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Nicki BluIs


Please make sure you read the post requirements. AtlantisGirl12 you need to provide a link to your Beta Profile and link to any story you have previously Beta'd.


2/2/2009 . Edited 2/2/2009 #211
Fractured Illusion

Oh wow.


2/6/2009 #212
Mr. Aek


Hey! I would like someone to beta read the story below. 13 chapters posted so far and I post 1 chapter at least every other day (sometimes every day) I'm mostly looking for improvment in flow and grammer. But I also want help in if I'm getting my point across. Is what I am trying to say what the reader is getting out of my story?

World War Four The Vampire Wars

Vampire? Who said vampire? I am no vampire, oh no - I am so much more. The correct term is Darth but if you insist vampire is close enough. My story isn't the happy story with a great ending, no, it's the one where evil pulls all the strings Please Review. Supernatural - Fiction Rated: T - English - Suspense/Supernatural - Chapters: 13 - Words: 15,211 - Reviews: 9 - Updated: 2-7-09 - Published: 1-24-09 --- Link: - There is one requirement of a Beta reader. Since I post new chapters every day (unedited other than by myself) new chapters will have to be read on fictionpress.

Also - If anyone needs a beta reader I'll give it a try. I'm good at fixing flow and most grammer but suck at spelling and complex vocab. I'm the kind of guy that has left reviews that ran out of space on other story's I have gone over. So trust me - I won't be useless. Here is my Link: Please follow my preferences or I probably won’t beta read your story.

2/8/2009 . Edited 2/8/2009 #213

Will someone please beta read my story Silver Nitrate. I have REALLY bad grammar and a few other problems. Would anyone mind reading it and telling me what you think?

Silver Nitrate: Supernatural /Drama

A renegade group of vampires that’s out to protect their kind from then consistent attacks from the Government spies who are out to destroy their existence. A group that most wouldn’t expect to last long with the large difference in personalities there is are bound to one another by the one circumstance that brought them together in the beginning: pain... Now the time has come to reveal all the secrets that have been preciously stowed away until the time to speak arose. What chaos has Silver Nitrate thrown the world into now?


2/11/2009 . Edited 2/11/2009 #214


Sparks2010TC: Currently, there is a request open by Lammalord. Since his request has not been closed and he still has another 4 hours until the allotted 3 days' time is up, you cannot post a request. Please edit your post to say "Ignore this post." or something to that effect. Before you post, I'd advise you to read the rules so this doesn't happen again.


Lammalord's request is still open.

2/11/2009 . Edited 2/11/2009 #215
Mr. Aek


- Last Call - from the reviews I've gotten its a pretty good story. and won't be a hard beta.. just need smaller finer fixes. PLEASE I WANT SOMEONE TO LOVE ME!!!


Last call on being a beta for my story is still OPEN tell time is up.

2/11/2009 . Edited 2/11/2009 #216

Meh....I don't know what I'm getting myself into, especially since I beta a couple of other stories too, but since all you're looking for is grammar and flow, I can edit your story if you want. I really enjoy reading fantasy (especially if it is written well) and vampires intrigue me to say the least!

My beta profile is just a few posts up, but I can repost it if you want. One question: I assume you want your beta to edit all thirteen chapters. How fast do you want it done? I am usually pretty fast, but this weekend and the beginning of next week are hectic for me schoolwise and I'm not sure how many I would be able to finish.

Anyway, let me know if you're interested! :)

2/11/2009 #217
Mr. Aek


you are my savior! yay! Well, I don't need you to rush. for me - a chapter or two a week is as fast as you HAVE to go.. (im so busy it may take a while to fix the corrections lol, job from 7-9 school form 10-3 job from 4-9pm bed time.. start over - fun) yes there are a lot of chapters but its VERY short chapters.. well they are not real chapters.. pretty much i write 1k words (or more) then post - If i was to re-group it so far it would only have 2-4 chapters rather than almost 15 :p

okay read your file.. I think i have the f-word once (hope that won't scare you off lol)


My Story is CLOSED (someone saved me 2 hours before the deadline).

Edited by Frac because no one is up at the moment. That would require we allow several requests to be open at the same time, which we do not.

2/11/2009 . Edited by Fractured Illusion, 2/12/2009 #218
conspiracy slayer

I WANT A BETA -- 2/25/09

I need someone to read a story called Metropatel, previously not posted on this site. It's a short story, around 4700 words. It's not genre fiction. I want someone to check it for general readability. I'm not really looking for a spelling/grammar/syntax check. I ask that the story be read relatively quickly, but I'm not looking for detailed criticism unless there's something very specific that is not working within the piece. I ask that potential beta readers be over 20, open-minded, and able to deal with mature sexual themes and controversial subjects (such as, and including, abortion).

2/25/2009 #219

Beta please. 09/03/02

I believe the three days are up for the above story.

I would like a Beta for Flight To Let Go. It's a story about four friends going through the usual trials and tribulations of life and how their friendship holds up through the romance, drama, and the fun stuff. The genre is Young Adult. It's currently two chapters in and whoever chooses to beta it can start from the first chapter. I update once every other week (for now) and I plan on updating on a weekly basis. I want someone who can basically make sure my grammar is in check and give me feedback on my characters, the overall flow of the story, and the plot.


3/2/2009 #220

conspiracy slayer's request has been CLOSED for quite a while now due to the time limit...

and now, SwordedPen's request is also:

CLOSED! (also due to the time limit of 3 days.)

3/6/2009 . Edited 3/6/2009 #221
Carleigh Garrett

March 7, 2009

I would like a beta for my story, "Monster". It's set in the fantasy genre, mainly YA with a good amount of romance, as it's a Beauty and the Beast retelling. I would like a beta who can point out grammar mistakes/typos, as well as any plot holes I miss. It would be great if I could find someone to help with the flow of the story. I'm not looking for a beta to try to tear the story apart and impose his or her own plot ideas, but it would be fun to have someone whom I can bounce plot ideas off of.

Currently, the story is 36, 449 words long, with a prologue, and getting into its fourth chapter.

3/7/2009 #222

I'm willing to beta your story. I love BatB retellings, and I'm not really betaing anything right now. My schedule's a little busy for the next couple of weeks, so I wouldn't want the whole story all at one time, and I hope that won't be too much of an issue.

I'm good at grammar and spelling, and I'm open to plot-idea bouncing.

3/7/2009 #223
Carleigh Garrett

I read your beta profile, and it sounds like we would be a pretty good fit. :) Thanks for the interest. I have no problem with your schedule; I usually do a ton of writing on the weekends, and not much during the week (school) so I'm not going to be speed-writing.

Any questions/requirements before we close this?

3/7/2009 #224

Nope. I'll add you on DocX.

3/7/2009 #225
Carleigh Garrett

Great. Then this is


3/7/2009 #226
Fractured Illusion

--- UPDATE! ---

From now on, persons without a beta profile here on FP can also act in the role of a future beta. They still need to follow the same requirements stated in the first post, sans linking to a beta profile.

--- END UPDATE ---

3/12/2009 #227
Left FP

I WANT A BETA. 26.03.09 9.47am, FP time

To help me with a story right now entitled - erm - Works of the fiction fairy. I need help with the spelling and grammar part. It is about five different people, with one common thing between them. It will be a series of one shots, and would be around 5 chapters long.

A beta who frequents the OT would be preferable.

I got a beta.


3/27/2009 . Edited 3/27/2009 #228
Link Broken



The story I want beta-ed is called Till Death Do You Part. It's the story of a girl who is about to get married, but she's haunted by the ghost of someone she killed in a car accident in high school (it was an accident, she was drunk when it happened). However, the ghost is in love with her so he tries to stop her marriage. At the same time, she's coming to terms with her past. At the end, the ghost and her realize that they're in love with each other but they can't be together because he's dead, so she has to decide whether or not to get married.

The story has been posted off and on on fp, but currently is not on fictionpress. I have parts already written out. I need help with basically anything you can give me: charactors, plot, spelling, dialog, you name it! Currently, the story is nine pages long.

IMPORTANT: I need to write this story very fast in a very short period of time. It needs to be done by april 21, so please be fast paced with me!

4/4/2009 #229

I can do this for you! :)

Here is my beta reading profile.

4/4/2009 #230
Link Broken

I read your profile and I'd love to have you beta! Do you want to use DocX or email? either is fine with me. when would you like to start beta-ing? i'm ready whenever you are. just pm me

(sorry, forgot to close it)


4/4/2009 . Edited 4/4/2009 #231

I want a beta! (2009-04-08)

My beta went on hiatus recently, and in the interim I wouldn't mind having someone read over my work. The most important one for now is A Promise of Peace, which is posted on this site, but if anyone were willing they could look at a few of my other stories. I would prefer to have someone who has read/is willing to read the entire thing (8 chapters). I don't mind any kind of slow response, as I tend to write slowly. I mostly need someone willing to read for continuity and grammar/spelling/general errors.

Summary of A Promise of Peace: Forty years ago, a horrible war ripped five nations apart. Their kings gathered together and swore peace everlasting. But now that a new generation is rising to rule, will that peace be upheld? To be honest it's a conglomeration of fairy tales that will hopefully be quite interesting.

Let me know if you're interested!

4/8/2009 #232

Hi there! I could definitely handle this for you. :)

Here is my beta profile. Feel free to e-mail or PM me if you're interested.


4/8/2009 #233

Wow, that was quick. I have read your beta profile and it looks as though you will be a good match. Shall I add you on DocX?

EDIT: This request is Closed.

4/8/2009 . Edited 4/8/2009 #234

I WANT A BETA: (09/4/9)

I know that most people don't like beta-ing poetry but all I'm looking for is someone to look over it and give general advice or anything they think is necessary... And don't worry it's not angst or romance!

They are currently not on fictionpress but I have two poems that I would like someone to look over. They are around twelve lines each or so. There would also be the possibility of more in the works but in general it's a one off thing.

I think that covers it.

4/9/2009 . Edited 4/9/2009 #235
Fractured Illusion

Poets are of course welcome to request here but not those that do not follow the rules.

Please edit your post in accordance to the post requirements mentioned in the first post, or I will delete your request.

4/9/2009 #236

Hey there, acriter!

As long as your poems are not religious/political or bordering an M rating, then I would be happy to beta your poems. I do not have a beta profile, but I do have a few reviews you can reference for my style of critiquing. If you cannot handle constructive criticism and possible line-by-line critiquing, I am not the beta for you. As a warning, I do tend to focus one what I feel are the negatives of your writing; however, I also add in my reasoning behind anything I point out.

Here's about 11 of 'em; and here's a recent one that was done - I meant for this one to be beta-quality.

4/10/2009 #237

They are neither of those things so I think you're safe! And I'm also pretty sure that I can handle constructive criticism so that's good. We seem like a pretty good match from the review I read. Shall I add you on DocX then? Thanks!


4/11/2009 #238
Avant-garde and Dream Realms

I Want a Beta (4/24/09)

I need help revising my unfinished story Defenseless, We Will Stand. The story is already up online and has six chapters (they are only the very beginning of the overall story, but some of them are lengthy while others aren't). I'd like for all the chapters to be beta-ed. Also, I don't update the same amount regularly (as in I'll update one chapter in two months and then four chapters in a week). To the Betas, I just want to get rid of some of the clutter, flesh out the bare-bones parts, put more emphasis on characters and their personalities, create a more efficient FP summary, and find plot-holes and receive suggestions on how to eliminate them.

FP Summary: The looming war has begun when Tazz, Zaya, and Tamika are nearly captured after an attack on their village. Forced into slavery for the enemy, they learn that corruption derives from immense power and the taboo line between hatred and forbidden love.

My Summary: Three young women (Tazz, Zaya, and Tamika) had only heard about the upcoming war with their country's life-long enemy, Cretak, until the day they return to their once upstanding village, Verelan, to find that it has been decimated by their enemy. Zaya attempts to retrieve a notebook filled with her inventions and runs into Cretacian soldiers who restrain all three girls before they can escape. The intimidating and sadistic man leading Cretak's soldiers, Karill Satul, does all he can to extract information from the girls that is vital to his mission. Miraculously the three females are saved by soldiers from their own country, Ecural, but find themselves following a path that leads them into the hands of the man from whom they had been saved. They must survive servitude to the enemy, find the truth to the accusations that one of their closet friends may actually be Ecuralian royalty, try to pretend their country isn't losing the war, uncover the secrets that will help their development, and force their minds to hate the enemy enough to overpower their hearts which tell them to do just the opposite. War, friendship, taboo love, and great responsibility are only a few parts of this Elfless/ Orcless/ Goblinless/ Ogreless/ Unicornless/ Dragonless/ mostly-magicless fantasy.

Also, if there's a better genre that fits this story, let me know. I don't think it really counts as a fantasy but I can't think of another genre that actually makes sense.

4/24/2009 . Edited 4/24/2009 #239


I think this is CLOSED.

5/1/2009 #240
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