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Unless jammies are involved*
9/20/2015 #691

aw, that sucks!

ours went okay. we played bananagrams and listened to vinyl, haha

9/20/2015 #692

and i subtly discovered that no one has started really reading my woden writing sample for tuesday so

now i get to have that just-put-it-up-on-FP-awaiting-reviews feeling for 3 days still, lol

9/20/2015 #693

also it's like 60 degrees outside right now so i should REALLY get up and go on my 4 mile run I said I'd do...

the downfall of doing this is that i haven't had any water really and i think i'm a bit dehydrated after last night :/

drinking coffee for breakfast doesn't help...

9/20/2015 #694

I did express / crack funny jokes passive aggressively defending my story though

like: "If that annoying girl that sits next to Sam Amazing says my characters swear too much I WANT ALL OF YOU TO KNOW THAT..." yadda yadad


9/20/2015 #695

"If Sam Amazing says that my character has lost too much blood to be functioning properly I WANT ALL OF YOU TO KNOW THAT...*blathers about research*"

9/20/2015 #696
Dr. Self Destruct

OMG my mom just private messaged me a pic on Facebook of Dorro from GoT wearing only a towel that's just barely clinging to his hips. She's so evil, lmao. I think I need to get her a boyfriend.

9/20/2015 #697
Dr. Self Destruct

Oops, I mean Daario. I always get his name wrong.

9/20/2015 #698
Okay, so from now on wayne gets a smack every timw he says "you're going to start your period this weekend," because every time he says it, it starts early and it's not supposed to start at all ffs. DX
9/20/2015 #699

ten hours on my feet between work and cleaning, and wayne's whimping out over ninety minutes of lawn mowing. -_-

9/20/2015 #700
Dr. Self Destruct

Tell him to get back out there and mow that lawn like a baws.

9/20/2015 #701
Dr. Self Destruct

or you'll whip him.

And if he likes being whipped, then tell him you won't whip him.

9/20/2015 #702

It's too late. I made him brownies with caramel drizzle to surprise him when he got home, so I probably couldn't even threaten him with no snoo snoo for a month. X_X

9/20/2015 #703

Now to see if I can actually get something written today.

9/20/2015 #704

Omg I almost went 24 hours without hearing/reading election bullcrap, and then my sister emails me a letter (planning to send to the candidates) and asks what I think. x.x

9/20/2015 #705

This chapter is complete and utter crap.... but it's almost 1k written in a day, and there'll have to be revision and editing later anyway, so I guess it's okay if I just leave it as-is for now, right?

In any case, time to move on and do some light-hearted stuff for a change.

9/20/2015 #706

ugh. that hosting yesterday and not getting and writing done really screwed up my progress. DX Not getting any actual narrative done now, just lots of dialogue that's gonna have to be cut at least in half.

9/20/2015 #707
Shampoo Suicide
Did I just successfully pitch an essay? Fuck yes I did. Now to write the thing.
9/21/2015 #708

Yea, Nads!

9/21/2015 #709
Dr. Self Destruct

haha, you got dis!

9/21/2015 #710
Dr. Self Destruct

Apparently someone in my sociology class submitted in a discussion post that they don't think racism is still an issue today, and the professor decided to turn that into an extra credit discussion. So I spent pretty much my entire morning writing a 700 word essay about how wrong that is, using YouTube videos and shit, like that "Racism for Dummies" video (which I feel like EVERYONE IN THE COUNTRY NEEDS TO WATCH).

I don't need the extra credit because I have 150 points out of 150 right now, but it pissed me off and I had to say something. :/

9/21/2015 #711
Dr. Self Destruct

damn. i can't post it because the discussion board is all fucked up.

9/21/2015 #712
Dr. Self Destruct


9/21/2015 #713




9/21/2015 #714

oh hey, last night for the wcc!

also next door to my house it sounds like someone is shooting off fireworks

9/21/2015 #715
Dr. Self Destruct

Fireworks in September? Weird-os.

9/21/2015 #716

oh, then i forgot i was posting over here

9/21/2015 #717


9/21/2015 #718
Dr. Self Destruct

Twitter is total butts.

9/21/2015 #719
Dr. Self Destruct

I have a hard enough time keeping up with Facebook lol

9/21/2015 #720
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