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Here I am, searching through netflix for something to watch that won't distract me too much while i'm working, then i realize i've got a lineup of movies on my hard drive specifically for heavy cleaning/cooking days. x_x

9/17/2015 #601
Dr. Self Destruct

lol that's convenient.

9/17/2015 #602
Dr. Self Destruct

Perhaps TOO convenient...maybe aliens really put that on your HD hoping you'd watch it, and they're hypnosis videos that'll turn you into their unknowing human pawn.

9/17/2015 #603

lol, nah, most of them are childhood classics or movies i've watched so many times i can keep up with it without visuals.

Although, Mulder *did* find files going back to the 40s and 50s, so maybe you're on to something.

9/17/2015 #604
Dr. Self Destruct

Exactly. They swapped those movies you're most familiar with so you won't suspect anything. You'll be watching, like, Pretty Woman or something, then BAM! You're standing over a dead body with a knife in your hand.

9/17/2015 #605

Since I'm not going to start on stuff for another hour, thought I'd do some writing, and now I'm wondering if I should go ahead and end this Lou chapter now, since it would pretty well follow the same format as her last chapter. I guess it makes sense too, because we've seen more in-depth the impact the bar fight had her, while Tzu's so far been limited to finally calling her by her name and having a "wtf do I do?" moment when he realizes how shaken up she is.

9/17/2015 #606

Although Tzu's pretty predictable. Can't handle his own feelings, so just tell himself and her to get over it and let it stew until he has an inappropriate reaction to some perceived threat.

Although, considering she has to pretty well dump his ass to go and deal with shit on her own later on, it actually lends to him working through his hallucinations when he realizes what's going on. Additional plus: It exasperates emotional vulnerability and explains why he would let the Hall convince him to get her a "useless" gift like a jewlery for her induction.

9/17/2015 #607
Dr. Self Destruct

Ooooookay, done with homework for today. Guess I'll...playing some WoW and edit. *sob* I can't wait until I'm done fixing up these three novels so I can start writing on something new, lol. I feel the urge to write slowly building up inside me like a bunch of hot air, so I'm hoping once I open up it'll all come rushing out in the form of a bunch of words. :P

9/17/2015 #608
Dr. Self Destruct

And farts. But mostly words.

9/17/2015 #609

Annoyedness with NaNoWriMo. In order to "win" the novel has to be 50k. The novel I want to write is going to be about 35k. x_x Still early and could probably find another project, but if my focus keeps up that long I'm not going to work on another project.

9/17/2015 #610
Dr. Self Destruct

Oh, is Nano going on now?

9/17/2015 #611

Nope, it's in november like usual, but i've been getting a lot of emails the last week, so it's got me thinking about it

9/17/2015 #612

Kept wondering why I recognized the mum in dante's peak, and just realized it's the original Sara O'Connor

9/17/2015 #613
Dr. Self Destruct

lol I love how pissed off people are getting about the rainbow Doritos, saying they need to make a red white and blue Dorito instead, or some X other type of Dorito to support Y cause. I bet they're the kinda people who go to cancer conventions and loudly shout "THERE'S OTHER DISEASES OUT THERE TOO YOU KNOW."

9/17/2015 #614
Dr. Self Destruct

I want to buy a bag and pick out all the purple ones, then eat them all together. And then don't eat anything else until I pee, because i want to see if they make my pee purple WHICH WOULD BE AMAZING.

9/17/2015 #615

Omg, guys, this butter-cream icing is to die for!

9/17/2015 #616
Dr. Self Destruct

OH, that reminds me about the brownie mix I bought today. Should I make it tonight so there'll be brownies when Justin gets here, or wait until tomorrow so he can eat them when they're nice and warm from the oven?

9/17/2015 #617
Dr. Self Destruct

When my hair is half dry is gets SOOOO poofy.

9/17/2015 #618

Yea for poofy!

9/17/2015 #619
Shampoo Suicide
Ooof. Good morning OT!
9/18/2015 #620
Shampoo Suicide
These fucking cramps aaaah
9/18/2015 #621
Dr. Self Destruct

Noooooo cramps are bad. Dx

9/18/2015 #622
Dr. Self Destruct

I just had a really nice dream turn into a complete nightmare lol. I blame it on the Benadryl. I'm just glad I can wake myself up when I'm having a nightmare. :/

9/18/2015 #623

Oh, I used to do that all the time, too. I don't get nightmares anymore so I don't have to, though.

9/18/2015 #624

I drank about half this bottle of LNO wine, and I'm not even buzzed. Wtf? Was hoping for drunken shenanigans, but instead I'm sober and writing, and wayne's playing tanks with his boyfriend. x_x

9/18/2015 #625
m. b. whitlock

Maybe you just have a nice steady buzz... What's LNO wine?

9/18/2015 #626
m. b. whitlock

Ladies' night out?

9/18/2015 #627

Ladies Night Out. It's lighter (5.5% i think), but I've drank about the equivalent of three coolers which usually puts me on my ass, and still nothing. In retrospect it might be my meals today (miniwheats for breakfast, sandwich for lunch, pizza for dinner), so maybe it's just getting absorbed by that. Still annoying though

9/18/2015 #628

Whoops. That should be Girls Night Out

9/18/2015 #629

lcbo .com /lcbo/product/girls-night-out-peach-raspberry-rumba/411553

This stuff, at any rate. Last time I had a GNO it was less than a cup and i felt it right away/all night, and it's been a few months since i drank. Kind of annoying (although admittedly good since I probably won't get any writing done tomorrow)

9/18/2015 #630
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