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Maybe he wants to Rule The World (Take That)!

Who are his accomplices?

10/17/2009 #1,291
Kinomi Akai

Mr. Brightside and The Scientist! (The Killers, Coldplay) I think their logo is a Red Flag (Billy Talent).

Why is he doing this?

10/17/2009 #1,292

Because he knows that we're Better Together. So Just Say Yes!! :3 (Jack Johnson; Snow Patrol)

where's your favorite place for a date?

10/17/2009 #1,293

I like Chicago. And if my date's never been there, I'll say "Welcome to Chicago, Motherfucker." (Kill Hannah and excuse my French)

What do you think of French?

10/18/2009 #1,294

Uh. Do You Remember anything about them? I don't. (Jack Johnson)

Do you remember where I put my glasses??

10/18/2009 #1,295

I believe you dropped them at the Horror Show. (The Birthday Massacre)

Why are we so absent-minded about these things? XP

10/18/2009 #1,296

Because Lucy in the sky with diamonds is placing all these things in the yellow submarine. (The Beatles)

Where is the yellow submarine?

10/20/2009 #1,297
Zombiesaurus Rex

She's up in the Northwest Passage (Stan Rogers).

How the hell did she get there?

10/20/2009 #1,298

See, there was this Monsoon and the submarine went on adventure! But then the Warmer Climates were too quick for her and she got stranded. (Jack Johnson; Snow Patrol)

Haha! Why do I think that's so funny??

10/20/2009 #1,299

Because you're Cool Like That. (Digable Planets)

Where are all the cups?

10/20/2009 #1,300

The Artist looks pretty suspicious. He was mumbling about Communion Cups & Someone's Coat on his way out the door. (Hush Sound; Iron & Wine)

What do you think he took them for?

10/20/2009 #1,301

The artist took them for a Lovefool. (The cardigans)

And who might this love fool be?

10/21/2009 #1,302
Kinomi Akai

The love fool was Billie Jean, who was not the artist's lover, she's just a girl who thinks that he is the one. (Michael Jackson)

Who is the one?

10/23/2009 #1,303
Firefly's Love and Loyalty

The one is Steve Earle but you will soon have to say Goodbye Earl(e) (Sugarland, Dixie Chicks)

Where did he go?

10/23/2009 #1,304

Why all this "where"ing?? why not What If??? (Coldplay)

soooooo what if the chicken never crossed the road? :D

10/23/2009 #1,305

There would never be a feel good inc. for people who wanted ice breakers in meeting someone new. (Gorillaz)

Who is president of the feel good inc.?

10/24/2009 #1,306
Kate Marshall

Mr. Brightside. (The Killers)

Is Mr. Brightside really that bright?

10/25/2009 #1,307
Purple Snowstorm

No. He's a Lie. (David Cook)

Who else is a lie?

10/25/2009 #1,308

The Frog Prince is most definitely a lie! He doesn't even exist! Is It Any Wonder why we're confused? (Keane)

What do you easily get confused about?

10/25/2009 #1,309
The Randomly Evil Xirroq

I'm confused about how I got Two Tickets to Paradise when I only need one...(Guns n Roses)

What do you care about?

10/30/2009 #1,310

I care about the World. (Five for Fighting)

Why should I care?

10/30/2009 #1,311

Because there are 7 things you need to do to save the world, one includes 99 red balloons. The world needs savin' unless you want to die. (Miley Cyrus & Nena)

What else do we need to do to save the world?

11/1/2009 #1,312

A wondrous trip to Waka Laka would help us save it most definitely! :D (Jenny Rom & The Zippers)

Have you ever been there before?

11/1/2009 #1,313

Chances are I may have been. (Five for Fighting)

Why can't I remember where i was?

11/1/2009 #1,314
The Randomly Evil Xirroq

Because I don't care to remember for you...(Apocalyptica)

11/2/2009 #1,315


Hey, Random. Next time you need to put a question after you answer.


Where is the light?

11/2/2009 #1,316
The Randomly Evil Xirroq

(Crap...forgot sorry...)

11/2/2009 #1,317

Duh Sleeplymouth, it's through those trees, there! (Volcano Choir)

Do you think it's cold out here?

11/2/2009 #1,318

Naw, It's gettin hot in here. (Nelly)

Why is it so hot in here?

11/4/2009 #1,319

It was The Lightning Strike - it struck so close to the house that it burned down. (Snow Patrol)

What do you like the best about thunderstorms? :D

11/4/2009 #1,320
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