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Dinner made and eaten. Guess I should go wash dishes and make up those cookies.

9/13/2015 #481

I'm debating whether or not I want to go ahead and put what I've got so far up for some feedback. There's almost 9k written and the fifth chapter is half finished, so I could maybe pop it into the multi games and poke around for someone willing to do exchanges over that RF or labyrinth or something

9/13/2015 #482

Although I guess if I start worrying about feedback, I'll stop writing, so maybe I ought to just wait until it's finished and go from there.

9/13/2015 #483
A. Gray

Dennis won't even read my stuff....

9/13/2015 #484

Aw, seriously guys?

That sucks :[

I also didn't mean to sound unappreciative Mike reads, heh. It is one of his winning qualities. That and he sacrificed 3 years of his life to come move out to Ohio for my writing...

9/14/2015 #485

Which is kind of scary when I think too hard about it ._.

AHEM, ANYWAY, today I am going to go to a yoga class at my uni's rec center FOR THE FRST TIME (like, first time in the rec center too)

I'm a little nervous.

9/14/2015 #486

But the class is only an hour long and I'm forcing myself to do it b/c I need to step out of my comfort zone

9/14/2015 #487

also aaahhhh tomorrow i submit woe for workshop D:

i hope none of them google it cos' my FP version will probs show up, bahahaha

(though I doubt it b/c Woden is the name of a god and also a really famous comic book series and they'd probably need my username too which they DON'T HAVE)

9/14/2015 #488


widedec4u is in depth. braahhh I haven't seen them in FOREVER

9/14/2015 #489

i'm attempting to get an EBT card and they're calling me for an over-the-phone appt this morning and I'm super nervous b/c I don't think i filled the crap out right online and I'm not sure if I actually qualify O_O

9/14/2015 #490

esp b/c i didn't mention mike

and we don't have any children

though mike is unemployed, he's not OFFICIALLY unemployed cos' he wasn't laid off or anything. so idk. guess we'll find out. i just hope i don't come off like a massive idiot for trying this .____. especially b/c if it weren't for the parents i wouldn't been broke / evicted in like the 2nd week of arriving here.

9/14/2015 #491

but i also don't have an Ohio license so i don't even know if i can do this without being an official "state resident"

9/14/2015 #492

i should get dressed before this happens too cos' i don't know how long it will take


9/14/2015 #493

i can't believe i finished that teaching statement last night, that was pretty crazy

9/14/2015 #494


bring it on, appt!

(I hope I have the right date?)

9/14/2015 #495
Good luck, Potts!
9/14/2015 #496
I just realized that I never actually stated what TzuLu's objective was for this contract. Sooo I guess I should focus on working that into chp1 today because it would be weird if they waited nearly 30 days to discuss it.
9/14/2015 #497

Woot! I officially broke the 10k mark, and I'm about 1/3 of the way through! Will's turning out to be a good world-building tool for someone who was only getting his own chapters to explain plot-points otherwise unknown to TzuLu.

9/14/2015 #498

ugh mad right now *fumes*

9/14/2015 #499

No go at the appointment, Potts? :(

9/14/2015 #500
Dr. Self Destruct

Morning, OT.

9/15/2015 #501

Holy crap, there's life! :D Morning Sica!

9/15/2015 #502

How goes the editing?

9/15/2015 #503
Dr. Self Destruct

Uuuuugh. Haha. Gotta do some more today. It's just really tedious stuff now. A friend ran WEEL through this evil editing software that spits out an excel document with all the results. Like, about 5000 things. X_X most of it is stuff like it's/its or homonyms making sure I'm using the right word (which I am 99% of the time), but there's other stuff that shows me redundant phrases or places that can be tightened a little bit more. It's not hard, just...exhausting.

9/15/2015 #504

Sounds like it. x_x

9/15/2015 #505
Dr. Self Destruct

How's your novella coming?

9/15/2015 #506

D: that sounds not fun sica

but hey, honestly, i bet some of that is also just YOUR STYLE as well - i wouldn't totally buy into the software even pointing out too many repetitive things.

9/15/2015 #507

i mean i probably use a lot of the same framed phrasing

but some of that also makes sense to attribute to character *voice* ya know? like how many of the same things do i say all the time even as a human being? a lot.

9/15/2015 #508

the appt was okay

last night's anger stemmed from a giant grocery shopping fight/argument i had with mike where i was actually screaming at him while driving back from the shop but...


9/15/2015 #509


in other news

i REALLY need to do this homework... seeing as it's due tomorrow and I haven't even started D:

9/15/2015 #510
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