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Dr. Self Destruct

WHOA, HOLD THE PHONE! A new Off Topic?! This one is named after the number 147 which is Protogeneia, a large main belt asteroid with a low eccentricity and low inclination. 147 is also associated with a Dwarf spheroidal galaxy about 2.58 million light-years away in the constellation Cassiopeia. Naturally, all that space talk results in the current Star Wars themed Off Topic name! Thanks to the collaborative effort of Nads, Potter, and Cinna!

In brilliant addition, a big congrats to Cinna for nabbing the last OT's post #6,000!

Don't forget to read the Rules of Conduct before adding to the debauchery of the Off Topic.

[suggestions for OT titles start around page 190, and we aim to finish at page 200]

10/5/2016 . Edited 2/19/2018 #1
Dr. Self Destruct

boom, new Off Topic. Go crazy.

10/5/2016 #2
Oh no not a new off topic.
10/5/2016 #3
Also yay I got the last post and the first post, boy oh boy am I ever going places now
10/5/2016 #4

new OT! Hi OT!!!

10/6/2016 #5

i've eaten the same lunch 3 days in a row whoooop

10/6/2016 #6
What is itm
10/6/2016 #7
Shampoo Suicide

Hay OT. My advisor told me she wanted me to text her haikus everyday and I was like "what a weird idea where did that come from" then I ~*~realized~*~ that's from my fucking novel haha

10/6/2016 #8

omg!! hahahaha

that's awesome, xD

10/6/2016 #9
Your advisor just one upped you with your own idea :p
10/6/2016 #10

UH OH i'm being all tell-y with DC's new intro and not show-y

gotta think gotta think

10/6/2016 #11
whispers of lowlit flames

Eep, when did we get a new OT? Time flies so fast sometimes...

I need to find a gastroscopy to sit in. Hmm...

10/7/2016 #12

morning OT

10/7/2016 #13

what's everyone up to today?

i'm kind of overwhelmed with all the work i've got to do for this upcoming week - but that's kinda always the case, i suppose

10/7/2016 #14

I feel like I am always writing but have little to show for it, haha

today's goal is finishing my new ch. 1 of DC, yup yup. you betcha, I'm rewriting it for the 6th damn time, lmao - THIS TIME IS THE LA - yeah no i'm not even going to say it

10/7/2016 #15

don't worry though bc i'm not rewriting all of the project or anything, just the opening and patch-writing the new stuff in, so, like, that lessens my neurosis abt this

or it doesn't, and it just makes it clearly more apparant, lol

10/7/2016 . Edited 10/7/2016 #16

is anyone else........

writing... these days? xD

10/7/2016 #17
Shampoo Suicide
Writing? I'm not familiar
10/7/2016 #18


how are you? besides not writing? do you have any crippling deadlines that might help you write? that is literally the only thing keeping me going now. crippling deadlines, and a growing otherworldly thirst to kill this novel (as in, finish it ONCE AND FOR ALL.)

10/7/2016 #19

also my ch. 1 opening scene is now HILARIOUS to me and i really want to share it with people but i can't so that also is making me want to finish, xD

10/7/2016 #20
I have work today until the evening, during that I'll probably be playing chess and periodically checking this site. If I had a crippling deadline id probably be writing a lot more, as it stands I'm currently writing 700-1200 words every few days.
10/7/2016 #21
Dr. Self Destruct
I might try to write today but I'm not making any promises.
10/7/2016 #22
Dr. Self Destruct
...first I have to get out of bed. lol
10/7/2016 #23
Dr. Self Destruct

Got out of bed. Even took a shower. Some call me an overachiever.

10/7/2016 #24
Dr. Self Destruct

So I guess now I'll try to write. Then I should make some breakfast. Fuck, what do I even have here to make...? Oh. Perogies and broccoli, mmmm. The breakfast of champions.

Also have some leftover french fries and pan-fried chicken tenders I could eat.

10/7/2016 #25
Dr. Self Destruct

Ugh. Forgot I have to end this chapter before I start the next one. Laaaaammmmeeee.

10/7/2016 #26
Dr. Self Destruct

Okay, there. 1k words. Gonna go eat something now...

10/7/2016 #27

hooooray writing! lol

i finished ch. 1 and now i'm working on ch. 2 and it's such slow going because i'm having issues with

1. what i know about the world and characters

2. what i've included and actually written about the world and characters in the past 5k of the new opening

3. what i USED to have written, but don't anymore, about the world and characters, that I might THINK i have included in this opening, but actually didn't

so yeah. good times.

10/7/2016 #28

so basically, haha (1) me as the writer as audience (2) reader as audience (3) what i'm imagining the reader audience is understanding

chaos lol

10/7/2016 #29

2 and 3 are so not going to match in some weird way that i won't expect

10/7/2016 #30
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