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Yeah, probably the Desperate Guys. (The Faint)

What's with all the desperateness?

3/8/2010 #1,561
Mizzuz Spock
They can't get Jessica Alba's Number. (Cosmo Jarvis)

Whose number do they have?

3/9/2010 #1,562
Jenny's, evidently: 867-5309 (Tommy Tuton). I heard she also has a gun. Can anyone confirm this?
3/9/2010 #1,563
Jenny better get "low", because she do have a glock in her back pocket. (Flo Rida) Should everyone run for the hills?
3/10/2010 #1,564

Even better than the hills, run for the Lighthouse. (The Hush Sound)

What interesting things can we see there?

3/11/2010 #1,565
We can see Heaven and Hell. (Raekwon)

Who's there?

3/13/2010 #1,566
No one but a Superfast Jellyfish. (Gorillaz)

How would you win a Superfast Jellyfish?

3/14/2010 #1,567
Anise Cary

by taking first place in the Dude Looks Like a Lady (Aerosmith) contest of course

but Why would you participate in that contest to begin with?

3/16/2010 #1,568

To win some awesome Empire Ants. (Gorillaz)

And what would you do with a bunch of huge gigantic scary ants?!

3/16/2010 #1,569

Take them to a garden centre, for them To Binge (Gorillaz) on foliage and other ant foody stuff. ^_^

What foody stuff would ants (even Empire ones) definitely not eat?

3/16/2010 #1,570

Well they certainly would not eat a pair of Rhinestone Eyes. (Gorillaz)

What would they say to us?

3/16/2010 #1,571

I reckon they'd want to tell us about Some Kind of Nature (Gorillaz)

What nature would that be though?

3/16/2010 #1,572

Definitely the nature of Glitter Freeze. (Gorillaz)

Where could we find some glitter freeze?

3/16/2010 #1,573

I'm sure there's some lying around in Clint Eastwood's (Gorillaz) pad...

What, exactly, does superspecialawesomeactor/acadamyawardwinningdirector Clint Eastwood have in common with zombified apes?

3/16/2010 #1,574

Well they've both worked for Feel Good Inc., of course. (Gorillaz)

But who works at Feel Good Inc?

3/16/2010 #1,575

Everyone but you, actually. Including old Stylo (Gorillaz)

How old is Stylo?

3/16/2010 #1,576

Old Stylo's Immortal, so his age is irrelevant. (Adema)

How did Stylo become immortal?

3/16/2010 #1,577

He saw the magical Fire Coming Out of a Monkey's Head. (Gorillaz)

Who was with him?

3/16/2010 #1,578

No one - He was All Alone (Gorillaz)

Why did he do it?

3/17/2010 #1,579

Because he realized that Every Planet We Reach Is Dead. (Gorillaz)

What did he find there?

3/17/2010 #1,580

Melancholy Hill (Gorillaz)

What's at the top of the hill?

3/17/2010 #1,581

A City On Our Knees. (Toby Mac)

What was in the City?

3/17/2010 . Edited 3/17/2010 #1,582

Kids with Guns (Gorillaz)

But why did they need those guns?

3/17/2010 #1,583

Because they Can't Speak French.(Girls Aloud)

Why should they learn French?

3/17/2010 #1,584

Because we Dare them to (Gorillaz)

What's the best dare ever made?

3/17/2010 #1,585

Why trying to find the Fields of Gold, of course!! (Girls Aloud)

Has anyone but Leprechauns found these fields yet??? If so, can I have a share please!! :D

3/17/2010 #1,586

I'll share my gold with you when we're the Last Living Souls on earth (Gorillaz)

What have you done with your soul?

3/17/2010 #1,587
Anise Cary

Well I'd guess maybe Madonna has because we all know she is a Material Girl.

but who would want a material girl anyway?

3/17/2010 #1,588

Dirty Harry maybe? Huh...probably not... (Gorillaz)

Just why is Dirty Harry awesome?

3/17/2010 #1,589

Because he's always Defying Gravity (Glee Cast Version).

Why do we have such a force called gravity anyway?

3/17/2010 #1,590
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