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Dr. Self Destruct


9/21/2015 #721
Bloop! Hello ot.
9/21/2015 #722
Shampoo Suicide
Hey hey OT! Hey Ink!
9/21/2015 #723

*waves too*

Hello OT. What're y'all up to?

9/21/2015 #724

not much, hanging around at the new house

9/21/2015 #725

Nice, nice. New houses can be fun. Moving is a pain though. Got to do that 5 times this year (if you count in and out of places as individual times). Do not recommend.

I'm supposed to be writing. I said I'd write. I ended up on Tumblr.

9/21/2015 #726

Buut your new place looks awesome Lyra, from what I saw on tumblr.

I sent that post prematurely, but yeah, that's basically all I'm doing. I should be applying for jobs or something, meh. xD

9/21/2015 #727

My posting makes no sense rn. xD We're watching yt videos so I am super distracted. @[email protected] Short attention span ftw.

9/21/2015 #728

I know short attention span. It is indeed a terrible thing. As is jobhunting. *shudder* I've gotta do a few of those tomorrow morning 'cause my sister and I went for a long hike today and then I did fuck all when we got back. Couple copy writing positions, though, so that would be cool compared to working retail or something.

For the record, I wrote a whole paragraph. I'm just that awesome.

9/21/2015 #729

Yay paragraph! That's more than me all week/month, at least. xD Copy writing sounds good, though. I would love to get a writing position but I feel like I'm unqualified on the count of having no education or degree in english/communications.

9/21/2015 #730

I wish we had good hiking spots here. It's a suburban maze in this area. xD And we won't be able go to the Niagara Falls gorge to hike once we finalize the move over here. :(

9/21/2015 #731

I celebrated my paragraph by going back on Tumblr. I am a terrible person.

9/21/2015 #732

Where did you move to? NY?

9/21/2015 #733

Nah, I actually moved farther from NY, or at least the Niagara Falls US border. I'm in Canada so we're a city or two over from Toronto now.

9/21/2015 #734

Haha, I also celebrate writing with more internet. On the plus side, there's way more food and shopping variety here.

9/21/2015 #735

Oooh right. I forgot you're Canadian.

I'm looking to get an enhanced license soonish so my sister and I can go to Canada sometime. I hear Niagara Falls is much prettier from the Canadian side.

*writes half a paragraph and has to stop to backread for details on the cave she sent Dusty into several chapters ago*

9/21/2015 #736

*rereads description* Damn, this is way creepier than I remember. I'm torn between wondering why my memory sucks so bad lately and being impressed that I actually like that bit of detail.

9/21/2015 #737

Are you in NY now? I need to figure out how to drive around in the States but the speed differences (km/hr vs mph) and border stuff kinda intimidate me. xD But mailing would be so much cheaper if it didn't have to cross that measly border. :/

9/21/2015 #738

Yep, central NY.

I always felt bad for Canadians when I picked up a book and saw the more expensive Canadian price. Like damn, y'all can't even read a cheap book like us.

9/21/2015 #739

Lyra your reblog of that Beauty and the Beast debate restored a lot of the faith in humanity I've lost the last couple days. T_T

9/21/2015 . Edited 9/21/2015 #740

Awww. *headpats*

9/21/2015 #741

Yeah! No fair, man. xD And last I checked the CAD is less than the USD so whenever I buy something that's $10 in the US, it's actually like almost $12.

9/21/2015 #742

Gah, I need to stay off of Tumblr.

9/21/2015 #743

One of the things I love about my town; the discount book bin at GT always has $10-$15 paperbacks for $5, and our Walmart and YIG usually sell books at 20-ish% off.

9/21/2015 #744

My aunt is a big book lover and she's lived in the area for 10 years so she's scoped out all the festivals and stuff. Last weekend we went to a book sale and I got a whole big tote of books for like $15. It was great 'cause there was actually a nice variety and they were in good shape. I had to give up a lot of my books when we moved so it was kinda like restocking my shelf, haha. Mostly reference books for topics I'm writing about.

9/21/2015 #745
Dr. Self Destruct

can someone check the WCC and make sure i didn't fuck anything up because i'm a bit drunk olol

9/21/2015 #746

Looks good, Sica. Was just reading the email noti, lol. :)

9/21/2015 #747

*still needs to work out why the nesting dragon mama wouldn't slaughter everyone in sight*

This has to be the weirdest week ever for Sally. 'Man, I just want my babies to hatch in peace but there're all these interdimensional monsters coming after my eggs and then there's this weird fluffy thing following me around...? Like it attacked me once but then it fought off the monsters with me, so that was cool. But then it turned into me and that was fucking uncalled for, but now it's helping me guard the nest...? Is the fluffy thing real or have I finally cracked? Dragon life is so damn hard, fml.'

9/21/2015 #748

Drunk or not, you've got this, haha. Bravo.

9/21/2015 #749
Dr. Self Destruct

yeah it's nice because i can just copy/paste and then make some changes. xD

9/21/2015 #750
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