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Dr. Self Destruct

Whaaaaat? A new Off Topic!? And a damn classy one too, whose name is in reference to Shakespeare's sonnet 145. Thanks for the name suggestion, Shampoo Suicide!

Now go and spread your gentle doom across the galaxy, minions.

A special congrats to AppleCinnamon for grabbing post #6000 in the last OT!

Don't forget to read the Rules of Conduct before adding to the debauchery of the Off Topic.

[suggestions for OT titles start around page 190, and we aim to finish at page 200]

8/31/2015 . Edited 2/17/2016 #1
Dr. Self Destruct

Mmm, time to make a quesadilla.

8/31/2015 #2
Shampoo Suicide

Mmmmm quesadilla. I am so effing hungry.

8/31/2015 #3
Shampoo Suicide

SOOO I'll be asking for blurbs and reviews for the chapbook very soon, which is terrifying. I am not ready.

8/31/2015 #4

Hey-o new OT!

Ahhh, you have to do that yourself?! I suppose so without an agent etc. doesn't the publisher try to send that stuff out though?

8/31/2015 #5

It must be Mexican food night cos' we are making pork/cheese enchiladas.

8/31/2015 #6

Also, srsly just spent the last 2 hrs brainstorming through Woden plot AGAIN with Mike, xD

I've got 3 weeks to redo some stuff in this project for the billionth time. Luckily, if it doesn't get done, I'll just submit Famulus to workshop.

But I've switched again thinking I might TRY doing Woden. There's just so much of it I'm still self-critical of right now though, I want to overcome those things before I submit.

8/31/2015 #7

Mostly I keep forgetting the plot is largely character-driven with internally driven conflict.

I keep wanting to make the big Good Guy vs. Bad Guy thing, forgetting that's not even Woe's main concern.

8/31/2015 #8
Shampoo Suicide
Ahhh, you have to do that yourself?! I suppose so without an agent etc. doesn't the publisher try to send that stuff out though?

They're doing some, but I was also told to put together a short list of my own to people I wanted to review it so I guess I'm in charge of that? I contacted an editor who published me who gave me some names, so I'll go with those but it's still terrifying haha.

8/31/2015 #9

D: Ah! That does sound terrifying

but hey, you're going to knock it out of the park with this chapbook! I am sending ALL MY BEST VIBES IN ITS DIRECTION.

AND ALSO you are fierce and brave my friend. Let me know if I can help / support you in any way!

8/31/2015 #10
Shampoo Suicide

Thanks Potter! I NEED ALL THE VIBES! I'm way uneasy about it haha.

BACK TO MICA NOW. This chapter will be done cooking tonight if it kills me.

Well. Hopefully not kills.

8/31/2015 #11


sound like a cool title?

Ugh. Bloodborn was taken. *EYEROLL*

8/31/2015 #12
Shampoo Suicide

I am obsessed with this band all of a sudden:

8/31/2015 #13
Shampoo Suicide

I like Grave Born! But you can have your own Blood Born, though it makes me think of diseases haha.

8/31/2015 #14

Yeah I think I might try Grave Born.

Since it's about necromancers and stuff.


8/31/2015 #15

*listens to song* ooooo i like i like! it's very chill, heh. ohh also, is that an all girl band i see?!

i found this song yesterday and i kinda dig it. reminds me of elliott smith. i don't always like kurt vile but sometimes he gets it right.

ps have you listened to beach house's depression cherry yet? O:

8/31/2015 #16
Shampoo Suicide

I HAVEN'T OH NO. Thanks for reminding me!

8/31/2015 #17
Shampoo Suicide

I just need like...800-1000 more words to finish this chapter to my satisfaction and I'm just...playing with my hair lolol.

8/31/2015 #18
Shampoo Suicide

I really hate my writing right now blarrrgh.

8/31/2015 #19

I'm about to try writing some Woe stuff.

We shall see what happens ._.

8/31/2015 #20

i haven't written in awhile, haha

8/31/2015 #21

i don't think i can listen to fka twigs and write at the same time, lol

8/31/2015 #22


8/31/2015 #23

oh no, i might need to turn on self control


8/31/2015 #24
Shampoo Suicide

I will finish writing as soon as my nails are all dry, honest.

8/31/2015 #25
Dr. Self Destruct

I'm totally done with trying to be an adult.

8/31/2015 #26

Adulthood is overrated. Some kid told me today he wished he was allowed to get a job, and I'm thinking "Kid, if you only knew."

8/31/2015 #27
Dr. Self Destruct

Yeah that's what i think whenever my niece or nephew is like "I can't wait to get older."

This is pretty much my reaction.

8/31/2015 #28
Dr. Self Destruct

Aw man, I thought I could link to YouTube.

https:// GqCdZ_-RWVY?t=4s

8/31/2015 #29
Dr. Self Destruct

All right, I really need a drink. Time to finish up the rum and play some WoW.

8/31/2015 #30
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