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also OMG GUY today is the day I submit Woden to my workshop class I am FREAKING OUT

I already drafted the email I'm going to send and attached everything like a huge newb but I can't even send it until class time at 5pm.

9/15/2015 #511

now for the rest of the upcoming week whenever I see ppl I'm going to be thinking in my head like OMG DID THEY READ IT YET ARE THEY CURRENTLY AHH

9/15/2015 #512

Why does google seem to think braids are primarily an african thing? Type in "braid styles", and the first hundred photo results are variations of how to wear cornrows and dreads, with only 4 of the results touching on european styles. I mean, it's great to know that they're recognized and celebrated, but considering how diverse a background braids have, you'd think the results would reflect that. x_x

9/15/2015 #513
How's your novella coming?

It's coming. I know that the second-act-ish part is probably going to have people scratching their heads, which tbh is somewhat intentional, but also feeling kind of nervous about it because unless the reader's paying attention to the subtext it coould end up being seen as not action-y enough.

Potts! Hiya!

9/15/2015 #514

Glad to hear the fight got resolved, Potts. And good luck with the workshop!

9/15/2015 #515

thanks! congrats on making progress on the novella, though!

the downside to this workshop thing is that i have to wait 1 week to hear feedback and during that 1 week, i don't think i'll be able to write on the project, xD

9/15/2015 #516
Dr. Self Destruct
but some of that also makes sense to attribute to character *voice* ya know? like how many of the same things do i say all the time even as a human being? a lot.

Yeah I'm not taking any of that out. It's surprisingly forgiving for voice, because it hardly ever points out sentence fragments (only when it thinks there's supposed to be a question mark at the end or something), and I abuse the hell out of those in WEEL lol. Most of the redundancies are from stuff like "I walked over to X." which could just be "I walked to X." or "I approached X." Or it points out some words I was using incorrectly, like "while" when I should've been using "although." Or places where I can take out "only" or "really" or some other weak -ly word. I'm about halfway through and I think I've only taken out like 300 words so it's pretty small in the grand scheme of things. What I'm most thankful for is fixing any typos it finds and correcting any words I'm using wrong.

9/15/2015 #517
Dr. Self Destruct

Uuuugh, writing workshops are always so nerve-wracking, haha. I'm sure they'll love Woden!

9/15/2015 #518
Dr. Self Destruct

I gotta go get a couple tires replaced in about 30 minutes...I hope I can poop before then, because I'll be stranded out in town for a couple hours. O_O

9/15/2015 #519

Bleh. x_x Opened up my bookmarks menu on this document and at the bottom I saw "honeyB" and thought, "Wtf? What's Honey Booboo doing in this?"

Then I realized it was a shortcut to a future scene where Tzu explains "Honey Bright" is actually a boozer song.

9/15/2015 #520
Dr. Self Destruct

Found a cafe down the street that has the best burgers and fries. X_X it's cool too because they employ people with disabilities as part of an education program.

9/15/2015 #521
Shampoo Suicide

Brain=mush. Hello OT.

9/15/2015 #522
Dr. Self Destruct

omg I love how my car drives with these new tires. They're so quiet. Really like the place I brought it to, too. The mechanic was super nice and they did it in only an hour. :D

9/15/2015 #523
Dr. Self Destruct

Hey, Nads!

9/15/2015 #524
Dr. Self Destruct

Is it like baby poop mush, or rotten banana mush?

9/15/2015 #525
Dr. Self Destruct

Or mush as in, mushroom?

9/15/2015 #526
Shampoo Suicide

Hey Sica!

It's like banana poop mush.

9/15/2015 #527
Dr. Self Destruct

Oh man, gross.

9/15/2015 #528
Shampoo Suicide

Yah, tell me about it.

9/15/2015 #529
Shampoo Suicide

You know when you hate everything you've written, to the point where not just reading it but even thinking about reading it causes severe anxiety and embarrasment? Is that just me? Anyway, it's happening now and I'm fliiiiiiippppping out having to ask people to read the chapbook when it makes me cringe myself hahah.

It's never been this bad before. Maybe because this is, like, a more serious endeavor, I don't know. But it's sucking.

9/15/2015 #530
Shampoo Suicide


9/15/2015 #531
Shampoo Suicide

I thought up another essay, too, but there was that Slate piece yesterday that just reinforced for me that nobody wants to read my lame bipolar stories hahah. Like. Get another dimension, Nads.

9/15/2015 #532
Shampoo Suicide

I will now think HAPPY THOUGHTS. Someone tell me something good.

9/15/2015 #533
Dr. Self Destruct

Awww, Nads. Your chapbook is amazing. Like, I read the entire thing in one sitting amazing. I hardly ever do that, lol. But I totally know what you mean.

9/15/2015 #534
Dr. Self Destruct

My fiance's mother LOVED your essay in The Butter. She has a lot of experience with depression and is bi-polar, and she told me it made her feel a lot better reading your essay because someone was finally able to put into words how she felt.

9/15/2015 #535
Shampoo Suicide

Aww, Sica, those are both good things! GREAT things. Especially glad someone was able to relate to the essay, aahhh.

This is what I was talking about from Slate, btw:

Folks on twitter were saying the 'rise' of the first person essay has given voice to a lot of marginalized writers, though, and thus it's a good thing but I kind of feel that hesitation to "overshare" thing whenever I've considered writing something personal.

9/15/2015 #536
Shampoo Suicide

It's also like, I hate how much I let illness color (most) everything I write, too, but it shapes so much of my life it's hard not to and BLAH. I don't know.

9/15/2015 #537
Shampoo Suicide

This is my jam

9/15/2015 #538
Dr. Self Destruct

I've been staring at this excel document for the past four hours. X_X I'm, like, 1/5th from the end lol. So probably another 4 hours. *dies*

9/15/2015 #539
Dr. Self Destruct


9/15/2015 #540
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