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i'll get up early so i can run outside and not die

and i'll finish my homework projects...and everything will be chill @[email protected]

9/6/2015 #211
Why is the second half of this chapter being so difficult? All tzu has to do is go into the farm-camp-thing, notice some racist assholes, talk to the boss/get the supplies, then go to dinner/bed. Without beefing the narative it's no more than 800 words. x.x

sometimes it's really hard to write the "transitional" kind of stuff that shouldn't take long, though! i feel you

9/6/2015 #212

OH and write my WCC. i should take a stab at that soon.

9/6/2015 #213

in fact, i should try to get that out of the way right now... muhahahaha *procrastinates homework further*

but ya know what? THANK GOD it is labor day weekend. perfect for it though, I mean, it's practically Sat. right now.

9/6/2015 #214

Not to mention, my first class this week isn't until 5pm on Tuesday

so I also have all of Tues to work

9/6/2015 #215

i feel like such a crazy idiot looking at my MA degree debt

i could've...i could've just said fuck it, took a year off, NOT gotten the teaching experience (I know)

BUT i wonder if i could've still made it into this program? then i still could've gotten an MFA (what i wanted in the first place) and NOT got a shit ton of loan debt for 2 years!

9/6/2015 #216

looking at things that way is stupid, though... *grumble*

9/6/2015 #217

haha ANYWAY i'm done looking at money for today but i'm happy cos i think it looks like my loan payments have stopped b/c i'm back in school!

at the same time, i'm pissed, b/c apparently due to me being in the "automatic payment" group, they're still going to charge me for this month

i can't even say that it's going to help in the long run because it won't, ha! in the next 3 years, b/c my loans keep building interest, i'll have to owe probably double the amount i've been paying into it for the past 2 years...

9/6/2015 #218

i guess the only bright side is like... least i won't have FIVE years of built up interest? haha

9/6/2015 #219
Dr. Self Destruct

Heeeey OT! waddup?

9/6/2015 #220

hey sica!

just me yelling at the void about debt, xD

which seriously the only really comforting terrible thing is that EVERYBODY in our gen is basically in the same boat, xDD

9/6/2015 #221
Dr. Self Destruct

Yeah, interest is a total scam. I think I've ended up paying twice over for this TV I bought a couple years ago because the interest on it went insane when I didnt pay it off in time (because I forgot the date I had to pay it off, lol)

9/6/2015 #222
Dr. Self Destruct

I'm still trying to convince myself to get out of bed.

9/6/2015 #223
Dr. Self Destruct

Omg I have insane bedhead right now

9/6/2015 #224

do eeeeet

9/6/2015 #225

Someone made a real life FPS for random chatrouletters to play and it is so awesome. o.o

9/6/2015 #226

Oh, link was lost. https://

9/6/2015 #227


Mike and I went to Aldi's, finally, and our groceries were only 30$ muhahaha

9/6/2015 #228

looking at Woe double spaced in TNM is weird

9/6/2015 #229
Dr. Self Destruct
Yeah I used to always type in the default Mic Word font and it looked really strange when I switched to TNR haha. It looks so rigid and official.
9/6/2015 #230

pretty much, haha.

9/6/2015 #231

i really need to write up a critique paper for this guy for workshop ._.

i know i'll feel more productive / better when i do! first i should re-read his pieces...

he's an incredibly good writer so honestly writing a critique "review" of his work is difficult, xD

9/6/2015 #232
sometimes it's really hard to write the "transitional" kind of stuff that shouldn't take long, though! i feel you

The annoying thing is that I could cut the racist observation if I *really* wanted to, but then it would make little sense for Tzu to not notice the ex-cons ignoring his presence, especially since he just told Lu earlier that day he wants her to detour around the farm because he expects problems. Even more annoying, I went ahead and wrote the first part of the next chapter (about 300 words) in fifteen minutes, so it's not as though there's any real plot blockage. x.x

9/6/2015 #233
Dr. Self Destruct
Wake up, OT!
9/7/2015 #234

hooooray i finished my homework of writing a WCC lol

9/7/2015 #235

Unfortunatley, I have not done any other homework today yet... @[email protected]

9/7/2015 #236

I think I'm gonna wait to do it until after lunch though...

and uh... I think I'll go do lunch now. PHEW LOOK AT THE TIME.

9/7/2015 #237

wow I just bought a real leather jacket from Amazon

online shopping will be the death of me

9/7/2015 #238
Dr. Self Destruct
Yeah but leather jackets are dope so it's cool.
9/7/2015 #239

I took caffeine pills (because I hate every other form that you can consume caffeine in; energy drinks are fizzy and coffee tastes awful, and everything else is such a low amount), and now I feel really weird. I'm a bit like O.O

9/7/2015 #240
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