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9/24/2015 #871
and sometimes you're pooping and the tampon just up and falls out

One of the reasons I don't use tampons unless at the gym x_x

I tend to get badly constipated, which of course makes the cramps worse. Had to take three ibuprophene and a hot bath last night to get everything to settle enough that I could see straight.

9/24/2015 #872

I have not had a single decent meal today. Just lots of junky snacks. x.x So now I'm making hot carrot juice and debating if I want to throw a quick casserole together for dinner to offset the junk.

9/24/2015 #873

hot carrot juice???

9/24/2015 #874
A. Gray

breakfast hash for dinner

9/24/2015 #875
A. Gray

I feel like my avvie is more fitting for Don than me...

9/24/2015 #876
hot carrot juice???

Cut up a carrot, boil it up, mix in some brown sugar (pumpkin spice for more flavor, but I tend to just like it with the sugar). The carrots I usually just throw into a soup bag in the freezer, but if I do up the casserole they won't take forever to cook.

9/24/2015 #877

Why is twitter recommending I follow Jim Carry? I hate Jim Carry. Why would I want to follow him?

9/24/2015 #878

So, I'm in dialogue-mode again like I got a couple chapters ago. I should be annoyed, but at the same time it's pushing me toward Lu-Solo quicker, so it's alright to go back and fill shit out later, right, so long as plot stuff is still happening and makes somewhat sense?

9/24/2015 #879

*waves at OT* This is me writing. It's going really well, as you can see.

9/24/2015 #880
Shampoo Suicide
Saaaaame. Hey OT
9/24/2015 #881

Yea, Lyra and Nads are writing! :D

Going out for tea helped a lot this afternoon. Over the 1k mark so far, and should be able to hit 2k no problem tonight.

9/24/2015 . Edited 9/24/2015 #882

I decided I couldn't possibly focus on writing until I showered. Complete with deep-conditioning the hair and shaving my legs. It's been half an hour and now I can check that distraction off my list.

9/24/2015 #883

You know, I was just thinking that it might actually make sense for this scene to be dialogue-heavy. I mean, Tzu's hopped up on dragon glory, and he's hallucinating his mum and dad arguing over whether or not Lu is/should be his mate, and Tzu *knows* that the whole thing doesn't make sense and the whole thing is a reflection of unrealized affection for Lu (his dad's all fangirl-ish and "Hey, what a wonderful woman! When do we get to meet/hunt/be a family together?" while his mum's all "Yeah... She's nice enough, but she's a human and what you two have is good enough, so shut up Pazhun and Tzu don't think with your little head," (which really isn't an issue at this point, but more a sort of echo from listening to people assume they have something going on for like five years).) brought on from her being attacked by a psycho a week or to prior, sooo....

Maybe it makes sense to go with a dialogue-heavy scene here, since he's too out of it to take much notice of the surroundings and shit anyway.

9/24/2015 #884

I'm about to start another fight scene.

That's like a quarter of this novella.

1. Fight scenes

2. Dusty pining over Nora

3. Flashbacks to Dusty and Mal's childhood

4. Exposition (but not anything Dusty participates in; it just sorta happens while he's in the room, either pining or fighting... gosh he's so oblivious, I really need to fix that)

That's it. 30k of airhead bruiser Dusty and dragons. And I love it. *sigh*

9/24/2015 #885

I had to procrastinate for another 4 minutes while The Funeral was playing. Because I had to sing. Singing and writing aren't compatible. *nods*

9/24/2015 #886

*snort* I wrote something to the effect of 'no matter how hard Dusty tried' and I thought of OH MY GOD DO I TRY. Cue mini dance party. Instead of writing. Y'know.

9/24/2015 #887

You know.... i just realized I have no freaking clue how I'm going to wrap things up. Literally I've planned up to Lucia tricking the Foreman in to destroying the crystal that's been driving the area mad, he's toasted by liquid nitrogen-like energy, and I know she ends up with frostburn and an energic concussion from the blast, but then nothing after that.

I've considered playing with a present-tense short story as a sort of epilogue, which details her induction to Sacrese Hall, but it still doesn't address how she gets home/is recovered. e.e

9/24/2015 #888

I got frostnip on my ears once. It's like the early stages of frostbite. I biked to work in -40 windchill without a hat 'cause I didn't realize it would be that cold. 10 minutes to get to work and that happened. The skin on my right ear got all red and chapped and then flaked off for a week. It doesn't react to cold as much as my left ear now either.

Basically frostnip sucks and I am glad I don't know what frostbite feels like.

9/24/2015 #889

Blah, not cool. :( I messed up my lungs a couple years back walking home from the gym (coldest/windiest day of winter). I've since learned to appreciate scarves.

9/24/2015 #890

I should probably go to the bathroom before Grey's starts. :-l

9/24/2015 #891

Sheesh, for a series that's supposed to be getting back to its light-hearted roots, Grey's premier was pretty heavy. :S

9/24/2015 #892

Oooh kay. Someone added my portabella burger on dA to a favorites collection called "anorexia" that is full of burger pictures and recipes.... :S

9/24/2015 #893
Dr. Self Destruct

lol wtf

9/24/2015 #894
Dr. Self Destruct

peeps be trippin'.

9/24/2015 #895

That they be. :-/

9/24/2015 #896

I think I need to do another tea run. I keep getting distracted here. :S

9/24/2015 #897

buuuut, it's 9:30 and I'm in my comfy pants and nightie, and I really don't want to get dressed again, so maybe I should just make tea or coffee here instead.

9/24/2015 #898
Dr. Self Destruct

yeah whenever I enter "PJ mode" good luck getting me out of the house lol

unless it's a drive-through.

9/24/2015 #899

Aside from my lack of bra, I could go out in these clothes. Tank top and athletic shorts is totally doable for going out in public.

Aaaand I'm still with you on the distraction thing. I cut a third of what I'd already written and now I'm just kinda mentally glaring at my characters, wondering why I made them the way they are.

9/24/2015 #900
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