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Dr. Self Destruct


9/11/2015 #361
Lol I don't actually mind the trip, I just figured lack of writing would be due to Wayne being a horn dog or blasting his games and Netflix. On the plus side though it's shopping I've wanted to do for a while now
9/11/2015 #362
So i thought the return would credit me about $40. Turns out it was actually 67
9/11/2015 #363

Finally get home and I discover Inkitt has a contest going that I'd feel comfortable submitting to if I clean up one of my shorts, so now I'm conflicted. x_x

9/11/2015 #364
Yay Nads! Woot Woot, you got this. I'm stuck at work all day again. D: wah.
9/11/2015 #365

I love how this person complains that the president's choice product they bought is going to go to waste, and he wishes "they had a guarantee or something".

All of the Loblaw-related stores, including the franchise companies like YIG, have a money-back guarantee if you're not satisfied with a pc product. Literally you just take the open/unfinished product back and say, "I didn't like this," and they give you your money back. And they've had this policy for well over a decade. Hell, it's even written on the back of most stores' receipts and they post big signs stating this policy throughout the stores. x_x

9/11/2015 #366


9/11/2015 #367
whispers of lowlit flames

Hi Oasis!

9/11/2015 #368

hey Ohana! how's it going?

9/11/2015 #369
whispers of lowlit flames

I'm good. :D Taking a break to work on a sci-fi oneshot for one of Inkitt's comps. Wonder if it's the same one Cinna was talking about. And how are you?

9/11/2015 #370

Oh yeah, I got a message about that, too. Didn't really look at it, though. I'm good! In the middle of attempting to find a job, slowly moving to the new house, watching Wayward Pines right now. The more the premise of this show is revealed, the more plot holes I can find and poke in them. The science is so iffy. xD

9/11/2015 #371

Sometimes sci-fi is more fiction than, y'know, science. xD

9/11/2015 #372
whispers of lowlit flames

Very true. But it's fun poking holes at all the science stuff we learn about. XD The lecturers are on House's case for some reason... You enjoying Wayward Pines? Ooh, good luck with both!

9/11/2015 #373

omg, the suspense, tho. i can't. :s

9/11/2015 #374
whispers of lowlit flames

Lol, every time I say Flash, I'm reminded of the pokemon move. Maybe I should think of another name for the phenomena - but it is literally a bright flash.

9/11/2015 #375
Dr. Self Destruct

Ugh, i hated that move. Actually, I hate all HM moves except Surf, because all the others usually suck in combat.

9/11/2015 #376
Dr. Self Destruct

I'm just glad they made Flash into a TM instead of an HM.

9/11/2015 #377
whispers of lowlit flames

I wish they'd give surf earlier in the game. I always wind up backtracking for water pokemon. :(

Hi Sica!

9/11/2015 #378
Dr. Self Destruct

Heya! A lot of my favorite Pokemon are water type, so I usually have more water Pokemon than I should by the time I get surf, haha.

9/11/2015 #379

Oh man, that finale was kind of disappointing and a cop out. xD

9/11/2015 #380

I mean, I guess the book ending is even more bs. Like, there are limits to how far you can stretch speculative fiction and its ideas.

9/11/2015 #381

If you don't have existing limits in your fiction, it all seems kind of absurd and unimaginable. It'd be hard to relate, or even to grasp.

... I'm rambling. xD

9/11/2015 #382

I guess I should read The Martian or something, stick to the usual sci-fi fare of space adventures. I think I just like learning bits and baubles about that stuff, though. Like time dilation and all these interesting ideas always came from fiction.

9/11/2015 #383

I liked The Martian. Not my usual cup of tea with sci-fi either.

I mean, writing-wise it's meh. But plot/complexity wise it's great.

9/12/2015 #384

omg haha went to chris barzak's book launch last night

we went out to a bar afterwards it was fuuuunnn

9/12/2015 #385

now i need to read this book, xD

9/12/2015 #386

Morning! It's starting to cool down which makes me all kinds of happy.

9/12/2015 #387

on top of everything else. i have a METRIC SHIT TON of homework for this weekend.

9/12/2015 #388

That sounded like fun, Potter! Btw are you going to awp next year? I feel like I may have asked you this before...

9/12/2015 #389

I can't find any pants to wear... And theres a house viewing in a little bit

9/12/2015 #390
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