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Mizzuz Spock

It might feel a lot like Running Up That Hill. (Kate Bush)

What's over that hill?

3/21/2010 #1,621

The crazy cats and their Machine Guns. (Portishead)

What are they doing with all those guns?

3/21/2010 #1,622
Mizzuz Spock

Fighting for freedom while it's Raining In Paradize. (Manu Chao)

Who are they up against?

3/21/2010 #1,623

The crazy cats fight the Crazy Babies! (Ozzy Osbourne)

What will determine the outcome?

3/21/2010 #1,624
Mizzuz Spock

Whether or not the Dolphin shows up. (Alexander Rybak)

Will the dolphin bear gifts for the children?

3/21/2010 #1,625

Yes. He's a nice dolphin, and will bring All The Small Things that the children want. (Blink-182)

How will the children thank him?

3/22/2010 #1,626

They'll give him enough money to make him a Billionaire. (Peaches)

What's a guy to do with all that money?

3/22/2010 #1,627

He can Reach for the Sky. (Social Distortion)

What will he find up there?

3/22/2010 #1,628

He'll find that Broadripple Is Burning. (Margot and The Nuclear So and So's)

How does he put the fires out?

3/23/2010 #1,629

He'll Spit it Out. (Slipknot)

Will the community be able to rebuild?

3/23/2010 #1,630

Yes, they just gotta do the D.A.N.C.E. (Justice)

Would history be any different if Ernest Hemingway had a sassy gay friend?

3/23/2010 #1,631

Yes, especially is his name was Daniel. (Bat For Lashes).

What if his name was Greg?

3/25/2010 #1,632
Mizzuz Spock

He'd start every conversation with, "My Girlfriend, Who Lives In Canada..." (Avenue Q)

Do you think anyone would believe him?

3/25/2010 #1,633
Dahlia Wolffe

Oh, they'd all know he was a total Liar. (Korn)

3/25/2010 #1,634
Mizzuz Spock


Please remember to post a question along with your answer! :D


Makes sense. Gregs are always Lovers & Liars. (Matchbook Romance)

But what if he turned out to be telling the truth?

3/25/2010 . Edited 3/25/2010 #1,635
Dahlia Wolffe

The he's a loser for holding on to the past (3 doors down).

But what if he got rich?

3/25/2010 #1,636
Mizzuz Spock

Frances the Mute would take him to court. (The Mars Volta)

Would she win the case?

3/25/2010 #1,637
Dahlia Wolffe

Who Knows? (Natasha Bedingfield)

What do you think would happen?

3/25/2010 #1,638

He'd Rise Above the issue. (Black Flag)

Would he live happily ever after?

3/25/2010 #1,639

Well, Time Flies so you never know. (Lykke Li)

Why can't I get that trumpet out of my head?

3/26/2010 #1,640

Gee, I dunno. (Girl's Generation)

What do you say when you've done something wrong?

3/27/2010 #1,641
Mizzuz Spock

Usually, it's A Little Too Late for me to Apologize, so I keep my Mouth Shut. (JoJo, Silverstein, the Veronicas)

Would it really be so hard just for me to say "Sorry?"

3/27/2010 #1,642

Nah, it'd be as Simple As clapping your hands. (Kid Cudi)

Why don't people clap for the fun of it?

3/27/2010 #1,643
Chasing Skylines

I asked somebody, but "He Doesn't Know Why" either (Fleet Foxes).

Who can we ask that does know?

3/27/2010 #1,644
Mizzuz Spock

Gabrielle. She knows everything Across the Universe. (Ween, The Beatles)

Do you think there's life on mars?

3/27/2010 #1,645
Chasing Skylines

Of course. It's a red "Dustland Fairytale" (The Killers).

Does it end happily?

3/27/2010 #1,646
Mizzuz Spock

Of course not! Everybody knows there's No Such Thing as a Happy Ending. (Backstreet Boys, John Mayor, Mika)

Who writes these endings, anyway?

3/27/2010 . Edited 3/27/2010 #1,647
Chasing Skylines

"Simon" (Lifehouse).

Why does Simon like bittersweet endings?

3/27/2010 #1,648
Mizzuz Spock

Because Cassandra Gemini jilted him at the altar. (The Mars Volta)

Did she have cold feet?

3/27/2010 #1,649
Chasing Skylines

Yep. She's in "Rome" now (Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix).

What's she doing in Rome?

3/27/2010 #1,650
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