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I WANT A BETA! This story is not on ficpress, thus necessitating exchange of chapters and reviews by email, if you don't mind.

The story is very long - something like 60 chapters, maybe 150,000 words, but since I am a luddite and use wordpad as my text editor I can only say the file size for certain, which is about 900 kB. My working title is "In the Grey Before Night Falls", but that'll probably change. I suppose it's fantasy, since it has multiple varieties of human living in a preindustrial society... people with pointed ears... who carry swords... and vampires... and shapeshifters... but, oh! it wishes it were so much more! Insofar as summaries go, my teaser is thus:

"This is by no account a pleasant story. It has no happy ending. But it is a story about people trying to choose their destinies, and that makes the telling worthwhile, if not the reading- for whether reading this story is worthwhile or not is a matter for the discretion of the reader. Mine is only to relate the events as they happened, and to leave any judgements up to yourself."

Mainly it's about two idealistic brothers who have adventures and their evil backstabbing mother and a big war being prosecuted by a woman who thinks she's a god. It's most definitely rated 'R', for graphic violence, rape, torture, foul language, adult themes, suggested cannibalism, and implied drug use. I can guarantee author enthusiasm, since this story is my life.

I don't need help with spelling or grammar; what I want is essentially a test reader. I want to know how my characters come across, how you perceive them, if you like them, if they seem real, how you imagine them, if they behave stupidly in a given situation; I want to know if my plot is interesting, engaging, deep, corny, contrived, if there are any gaping holes, if it made you feel a certain way; I want to know if you get a sense of the world, the races, the people, the political situation; I want to know if I'm being overly wordy and I want to know what scenes seem unnecessary with an eye to paring this monster of a story down; and if you have any suggestions for a new title or how I might fill in some of the (several) large gaps in the story. So, basically, I want to know everything. And I especially want brutal honesty - I can take it.

Finally, since it's a very long story, I would be ever so happy if I could get a beta genuinely interested, so that he/she doesn't quit after ten chapters, which happened with my last beta, so if you are very busy or flaky (like me), well, you may not want this project.

I know this one's a doozy, but please consider beta-ing for me! Consider it a challenge! My real-life friends have told me it's good, and I promise you it won't burn your eyes with grammar and spelling mistakes, like some things. So. Enough of me trying to buy you. Will provide first chapter as a preview should you request it, contingent upon recipient's willingness to review said chapter at least in part. And if you find you hate the story after, say, chapter four, I won't force you to keep reading.

Thank you!


10/6/2008 #121

WhnceCometh: If you'll have me, I'd love to Beta for you! You're story sounds fascinating, and I'm really interested in seeing what you have done so far.

I would consider fantasy/sci-fi/speculative my genere, so this would fall right in there I think. I've done a fair amount of beta work for friends offline, and one or two online. I'm really intrested in seeing the characters you have involved with such an intresting sounding plot. :D

My Beta Profile.

My Profile.


10/6/2008 #122

*Off Topic*

Dear Mods: can I take more than one beta, should others reply? I'd like to hedge my bets, after all. ;)

*End Off Topic*

10/6/2008 #123


Well, actually, I don't speak for the mods, but yes, it's quite acceptable that you can take more than one beta; it's what I've noticed so far. On the side note, I would also like to be your beta for your story. If you would like to check my pros/cons besides the things I've said above in a recent comment, you may go here:

10/6/2008 #124
Fractured Illusion

--- OFF TOPIC ---

Snuff's correct

Take as many as you want, within the time limit of course.

Next time you have a question, go to Problems/Question thread.

Further, Snuff, please post all the required info. It is alright to copy and paste your info from previous rounds in this topic. (for more info see Post Requirements in the first post of this topic). It may be repetitive for you, but not for the authors.


10/7/2008 . Edited 10/7/2008 #125


Is the beta request closed? Just wondering if it is, because it seems that the author and beta have already agreed.

End off-topic

10/8/2008 #126


Considering the author has 2 beta offers and has not picked one (or both) I'm not sure how you think that they agree on something. But no it is not closed.


10/8/2008 #127

Okay, I won't dominate the board any longer, since I doubt I'll get any more beta offers (though if anyone else wants to do it, PM me!). SnuffSnuff and Sugardisc, I choose you both! As per the new rules, I assume your automatic agreement!

Aw man, I wanted to say CLOSED... :( *weep*

10/9/2008 . Edited 10/9/2008 #128
Fractured Illusion


Edit: New rules for this thread, people! Betas can now also start requests. See first post + rules for more info. Further: no need to ask for permission when deciding on a beta/author.

10/9/2008 . Edited 10/9/2008 #129

I Want a Beta!


I am currently working on a romance/teen story that I would like betaed. It is not posted yet and is, in fact, only at 500 words. I have a lengthy premise written out, however, and I'm pretty sure where I want the story to go. Because I haven't written much of the first chapter yet, I am looking for a beta who can preview what I'm writing and tell me how it sounds. I mainly want someone who can read my story and give me tips on style and dialogue because I am currently stuck in research paper format. I would also like them to check my format, grammar, and punctuation (all that good stuff!)

Here's a very shortened version of my plot:

Willow is a sixteen-year-old girl who just wants the boys to notice her. She is often made fun of by her classmates and wonders how to get the boys to notice her, causing her to do all sorts of crazy things. Eventually, she succeeds in her goal but discovers it's not what she truly wants. She falls into depression and becomes "emo". Will a strange boy be able to rescue her?

As a heads up, I do not work on my own stories regularly. I am often busy with college and might not work on a story for months at a time.

If none of that turns you off, I'd be happy to have you as my beta!

10/9/2008 #130

Hi Alantis I would love to beta your stories. I am good at grammar and spelling. I am starting my own stories/books but I could look at yours for you if you want!

10/10/2008 #131

Off topic

Um, is that request closed? It says it was made yesterday, but the times on here are really weird, I live in Australia so it's irrelevant to my actual time.

So, is it closed?

End off topic

10/11/2008 . Edited 10/11/2008 #132
Fractured Illusion

--- OFF TOPIC ---


For now I have to say that it can't be closed until it stops saying "Yesterday" or "2 days ago" (since I cant prove it wrong). However, I have made a suggestion about this in the Sug topic to prevent these matters.

Link for the suggestion

Add your opinion if you'd like


Still open

10/11/2008 . Edited 10/12/2008 #133

Sorry to everyone for tying up the thread...I was just leaving my request up for the three days to see if there was anyone else who wanted to beta my story.

I gladly accept Lirriea as my beta. :)


10/12/2008 #134

I want a beta...

...for a story that I haven't published yet (or started).

I haven't got a title in mind for it yet.

The summary is in this topic.

I mainly need help with the descriptive stuff and summary, title, etc.

I think that explained enough.


10/12/2008 #135
Nicki BluIs

Ugh. I'm probably gonna shoot myself for doing this on account of my busyness but...

I'd love to beta for you Claire.

Strenghths: I love characterization. Like for real. I think characters are the backbon of a story, so every detail becomes important in building their person. I think this will be important in your story since your premise is pretty basic: girl gets knocked up. In the end its the characters that'll make the story special.

Weaknesses:although i pride myself in finding grammatical errors, as you can plainly see, I am nothing w/o spell check. Also I tend to prcrastinate... in fact that may be my single greatest fault. But we can work on that :)

Here's a link to my beta profile

I am beta-ing Severed Ties for fatbird33 and Of Band Geeks and Revolutions for ohthevoices

Bubbles :P

10/13/2008 . Edited 10/13/2008 #136

hey NickiBluIs

i'd love for you to beta my story is this fine by u ?

10/13/2008 #137
Nicki BluIs

I'd be happy to claire!!! PM me w/ details and whatnot!

10/13/2008 #138


10/13/2008 #139


The story I need beta-ed is "The Visitors". It's my first story on FictionPress; I've posted up to Chapter 3 so far. It's a Supernatural fanfic and also, to a lesser extent, horror. I'll give a brief description:

Harold Jenkins is driving along a dark road at night, and his mission is to deliver a secret package to a group of "Officials". Along the way, strange events occur, and he gets thrown into an encounter with beings that are not of this world. His task is hindered as he is captured by the beings and taken away on their ship.

I update about every 2 weeks, due to the large load of homework I need to get through every day (and usually even more on weekends). I would like help on generally everything- particularly developing characters, creating a good flow with easy-to-follow dialogue, and creating descriptions that actually describe without going overboard.

Well, I think that covers everything. Is anyone willing to beta my story?

10/13/2008 #140

Because the 3 day time limit is up, I declare this request


Please PM a mod if you wish to be added to the left over list.

10/18/2008 #141


I've been looking through the beta reader list, but I just don't have the time to hunt people down like that. So, here are the specifics (and seeing how this place doesn't look very active lately, I'm a little worried as to how the results will work out...):

Title: In Your Dreams

Genre: It's under manga, but I regret that decision. It's more like a YA supernatural story with a bit of romance thrown in. Sorry for those who hate teen romances. (I saw that!) There are no vampires. I hate them.

Summary: Suzu's writer father suddenly decides he wants to leave the city he and his son have been living in for most of Suzu's life--to a small town with a stupid name. Suzu, previously a social pariah in his old city, decides he might try and make a new start in this new place. His father also wants to make his son a little more social; sticking him into a private boarding school in the hopes that his son will learn some independence. However, the small town is even sleepier than it seems. Suzu learns that people have been falling into comas, and rarely any of them wake from these comas. Suzu, a telekinetic, is recruited by a discreet group of kids who also seem to have strange abilities--but they claim these abilities stem from having once died. Everything Suzu knew is turning upside down, and he has to figure out the truth behind the comas--and the abilities. Also, I should warn you, there is male/male slash in this story.

Current Chapters: There are 21 chapters currently posted, and I would like them to be looked over. I have a habit of making errors, and I don't notice them until either it's too late, or somebody else points them out for me. I update once a week, but I can make it every other week in order to accomodate the time needed for beta-ing.

Areas Needing Help: I need help with errors; spelling errors, grammar (especially grammar), tense issues, and continuity errors--apparently Pet Palace has turned to Pet Place in some parts. Ugh. I could do this last for myself, but I'd be so grateful for the outside help. I'd also like a very critical eye; don't be afraid to be harsh with me--I won't break, I promise you.

Posted Oct 19 '08.

10/19/2008 . Edited 10/20/2008 #142

DeidaraxTobi, I'd be happy to beta for you!

I haven't had much experience wit hbata-ing, so I'm a bit unsure about my strengths. I'm pretty good with spelling/grammar and I have a keen eye for mistakes. I'd like to say I'm pretty good with character/plot development and consistancy issues.

My biggest weakness would be my procrastination. It will take me an indefinite amout of time to beta what you have up already. But if you give me a chapter a week and give me a specific deadline, I will get it done.

I'm currently beta-ing for Mrs. Sakura Kaulitz's Lighthearted, and I also proofread my friends' works (the links to their accounts are on my profile).

If you need to know anything else, here's a link to my Beta Profile.

10/19/2008 . Edited 10/19/2008 #143

I could beta you story for you!

I am great in spelling and grammar and I can beta it quickly so you could keep doing your once a week updating. If you send me your chapters you already have I can send them back to you already edited. And like I said before I excel in spelling and grammar and I also use thesaurus quite alot too. I can also help with tenses.

10/20/2008 #144

All right, I have a question. Is it possible to have dragonflydreamer beta my unposted work (since she is a master procrastinator--hehe), and have Lirriea look over the older work and edit it? Or maybe the other way around...? What do you two think? I'm more concerned about what is not posted yet, though, so if you guys could give me a reply, that'd be cool.

10/20/2008 #145

@DeidaraxTobi -

If you're asking if you can choose more than one beta, then yup, go for it!

And I'd be happy to beta your unposted work n_n PM me if you'd like to specify some details or anything.

10/20/2008 #146

I would be happy to beta your older works. That's fine with me.

10/21/2008 #147

All right! Thank you very much, both of you.

This request is now


10/21/2008 #148


I already have a beta (dragonflydreamer) for my other story, lighthearted, but I didn't want to overload her, so I am seeking a beta for my non-posted story "Defying Gravity."

summary: The story is about a girl who's parents recently underwent divorce, and her mother uprooted her to go live in Alberta with her boyfriend. the girl (I don't know her name as of yet) has started hanging out with "unsavory" characters, and has started smoking, drinking and doing pot. her mother, who has always wanted performance talent sends her to musical theatre camp in the rockies to give her a hobby and get her away from her friends. The camp's musical of the summer is Wicked, and when she gets cast as Elphaba, (with a boy from school she hates as her romantic lead) she has to choose between indulging her appetite for unhealthy behavior, or admitting her mistakes, make some good friends, and adjust to her new lifestyle.

genre: Young Adult, Friendship, Romance

It has not been posted, and I have half of the first chapter on my computer.

I would like to get this story going, and having a beta will hopefully help me with this, but lighthearted will always be my biggest priority, and so updates will likely be irregular. I hope to update every two weeks, but I am also in school, and I am fairly busy.

I want help with keeping it flowing, consistant, and helping my characters develop realistically. I will need someone who's allaround good with writing, as I am only in grade 8 and aren't quite *spectacular* or anything. It would be nice if the beta has seen the play, or at least has a jist of the plotline. (it's really good, I've seen it live..... take a video out from the library or something!)

10/22/2008 #149

Hey there, I'd be willing to help you out with your story. It's suiting that your updates will be irregular since I'm in college and it can get a bit hectic with classes, and since I'm also helping out Sheepie with her work while trying to write mine, haha. The only thing is, I know nothing about wicked and have no access to it (unless it's on youtube?) since I live on-campus. Would you settle for giving me a brief summary?

If so, let me know ;)

10/23/2008 #150
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