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The Review Marathon

So, what is the Review Marathon, you ask? Well, basically, for one weekend all who participate in this competition go out on FictionPress and review as much as they can! When the weekend is over, everyone's given reviews will be counted into a total sum, and the three that gave the most reviews wins.

And what does one win? Well, it is to be reviewed back by the other participants!

Competition date: January 11th to 13th

Time-zone is FP's standard time which can be found at:

Please do not ignore reading, as this is vital information, and ignoring it will perhaps result in somewhat tragic results (no, I am not threatening you!).




I have noticed lots of people haven't appeared to understand the requirement of mentioning a like and dislike, and a why attached to both, let me illustrate with this example:

Ie 1:

"I like it... it was beautiful"

Here is what they liked (the piece) and why (it was beautiful)

Ie 2:

"It was beautiful"

Here is something they liked (the beauty), but no why.

Ie 3:

"It was beautiful, because your imagery came to life within so few words"

Here is something they liked (the beauty) and why (due to the imagery)

See how I see the differences? You need to be clear and precise in your reviews to meet the requirements. You need to state a clear like and dislike, and a clear (and separate!) why to both. Like why cannot be the same thing! Therefore, only example 1 and 3 would pass. But example 3 has the most quality in it. In ties, it is quality we will go for.


Some FAQ questions about the RM:

» I want to participate in the Review Marathon but I can't find info on when it starts next month. Help!Answer

» When does the RM begin and end? Answer

» I forgot to mention the Review Marathon and/or the link in my profile. What should I do?Answer

» When can I register for the Review Marathon?Answer

» What is required of my Review Marathon tag if I am reviewing multiple chapters of the same story?Answer

» What is required of my Review Marathon tag if I am reviewing multiple stories by the same author? Answer

Go to the "Problems/Questions about the RG" topic with any other questions. DO NOT POST IN THIS TOPIC WITH QUESTIONS. This topic is to be "clean", which means only registration posts until I say otherwise.


Of course, for this to be done, we need people to be examinators. Examinators make sure the winners' reviews are legit before they are announced to be given the prize. You can be both a participant and an examinator, or only one of them, or neither. To be an examinator, you need to go to the Suggestion topic, and suggest yourself for the job. Please do so! It would be nice to have help. I'd like to keep the maximum at 5.

Please, do not sign up for being one if you can't do it. Being an examinator, it is required that you straight away after the RM is over, go over the reviews of the three people with most reviews. We require efficiency and haste. If you do not feel you can live up to this, I'd rather you don't be one.



--- THE END! ---

9/3/2008 . Edited 1/8/2013 #1



1. Anihyr Moonstar


3. Luckycool9



These prize reviews have requirements for them to count as given. If you review the winners and don't follow the criteria, your review won't count, and you will have to re-do it.

The criteria:

1) It must be according to Easy Fix standard at a minimum: One like why, and a dislike/could be improved why

2) Must state it is a prize review for the Review Marathon

3) Review must be given within two weeks after this post has been made

I will keep track of the reviews given, and make sure the winners get what they deserve. If you do not review them properly, I will nag at you forever. It's a promise! However, should you within the two week period fail to give the winners their beyond well deserved reviews, you will be banned from the Review Game until you leave those reviews. So if you have obstacles within this two week period, alert me (simpleplan13).

Also, if you feel two weeks aren't enough, PM me and ask for a one week extension on your time limit. This extension is for the busy ones. If you are granted extension you cannot make posts in other Review Game Forum threads.


List of participants that I expect to give reviews to the winners:

VelvetyCheerio: 1 review to Anihyr Moonstar

Luckycool9: 1 review to Anihyr Moonstar and 1 review to VelvetyCheerio

Rogue Energizer Bunny: 1 review to Anihyr Moonstar, 1 review to VelvetyCheerio and 1 review to Luckycool9

To the participants: As soon as you make a prize review, PM me and tell me what story, so I can check them you this list.

To those who get banned: As my PM to you will explain, you are banned from the Review Game for not reviewing who you are assigned. You will be unbanned from the Review Game if you give the reviews you were supposed to.

Results from all participants:

Anihyr Moonstar: 81 points

VelvetyCheerio: 75 points

Luckycool9: 56 points

Rogue Energizer Bunny: 0 points

Total participants: 4

Total active participants: 3

Total points: 212 points

On behalf of us mods and examinators, we thank everyone that actively participated and helped spread the review love! :)

1/4/2013 #2

lets do this one :)

11/9/2017 #3

Rip the review marathon. It died along with the RG.

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