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Dr. Self Destruct


9/13/2015 #451
Shampoo Suicide
"READ IT FUCKERS"--author Nicole Byers
9/13/2015 #452
Shampoo Suicide
Blaaaargh need2write more
9/13/2015 #453

Omgeeeeee. Guys, the roast and ginger's starting to flood the house with wonderful smells of cold-weather comfort food! :3

9/13/2015 #454

And I still have pumpkin spice cookies to make later! :D

9/13/2015 #455
Dr. Self Destruct

Lol they should totally use that, Nads. xD

Omg Cinna I was at Target yesterday and the Starbucks inside it smelled sooooo good. I could smell pumpkin spice lattes all across the store. It was amazballs.

Also, they have such an awesome assortment of Halloween candy now. OH and I've decided that for Halloween me and Justin are gonna hang out at home, get drunk, hand out candy, and dress up as Warboys. :D We'll yell out WITNEEEEESS!! as we give kids candy, lol.

9/13/2015 #456
Dr. Self Destruct

I need to buy some of the movie prop spray paint from Amazon.

9/13/2015 #457

Blah. Stupid Target ran away from Canada, and took with it the only Starbucks my town will ever have. x_x I mean, I'd rather have Second Cup anyway, but we're never getting that either, but I'm probably not going to get another chance to grab a box of that thanksgiving keurig coffee they were selling when we went to the city the other day.

9/13/2015 #458
Dr. Self Destruct

It's hard to imagine a world without Starbucks, haha. I don't really go there very often, but they're everywhere. x_x

9/13/2015 #459


Two projects for it due Wed


9/13/2015 #460

You can do eet, Potts! :D

9/13/2015 #461

wow when they say it rains here, IT RAINS

9/13/2015 #462

like, nonstop rains.

9/13/2015 #463

OH there is a Rick and Morty ep tonight

awesome. except. Then I just remembered that I probably won't see it until tomorrow.

9/13/2015 #464

ugh, you know what i should do to procrastinate actually doing this homework?

go workout. ya feel

cos' i reallyr eally need to get back on a workout routine but...

also clean the house, go grocery shopping, etc. etc. etc.

9/13/2015 #465

PLENTY TO DO to procrastinate writing this Teaching Philosophy

9/13/2015 #466

Uuuugh...... Watching JIMathers on twitch.... Wasted so much time when I should be writing. x_x

9/13/2015 #467

Hahaha! XD It's so awesome to hear someone lose their shit over a pen. Totally legitimizes my internal monologue when my pens aren't good enough.

9/13/2015 #468
Dr. Self Destruct

G2 pens are my favorite.

9/13/2015 #469

Mine is a line Bic makes. ink's a little thinner, shaft and tip are smaller, and the soft grip at the end doesn't rub skin like bad new shoes.

9/13/2015 #470

Okay..... I closed twitch.... Think maybe I should grab my knitting and do that and reread the last couple pages and see if that gets me back into "camping-in-the-wilds" frame of mind

Oh yes, and with crackling fire ambiance

9/13/2015 #471

I am INCREDIBLY stupified by the fact I have to write a teaching philosophy WITH CRITICAL SCHOLARSHIP for this class that entails *learning about pedagogies* this early on in the semester


in other words - why has she not assigned this as one of the LAST ASSIGNMENTS WE DO b/c this is a class where we are LEARNING ABOUT TEACHING and this assignment is requiring me to basically know all about it BEFORE I EVEN LEARN IT IN THIS CLASS


9/13/2015 #472

Wtf? Three hours to manage 43 words, then ten minutes to manage 387. DX Stupid brain. But! Almost at my count for the day (at which point I'll probably relax and do a crap load more beyond the goal)

9/13/2015 #473

Oh, also, I think this is going to turn out to be a novella, just based on the progress so far.

9/13/2015 #474

Haha, that's great you're making progress though!

I should be writing on Woe b/c I have to submit the next 50 pages to my Book 2 workshop in the spring THAT'S SO FAR FROM NOW.

(wait until it's Dec and I'm saying this)

9/13/2015 #475

Mike is reading Woe right now for style and he's stopping like every 2 sentences to remark that my writing makes no sense

"how can Woe say this but then not actually notice it?"


9/13/2015 #476

Reading Barzak's book yesterday made me feel better about writing this project in 1st person

idk, I feel like Woe has no "voice" (a la char, kit, or jude) but that's totally just not true

but my biggest fear right now is that my workshop class is going to think Woe should be written in 3rd person I'm super scared, xD

9/13/2015 #477

Notice how I am not writing on my teaching philosophy atm

9/13/2015 #478

(or have even started it, still)

9/13/2015 #479
"how can Woe say this but then not actually notice it?"


You know what though? At least Mike's giving you feedback. Wayne's impossible to get more than a "Huh. Sounds good," out of him. -_-

9/13/2015 #480
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