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Mizzuz Spock

Collecting Sympathy for the Martyr. (Straylight Run)

Does anybody even care about the martyr?

3/27/2010 #1,651
Chasing Skylines

They do "When Things Go Wrong" (Airwave) and "Time Stops" (Explosions in the Sky).

What stopped time?

3/28/2010 #1,652
Mizzuz Spock

Father Time, of course! (Richie Sambora)

Why did he do it?

3/28/2010 #1,653

Because he got Mother Nature Knocked Up. (Lykke Li)

When's she due?

3/28/2010 #1,654

She's due when we see Horses In The Sky. (A Silver Mt. Zion)

Who will be riding the horses?

3/28/2010 #1,655
Mizzuz Spock

If I'm not mistaken, The Zookeeper's Boy and Caroline, Yes? (Mew, Kaiser Chiefs)

Where are they going?

3/28/2010 #1,656

They're going to star in a Movie (Never Made). (Silver Mt. Zion)

What's the movie about?

3/28/2010 #1,657
Mizzuz Spock

The Greatest Man That Ever Lived. (Weezer)

Why is he so great?

3/28/2010 #1,658

He's Superman, of course! (Five for Fighting)

But could he be someone else?

3/28/2010 #1,659
Mizzuz Spock

I suppose he could be Angry Johnny. (Poe)

Why is he so angry?

3/28/2010 #1,660

He got a nasty Phone Call. (Jon Brion/Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind OST)

What did the phone call say?

3/29/2010 #1,661
Dahlia Wolffe

It said "I Hope You Die" (Bloodhound Gang). Meanie.

But who was it?

3/29/2010 #1,662
Anise Cary

It was The Joker who was a space cowboy (Steve Miller Band)

but why was he in space?

3/30/2010 #1,663

Because he was trying to forget a certain Heartbreaker. (MSTRKRFT feat. John Legend)

Where is this heartbreaker now?

3/30/2010 #1,664
Luis Negron

At the Bottom of the Ocean (Miley Cyrus)

Who else is there?

3/31/2010 #1,665

Annie is and she is dancing with the starfish. (Vanessa Carlton)

What's at the end of the rainbow?

3/31/2010 #1,666
Luis Negron

7 Things, duh, you can count them. (Miley Cyrus)

4/1/2010 #1,667


@Luis Negron: You're supposed to ask a question after you answer the first question with a song...


Why would someone listen to Miley Cyrus?

4/1/2010 #1,668
Zombiesaurus Rex

Because they're Too Drunk To Fuck (Dead Kennedys).

Why are they so wasted?

4/1/2010 #1,669

Because they're "Bong Tokin' Alcoholics" (Kottonmouth Kings)

When will Miley Cyrus die?

4/1/2010 #1,670

When she finds The Missing Arm of Victor Krum. (Harry & The Potters)

Who will attend her funeral?

4/1/2010 #1,671
Zombiesaurus Rex

The Four Horsemen (The Clash).

Why the hell are they there?

4/1/2010 #1,672

Because they got Lost in The Supermarket. (The Clash)

What did they buy?

4/1/2010 #1,673
Zombiesaurus Rex

Just some Koka Kola (The Clash).

Who'd they buy it for?

4/1/2010 #1,674

Doesn't matter, because they're going Straight To Hell. (The Clash)

What will they find once they get there?

4/1/2010 #1,675
Zombiesaurus Rex

A Brand New Cadillac (The Clash).

Who put it there?

4/1/2010 #1,676

We're not sure, but it was put there so Rudie Can't Fail (The Clash).

What would happen if he failed?

4/1/2010 #1,677
Zombiesaurus Rex

Why, Death or Glory (The Clash) of course! There's no other option.

Unless you can come up with something else?

4/1/2010 #1,678

Well they might drop the Spanish Bombs... (The Clash)

Would you be down with that?

4/1/2010 #1,679
Zombiesaurus Rex

Sure, as long as they don't Clampdown (The Clash). Gotta get out before the bombs start falling.

Where will you be when the bombs start falling?

4/1/2010 #1,680
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