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Because otherwise we'd have a Marshmallow World (Bing Crosby+Ella Fitzgerald)

How many marshmallow's do you think you could eat before you made yourself sick?

3/17/2010 #1,591

EWWWW!!! One in a Million ( S Club 7) would be enough for me, thanks!!

Who ever thought of marsh mellows anyway because I'd like to beat them upside the head??? Yuck!!

( Disclaimer: no offense intended)

3/17/2010 #1,592
Anise Cary

Bad Bad Leroy Brown, (Jim Croce) and I wouldn't mess with him

what made Leroy so bad anyway?

3/17/2010 #1,593

Let's blame Lady Marmalade (Xtina/Pink/Mia/Lil'Kim et. al) - if she isn't a corruptive influence, then I don't know what is :P

Where do you think she got a name like that?

3/17/2010 #1,594

Because her mother said "She's Gonna Change The World" (s club 7) and gave her a name to be noticed.

Why is it world week, anyone really care about world awareness??

3/17/2010 #1,595

I'm sure The Natural Man does (Grails)

How does natural differ from unnatural?

3/17/2010 #1,596

Many, many, things. How Far do you wanna go (Gloriana) with that debate?

Where would we go?

3/17/2010 #1,597

To the Moon and Back! (Savage Garden)

What souviners would we bring back from the moon?

3/17/2010 #1,598

At least A Million Raindrops solidified as ice or more!! (Newsboys) Maybe some rocks too.

What would we do with all those raindrops?

3/17/2010 #1,599

Some Kids with Guns! (Gorillaz)

What would they say?

3/17/2010 #1,600

That's easy, O, Green World - (Gorillaz) what with them coming from the moon and all :P

Who would we give the kids to?

3/17/2010 #1,601

Why, none other than Walkaway Joe (Shania Twain)!

I wonder how many kids he's been given?

3/17/2010 #1,602

About 19-2000 I'd say. (Gorillaz)

What will he do with so many kids?!

3/17/2010 #1,603

Eventually be called the "Famous One" I'm sure. (Chris Tomlin)

Would you say he deserved the title?

3/17/2010 #1,604

He will if he gets himself a Pirate Jet (Gorillaz)

What would you use that for?

3/17/2010 #1,605

To go Far Away From Here! (Avalon)

But, where is here, exactly?

3/17/2010 #1,606
Anise Cary

Kansas City (Fats Domino) of course

but what would you do when you get there?

3/17/2010 #1,607

I Would Sing, Sing, Sing! (Chris Tomlin)

Would anyone listen?

3/17/2010 #1,608

I Would Sing, Sing, Sing! (Chris Tomlin)

Would anyone listen?

3/17/2010 #1,609

I would listen to your Howling. (Florence & the Machine)

Why does facebook keep changing layouts?

3/17/2010 #1,610

Because they're Afraid we'll get bored of it. (Bad Veins)

Why is MySpace so jealous?

3/17/2010 #1,611

Because they've been given The Gift of a Black Heart (Said the Whale)

What's Twitter's secret plan for world domination?

3/17/2010 #1,612

They're gonna tell everyone everything is better In Space, and once everybody is Upside Down up there Twitter is going to Reach Out and Rule the World! (royksoppp, Jack Johnson, Take That [x2])

:O What can we do to stop this??

3/17/2010 #1,613

We must enlighten ourselves as a culture to prevent this plague! We shall take The Long Walk along the Happy Trails under the Northern Star on Autumn Nights, Healing the Past with a Vision Quest guided by Butterflies and Sweet Sweet Honey. (all by D'von Charley)

3/19/2010 #1,614

(sorry for double post - I forgot a question and can't edit yet because I'm too new)

But how do you think Twitter will respond to this enlightenment?

3/19/2010 #1,615

Twitter won't respond, but Rocky Raccoon sure will! (Beatles)

Why would the Beatles sing about South Dakota?

3/19/2010 #1,616

Because they Feel Like Dying. (Lil Wayne)

Look! It's a _______?

3/19/2010 #1,617

Firefly! (Breaking Benjamin)

Isn't it pretty?

3/20/2010 #1,618

You are pretty (The Cranberries) the way you are...

I thought only mirrors can determine if one is pretty or not.

3/20/2010 #1,619

Mirrors Don't Show What I See In You (Around Tiffany)

What do you think it'd be like to be invisible?

3/20/2010 . Edited 3/20/2010 #1,620
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