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So there's this Gender Genie thing where you put a chunk of writing in and it guesses your gender based on algorythims for formal and informal writing. The majority of my results for both formal and informal come up "weak MALE". Exceptions: Applegate, which came out "MALE", and Lu chapters or Nine Months, both of which came out "weak FEMALE" in the formal analysis. I'm kind of tempted to find my old fanfic files and do a then/now comparison.

9/8/2015 #271

gender-confused virg. :-l

Also, why did FP italicize "Genie thing where you"?

FP, you weird.

9/8/2015 #272

Oops. Just put through a 3k chunk of Tzu, and the analyzer is sure it's written by a dude. XD

9/8/2015 #273

i always get female every time. i'm pretty sure, anyway, lol

9/8/2015 #274

well, i doubt i've used the one you're talking about...but i've tried them before

or i'm delusional and i'm just pretty sure that my stuff is female bahaha

9/8/2015 #275
Dr. Self Destruct
Uuuuuuuugh. I don't know if I'm actually sick or if my body just hates me. Maybe both.
9/8/2015 #276

Aww, Sica. :( *hug*

9/8/2015 #277
Dr. Self Destruct

Thanks. :)

My stomach and intestines have just been brutal to me these past few times I've ovulated. At least, I think that's what's happening. I feel like my body is angry at me for not having babies, so it's like "PREPARE FOR THE TORTURE, HEATHEN!"

9/8/2015 #278

Is it possible it's from prolonged birth control usage? I know they can screw up the system after a while.

9/8/2015 #279
Dr. Self Destruct

I guess it could be. But i haven't taken birth control for about 5 years now.

9/8/2015 #280
Dr. Self Destruct

I do remember it messing with me when I took it in the past.

9/8/2015 #281

Ah, if you've been off that long, it probably wouldn't be the cause. Anyhoo, I hope it gets figured out/resolved soon.

9/8/2015 #282
Woot! 1,100 words in under four hours, and pretty sure I've got enough juice to keep going when i get home from work.
9/8/2015 #283
Dr. Self Destruct

Woo! That's awesome. Make that word count your betch. :D

9/8/2015 #284

Hayy ot. I have returned from the land of the dead, where the internet doesn't roam.

9/8/2015 #285

Up to 1,800 words and still going! Cripes I hope I'm this productive on my days off this week.

And welcome back Oasis!

9/8/2015 #286
A. Gray

2 out of 6 done.

Man I wish I had time to write /woe

9/8/2015 #287

Yay progress! I wish I had time to write, too. I probably should have done that while I was internet-less, actually, but for some reason it's never occurred to me to bring my laptop. xP

9/8/2015 #288

Haaaaa, that thread made me so angry but I read through it all, anyways... *grits teeth*

9/8/2015 #289
Dr. Self Destruct


9/8/2015 #290

RRRgh. I was going to explain it but nah, it'll just make me more angry. xD Gonna go hang out on twitter where people are nice and cool and stuff. xP

9/8/2015 #291

Haha yes, I would like to. And not the dirty kind. Someone join fight classes with me.

9/8/2015 #292

2.3k words, aaaand I'm fighting sleep and have work in the morning, so i best stop now. on the plus side, still got lots to transcribe into actual storytelling, so tomorrow's count should also be good.

Ooh! Fight classes! Can I bring my chaotic neutral fighter?

9/8/2015 #293

I'm not sure what that is but yes. xD I just need to learn how to punch and kick things properly, and also maybe gain some strength bc right now a butterfly could probably beat me in an arm wrestle.

9/8/2015 #294

Still angry. I should just never internet ever again and only play video games and nap for the rest of my life.

9/8/2015 #295
Dr. Self Destruct

Video games and naps for the rest of your life would be an awesome life.

9/8/2015 #296
Dr. Self Destruct

In reality, I just want to get published so I can have a stay-at-home job that lets me play video games all the time.

9/8/2015 #297
d&d character. :) been having fun with him and driving wayne nuts because he knows I'm screwing with him and/or the party, but he hasn't figured out how. Pretty well the whole "let 'em knoch themselves out" approach, only fun. All joking aside though is the fighting class for self defense or just something to do/build strength?
9/8/2015 #298
Dr. Self Destruct

Do you guys ever role play in the bedroom as your D&D characters? I bet that would be fun.

9/8/2015 #299
Ugh, the internet sucks for that festery anger thing. I try to avoid trigger stuff, but i still manage to stumble in to it from time to time.
9/8/2015 #300
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