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nice though: mike is out right now dropping of his resume places and being productive

Yea for progress! :)

9/4/2015 #181

Progressive virg. :D

But, ugh, go away work. Why do I always feel most productive right before work? And I'm not even in CS tonight, so I won't be able to stand around writing when there's nobody to serve.

9/4/2015 #182



it will be the only way I can get through 2 weeks without R&M

9/4/2015 #183

Haha, I'll have to check them out and see what all the hype is about. Two weeks is so long. D:

9/4/2015 #184

/am so tired/

9/4/2015 #185
A. Gray

bloop. thought I'd stop by before work.

9/5/2015 #186

yes, bloop! i slept in till almost noon and now i feel guilty, but i was so tired. @[email protected]

9/5/2015 #187

Ok, I really need to finish and send in this blog post bc it's going to go up mid September and it's already September (wtf) and the person that invited me to write for them is probably regretting it about now. xD

9/5/2015 #188

OT is always dead when I actually have time to be here. xD

9/5/2015 #189

How am I supposed to procrastinate on my writing?

9/5/2015 #190
OT is always dead when I actually have time to be here. xD


How am I supposed to procrastinate on my writing?

And more this.

9/5/2015 #191
whispers of lowlit flames

Hi! Anyone around on a Sunday daytime (or Saturday for some of you :D) and willing to help an Ohana procastinate on her exam notes?

9/5/2015 #192

Hey, I'm supposed to be working on something too but seem to be doing every other tedious, unnecessary thing except for that. xP

9/5/2015 #193

I'm restarting. The thing I wrote a month ago all blind and confidently is not working for me now. x.x

9/5/2015 #194
whispers of lowlit flames

Procastination is unfortunately quite appealing. :) Hi!

I've actually got haematology this block, which is half of what I want to specialise in so it's fun but exhausting.

Ouch, restarts. Good luck!

9/5/2015 #195

Oooh, haematology. Sounds interesting. I'm kind of jealous of everyone going back to classes right about now. I kind of miss learning. xD At the same time, it's time I got out of this town and school.

And thanks! It's non-fiction so I just have to go at it at a different angle. The only thing that sucks is having a deadline on it. :P I'm pretty terrible with creative deadlines compared to work or school deadlines.

9/5/2015 #196
whispers of lowlit flames

I love it. I'm caught between haematology or oncology for the specialists exam (even though that's like five years from now...), but this week is the week on haematological cancers which is my happy combination (study wise).

Those of us back in class are jealous too. XD It's one of those grass is greener on the other side things I imagine. You planning anything?

And finished those two lectures. Two more to go after lunch.

9/5/2015 #197

Woah, the specialists exam sounds intense, especially if it's oncology or haematology. o.o I'm still kind of jealous of all your learning, even though my interest was less pathology and more applied microbiology. I'm looking for work and moving out of town soon, so I'm excited for that! I'll have more time for writing, too. Maybe even a class/workshop or two? I hope, at least.

Ah well, I didn't finish the essay yet, but it's almost 2am so I should be off to bed now. Have fun with the rest of your lectures! :)

9/5/2015 #198

hey OT

9/6/2015 #199

ha, yeah. speaking of school. I have a TON of homework I haven't even started D:

it's a little frightening. I was ahead last week now I'm meh again. This week is tougher though b/c I have a presentation I have to give on Wednesday night.

9/6/2015 #200

i would rather work on my Woden workshop piece, haha

i did a re-writing/working of Ch. 7 last night and a bit of Ch. 6. I think I'm in the right direction now but, knowing me, I'll still fiddle with that new writing up until the due date.

9/6/2015 #201

annnnnnd first thing i notice:

woe breaks a cup, then picks it up in the next chapter and drinks from it, lol

9/6/2015 #202

i should make mike do this work and...i should really start on my homework instead, lol

9/6/2015 #203
Why is the second half of this chapter being so difficult? All tzu has to do is go into the farm-camp-thing, notice some racist assholes, talk to the boss/get the supplies, then go to dinner/bed. Without beefing the narative it's no more than 800 words. x.x
9/6/2015 #204

blah. having downer morning now after paying so many bills :[

feels like i'll never get on my feet again / crazy that i dragged both mike and i out into the wild blue yonder of no-job land... (and took a big pay cut myself)

9/6/2015 #205

i mean, we both had jobs before :[

though...admittedly, mine was fleeting and not one i would be able to keep for long.

9/6/2015 #206

plus...everyone kinda wanted me out of there... lol

so that they could take my job...

9/6/2015 #207


doing homework would also help this situation

9/6/2015 #208

because then i would probably feel more productive / better, lol

9/6/2015 #209

guys, i REALLY should be focusing harder on working out / getting up early / eating right

REALLY REALLY needs to happen.

maybe i should attempt starting fresh tomorrow.

9/6/2015 #210
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