. The setting is early 1700, Canada.

She is 16 years old, about 5ft 4inches. Her hair is dark brown and wavy and falls about her shoulders. Her eyes are striking, dark green with gold highlights. Her face is heartshaped. I have a reference photo.She wears a deerskin pouch necklace. (Have a reference photo available).

Her dress is unremarkable..grey or blue whichever you like. It s long to her ankles with long sleeves..simple style and modest.

I d like the style of the drawing to be somewhat realistic, perhaps an actual sketch but will accept other styles. Can be coloured or not but would prefer colour.

No background is necessary.

I will review anything you can set the terms there.



11/3/2008 . Edited 11/3/2008 #115


i will do a black and white, didgitally toned drawing of your character. (if you want to see an example of what i mean go to my deviant art and click on the latest drawing - )

I will do it in a semi-realistic, semi-anime-ish style.

For 3 in depth reviews on my story "missing three wishes" i can have it done in a week ( on the 11th - maybe earlier).


finished drawing can be found at + click on "SuzannaR's Sky"

11/3/2008 . Edited 12/3/2008 #116


Thank you. I accept your offer and your terms. I will have the 3 reviews done in a week too (probably sooner).

I m off to send you the reference pics. Thanks! Trade is now closed.

11/4/2008 #117
Link Broken

NEW TRADE! 11/4/08

i'd like a drawing of two of my characters, Kate and Colby, together from my story Til Death Do You Part (link is on my profile page).

Kate is about 24, is very high fashion (like vogue, elle, style, etc magazines high fashion). SHe is about 5 feet 6 inches, has brown hair that goes a little longer than her shoulders. she has bangs. her eyes are blue. she has pale skin with a couple freckles on her nose and on her cheeks, just beneath her eyes. she's also very skinny, but not anorexic skinny.

Colby is a ghost, so i'd like him to look slightly transparent. He has dark hair that's messy and goes past his ears. Also, his hair often goes in front of his eyes. He has green eyes. his skin is tan. he's about 6 feet 3 inches and is well built. he's kate's age.

please remember that Colby's a ghost and should be slightly transparent!

i'll review anything (that isn't inappropreate or slash) as much as you want in any way you want!

11/4/2008 . Edited 11/6/2008 #118
Fractured Illusion

Since the three days are up;


11/7/2008 #119

Let's try this one again!

New Trade 11/07/08

I'd like one of my Character Sonja, from my story Horse.

Sonja is Russian, with long, thick blonde hair, light blue, almond-shaped eyes, high cheekbones, and thick lips.

She is young, no more than 24 years old, taller than average, and very skinny.

She is a grunge rock star with a heroin addiction, so things like dark circles under the eyes, etc. are appropriate.

She has a full sleeve of the Virgin Mary on her arm, and is wearing a small, plain slip dress and white boots.

I would prefer her to be sitting on the ground, with a bottle of Vodka at her side. She should be smiling but look tired.

I would prefer this to be in color, but I'm willing to be flexible. I will review anything shorter than 12,000 words.

If you have any questions at all feel free to PM me. Take as much time as you need, I'm in no hurry.

11/7/2008 #120
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