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My particular specialties are in grammar, spelling, sentence structure, word choice - all the basics. Also, I can let you know when you need to put more emotion into it.

My weaknesses: not so great at helping you develop characters. I know when they need to be developed, but I don't exactly know how to explain it to you. (for more info, read my beta profile.)

My beta profile:

Let me know if you are interested, concerto49! :)


12/16/2008 . Edited by Fractured Illusion, 12/17/2008 #181
Nicki BluIs


@daughterofmusic: since you are responding to concerto's request the words "i want to beta" should be removed. only include the bolded words "i want to beta" when you are opening a request.


Concerto is still looking for a beta

12/16/2008 #182

Sorry about that mixup!!! well, my offer is still up, if you are interested, despite technical difficulties. I don't have time at the moment, but do me a favor and mentally copy & paste all my beta info into this reply, then let me know what you think. :)


12/16/2008 #183

Yeah ok, I'll take your offer if you're interested in beta-ing for the story. I mean it's gotten a bit strange after a few edits.


12/17/2008 . Edited 12/18/2008 #184

I want a beta! 12/20/06

Hiya, everyone. I new here, so if I make a mistake please don't murder me for it. Okay, here goes:

I need someone to beta my fantasy story (with a touch of horror) called Mythos. It is a tale of a homicidal Little Red Riding Hood in a land where human imagination takes form. Not as funny as you may think. I'm an irratic updater, but recentally I've been writing a chapter a day, though only during the week (strangely, school is more conductive to my writing then home.) All the chapters that currently exist are posted on here, though I'll e-mail the other chapters I write before posting them if you perfer to use E-mail. So far, there are six chapters up. I'm pretty good with my spelling and grammar (though I do make occasional stupid mistakes due to my tendency to type quickly, so if you spot them, please feel free to tell me). What I truly need is someone to warn me about consistency errors with my characters personalities, as well as help with my general plot, and most especially dialouge. Outside of 'battle banter' dialouge, I frankly stink at it. Any other advice a beta can give me will be accepted, of course. Thanks in advance!

12/20/2008 . Edited 12/20/2008 #185
Nicki BluIs


PM a mod if you wish to be added to the left-over list

12/24/2008 #186

I'D LIKE A BETA! 12/29/08 10:40 PM

Here's the deal: I wrote a 65k novel for National Novel Writing Month and since I passed the finish line, I can get a printed copy of my story. I have until June 1 2009 to get my story edited (a first draft edit, but still an edit, all the same) and I NEED some help with this. I am currently running the story through a critique circle, but it's not helping much. The second chapter was slighted and ignored and received a single crit, and the end of my crit period for that chapter is TOMORROW. I need some real feedback, harsh and straightforward--now. So anyone and everyone who would like to read my story and give me feedback is welcome, beta readers or not. I am not posting it on Fictionpress because I want real feedback, not one liners.

Anyway, the story itself is a YA Fantasy about a boy who becomes cursed. On his journey for a cure, he meets people, makes some realizations, and makes his destination a world famous magical academy that may have all the answers. It's not a mold breaker by any means. This is part one. Part two is in the works, but don't worry about part two. I'm not getting it printed for a long time. It DOES have some homosexuality, which might bother some people, but it's not explicit, and for most of the story, can be seen as a deep friendship. Please give it a chance either way. I don't care if you don't like the story, but mechanical errors, spelling issues, bad sentence structure... I need someone to help point this all out so that my printed version isn't COMPLETELY crappy. Of course, plain readers are great too. Any feedback at all would be a great help to me. Thanks in advance to anyone who helps me in my time of need!

12/29/2008 #187

I wouldn't mind reading over your story, Deidara.

I do have time but not a boatload, and I'm a teeny bit of a procrastinator so comments and feedback might come a bit later than I promise.

12/30/2008 #188

No problem. I'd be glad to have your feedback. I'll PM you my email address.

Also, is this closed now, or can I accept any more readers?

12/30/2008 #189
Fractured Illusion

You have been given 3 days so you can keep it open during that time and wait for more response if that is what you want. So: it is only closed if you will it.

12/30/2008 #190

CLOSED. I've got a beta now. :)

12/30/2008 . Edited 1/1/2009 #191

I would like a BETA! =) Jan. 8, 2009

Title: Secrets of a Vampire


Note: I have published 7 chapters, but it is alright if the BETA would only read til the 3rd chapter. It's in his/her own volition (if interested as well) to read the rest.

Category: Supernatural

Sub-category: Romance/Friendship/Family


It is considered high treason against the race when a vampire, especially of noble blood, copulates with a human. But Nerice Minjonet, the lone priestess of the race, broke this decree and bore a daughter from her beloved human, Alden Bloodwyn.

Knowing the gravity of her actions, Nerice left the vampire realm to be with her family in the human world while she used her powers to cloak her presence so the vampire sentinels can't track her and the family down.

However, worse came to worst when her action and the fact that she left her post in the realm, ended punishable by death. Death of not only hers, but also of her then three-year-old daughter, Haley.

Left with no other choice, Nerice sets back to the vampire world to save her family. Even if it would mean taking the road to her instant death.

Fourteen years later, Haley is already seventeen years old. And she didn't have the remotest idea of her lineage nor her true identity. Her father, Alden, almost didn't share anything about her mother, Nerice. There wasn't even a single photo of her in their house.

But on her eighteenth birthday, a man -- with unnaturally long canines -- attacked her... and from that moment, her life started to change. Though the truth finally unraveled before her, she had to deal with a lot more: her journey to escape from her death sentence with the help of the very person she loathed, her troubling hallucinations, the two women who would appear in her mind once in a while, and the relationships she had -- with her best and only friend, Addie, and with her crush, Kenneth -- which are now in the brink of falling apart.

1/7/2009 . Edited 1/15/2009 #192

uhm... is it okay if I consider my request 'CLOSED' already? I'm assuming that as of the moment, no one has taken interest in my story yet, so I don't like to keep the others waiting especially if I won't have a net connection for the next 2 or 3 days. =)

Kindly include me in the Left-Over list instead.

Please and thank you. =)

1/9/2009 #193

uhm... is it okay if I consider my request closed already? I'm assuming that as of the moment, no one has taken interest in my story yet, so I don't like to keep the others waiting especially if I won't have a net connection for the next 2 or 3 days. =)

As you wish...I will PM a mod on your behalf to have your story added to the left-over list.


1/9/2009 #194
Left FP

I WANT A BETA 11.01.2009 / 8.45 a.m.

I would like a beta to go over a story I have begun to currently work on. It will have 22 chapters (including the prologue and epilogue)....each averaging 3 pages on MS Word. The story is about a pair of best friends (boy and girl) who somehow manage NOT to fall in love. I find this genre pretty interesting and the story is being written from the point of view of the girl. The main question is: can a boy and a girl be friends forever without being interrupted by suspicion, third persons, society and most of all LOVE? It is a kind of exploration...and the main character is pretty humorous.

PREFERENCES: Someone who besides being good in grammar and spellings, can help me with dialog, plotting and the setting....and must also be experienced in writing humor. Also, since the story has a kind of Indian mentality attached to it, you will have to accept a lot of things (i.e. be open-minded) which might be normal in the west but unacceptable here!

So any takers?

1/11/2009 . Edited 1/11/2009 #195
conspiracy slayer

I could do it. I'm from a pretty traditional Indian family. I have to warn you, though, I'm a pretty exhaustive beta and I'm tough. But at least you won't have to work about someone being judgmental if that's a concern.

1/11/2009 #196
Left FP

I accept. I am going to PM you about the details now.


1/11/2009 #197
B. J. Winters

I NEED A BETA. January 12, 4:54 pm

I have completed a 19 chapter fluffy holiday romance. It's about 75,000 words and needs an edit before it can be posted. The plot is about two people in their 30s. They were lifelong friends - she comes back to Iowa to get married and the "boy next door" finally sees what he's been missing all this time. There is a happy ending.

Typically I write mysteries, and so doing a pure romance is a stretch for me. I need help in the female characterization in particular (she feels a bit bi-polar to me).

I expect a pace of about a chapter a week to beta if someone can keep me disciplined on the rewrite. I would probably use the DocX feature but can be talked into email. I'm on no definite schedule so we could work in relative bursts of productivity. I would, however, like to complete the project by June if possible.

Any takers?

1/12/2009 #198
Decoris Verbum

I would definitely love to...I've been looking more into different genres lately, and I've been wanting to get involved with a big character developement piece but haven't had the time to write one. I edit my friends' work constantly; they say I'm harsh at times, but how else will anything get done, eh? Sounds infinitely interesting, but if you are looking for someone more experienced I totally understand.

1/12/2009 #199
B. J. Winters

Wow - this must be a record. Decoris you're familiar with my style and have offered sound advice in the past, so I accept your offer.

You can expect the first chapter this weekend. Hope DocX is ok -- let me know via PM if you'd like to proceed differently.


1/12/2009 #200

I NEED A BETA. January 12, 8:06 PM

Hey all! I have a one-shot, about twenty-five typed pages long, that I would love to give a good edit. I've had readers mention seemingly out-of-the-blue characters, and they don't seem to understand the fantasy aspects of the story (which are subtle, to be sure, but I'd like them more evident and clear).

If you're interested, it's a romance with a thirty-four-year-old male main character (I know, shocking) and just needs a good looking over. :) I promise my grammar's up to par!

I'd send it to you in one go, since it's not very far, and let you take your sweet time on it. Let me know!

1/12/2009 #201

I would be happy to Beta your stories for you. I'm good at grammar and spelling, and I have a love for Reading.

1/13/2009 #202


If you are a beta offering your services, please do not forget to put a link to your beta profile in your offer.


1/13/2009 #203

Sure Lirriea, that'd be great. :) I'd fix the errors on your beta profile, though; they're not very encouraging, though I'm choosing to give you the benefit of the doubt. Just letting you know! I will PM you momentarily.


1/13/2009 #204
Left FP

I want a beta. 15.01.09 12.38 am

Well, I do have a beta but she is doing a different story. I want my story VENGEANCE to be beta read. It has been posted on FP, and is 10 chapters long. It might continue for another 8-10 more.

The Summary:

She is a college graduate, who is working towards pursuing her MBA. At the same time, she is trying to deal with her troubled past - which never seems to leave her alone.

He is the spirit of a young boy who is stuck in the twilight zone between Heaven and Hell. The Gods give him one last chance to do something good to come into Heaven.

Together, they make up the most deadly team. She needs his help to seek revenge, and he needs hers to ask for forgiveness. Will they succeed? Because they only have seventy-two hours...and not one minute more!

I am dealing with the Supernatural here. But, I want help with the setting. Talking about the background has always been diffucult for me. The characters are entertaining, and lovable.

Also, you need to get genuinely interested in my story to actually beta read it. I do wish someone finds it interesting. Thanks!

1/15/2009 . Edited 1/15/2009 #205


In the first paragraph you say she is trying to deal with her troubled past plaguing her (implying that it is her past going after her), but then in the third you say she is seeking revenge (which is the other way around).

You also say he needs to do something good to go to Heaven, yet you say his task is to help her seek revenge - does helping someone seek revenge sound like a good deed? Even if it's helping someone it's not entirely good - revenge is evil in those terms and God will say something like "let's we forget" so it's contradicting.


1/15/2009 #206
Left FP

---- OFF TOPIC----

And that, is exactly why I need a beta reader. I get pretty messed up about these details. Also, the boy doesn't get to choose whom to help. The only person who can see him would be the one he needs to help. He doesn't know himself what will be coming.

Revenge is definitely not the answer and this is what Vengeance deals with.

Please read the story to understand. I don't think I can explain it better.

-----END OF OFF TOPIC -----

1/15/2009 #207
Left FP

I don't think I am going to get a beta for this one. Please add me to the leftover list.


1/16/2009 #208
Keith Stokes

I want a beta 1/2/2008.

I need a beta reader to read my Sci-Fi novel so far. I haven't posted it to FP yet so I can't post the story summary so I will give a brief run down here. The story is called Jack T Armstong The Beginning and it is about a freelance space explorer and covers all his life so it may end up as several novel (I donn't really know yet as this is my fisrt attempt at writing and I don't even know if I will ever finish it.)

So far I have only 3 chapter done and my main problems as I see them are spelling and grammer. So that would be the prime reasons for beta reading, but if anyone who does beta read them and comes up any other problems then I'm willing to listen to all suggestion put forward. I would expect who ever put themself forward to be ble to read the 3 finished chapters and then to be able to read other chapters as they are done. This will not be a massive task as I only write for fun and I only do 1 or 2 chapters a month.

Hope that is enough info.

Keith Stokes.


2/1/2009 . Edited 2/2/2009 #209


I would be willing to be your beta. :) My strengths are spelling and grammar, although I also look at character development and storyline (or whatever else the author wants me to). You can see my beta profile on my profile for more info as well. :) I am also a fairly fast beta reader...I try to send chapters back no later than two days. is the link to my beta profile:

And here is a story I betaed:

2/2/2009 . Edited 2/2/2009 #210
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