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Fractured Illusion

Welcome to the RG Merchandise thread. Please suggest different types of merchandise here, or add to already existing categories!



TheReviewGame by Fractured Illusion and others --

Be aware that the ones displayed on the first page not the only ones, look at the left menu: there are the albums and rest of the icons. All icons are free to take.

You can request icons even if they are not RG related. Anyone can make an icon and anyone can take an icon.



That focus on the Review Game, of course! Read and enjoy.

The Amazingly Epic Tale of the Review Game! by Imalefty

HAIL REGGY! by Dreamweaver38

Newbie Visits The Review Game by Miss Bob

The Chronicles Of The Review Game Land by Misty Elizabeth

Manuel by Nicki BluIs

A Tale of Two Wizards by karma-dollie

Hail To The Moon by VelvetyCheerio

Point Blank by Engineer Of Words

Adventures of Lime-Cat by Lime-Cat

An Incomplete History by gigglebug

The RG Truths by A. Gray NEW



From Lefty's fic:

ABS! by Kyllorac --

The Girl in the Penguin Suit by Kyllorac --

Penguin and Bazooka by Miss Bob --

From Miss Bob's fic:

Welcome To the Madness by Miss Bob --

Basement People by Miss Bob --

RG Visit Cover by Dreamweaver38 --

From VelvetyCheerio's fic:

Httm Cover by Dreamweaver38 --

From Nicki BluIs's fic:

Manuel Cover by Dreamweaver38 --

General RG Fanart:

Wiz Lurve by karma-dollie --

Moddess by karma-dollie --

Hail The Schmexy! by Miss Bob --

Ygger's Looking At You. by Miss Bob --

Death In The Forum by Miss Bob --

Karas and Sesshy by Miss Bob --

Mugman by Kirrithian --

Wizards by Miss Bob --



We did it - now lets celebrate! by Fractured Illusion --



The Review Games Unplugged by Misty Elizabeth --

RG Wiki by karma-dollie --



Banishment by Dreamweaver38 --



Review Game Song alá Beatles by Miss Bob



Review Game's Writing Challenge Contest by Denizen47



Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon



Hail to the Moon by VelvetyCheerio




11/29/2008 . Edited 8/29/2012 #1
Fractured Illusion


- Where to upload the icons?

Photobucket is a good choice. It's very easy to navigate and just pay attention the the instructions and you'll learn your way through it. You need have an account to upload images.

- How do I make icons?

The program Paint, that comes with your computer, is free to use.

Another way is to use GIMP, which is free to download.

Photoshop is something for the "elite" but it costs money.

- What size are icons?

Here on FP they come in 100x100.

11/29/2008 . Edited 2/13/2009 #2
Fractured Illusion

--- This post is also reserved, for whatever ---

11/29/2008 #3

I would like an icon! I have two pictures (a hedgehog and a sheriff star) in light of my new RG nickname.

Those are the two I have. I have no expertise in putting two pictures together on the computer. D:

Help, please! :)

11/30/2008 #4
Fractured Illusion

Awww, super cute! XD

I'll definitely try to do it, Sheriff! It might take a bit of time since I need to make the sheriff one transparent, but I will get some results at least :p

is there any special place you want the sheriff tag, or do I just put wherever it looks best?

(to be sure: No text, right?)

11/30/2008 #5

Take your time! I'm in no hurry.

Yes, wherever looks best. I have no preference. :3

and yes, no text under the star. I was going to take it out, but was hurrying to get it up here XD

11/30/2008 #6
Fractured Illusion

Ok, made 5. Quite hard with that badge, it didn't want to cooperate T_T

Here they are.

11/30/2008 #7

Oh, hooray! You're fantastic! :D

11/30/2008 #8

i have a request...! (after being away for so long... T_T)

add a "retinas of steel!" icon to the RM section. XD


ps: i'm gonna try and work on the fanfic within the next few weeks... XD i'll try REALLY HARD. ;_;

12/2/2008 #9
Fractured Illusion

You bring me the chapter, I'll bring you the icon, Lefty XD

What kind of picture would you want with the text?

12/2/2008 #10

someone with retinas of steel. o_o

hahaha i don't know. get creative!

and... i'll work on the chapter. XD i really will... (hopefully... ;_;)


12/2/2008 #11
Fractured Illusion

I did some Secret Santa icons, they don't have a folder of their own since it's only a temporary thing. So they are on the main page.

Check it out here:


Still waiting for that update, girl! *taps foot impatiently* You get no retinas of steel icons before that.

12/11/2008 #12
Mayo on toast

I tried my hand at making some icons....

12/20/2008 #13

It's not an icon. It's a logo in honor of the awesome RG. Hope you guys like it. :)

12/21/2008 #14
Fractured Illusion


I can't access it... I dunno why. It seems I need to log in to access it O_o


AWESOMESAUCE I loves it. Can it be on RG photobucket place? :D

12/21/2008 #15

Yes, of course Moddess!

12/21/2008 #16
Mayo on toast

I can't access it... I dunno why. It seems I need to log in to access it O_o

Fixed it . It should work now... I've never used Photobucket before, and it was automatically on private for some reason...

12/21/2008 #17
Fractured Illusion

It is clear I now need to start a "Pictures" section XD

Thanks Maya I will add those. Funny seeing America being burned haha, and them representing the world. Subliminal message anyone?

12/21/2008 #18
Chasing Skylines

It is clear I now need to start a "Pictures" section XD

Woah, I second that. Much easier than scaling down and fixing font size.

12/21/2008 #19
Mayo on toast

12/21/2008 #20
Mayo on toast

This one more iconic?

12/21/2008 #21
Fractured Illusion

Sorry, it's not 100x100 in size, which is what makes an icon here on FP.

12/21/2008 #22
Mayo on toast

OK. I'll keep that in mind.

12/21/2008 #23
Chasing Skylines

There's something about the bright hued and then blue background that doesn't make the text pop...

12/21/2008 #24
Fractured Illusion


Switch to white for the text :P

12/21/2008 #25
Chasing Skylines


12/21/2008 #26
Chasing Skylines

Sorry, it's not 100x100 in size, which is what makes an icon here on FP.

Frac, I thought they changed it to 150x150. Or am I wrong?

Note: The avatar image has a display size of 150x150 pixels and is shown in both your profile page and alongside forum posts. For best result, upload a square image. If the uploaded image is larger than 150x150, the site will scale it down.

This is what I'm basing any claims on.

EDIT: Because I recently uploaded a 100x100 icon, and it was blurryish, so I scaled it to 150x150, for better results.

More EDIT: Never mind, it appears that doesn't apply in the case of forum avatars, but instead only profile, as the profile picture seems larger than the one on forums.

Even more EDIT: For RM.

12/22/2008 . Edited 12/22/2008 #27
Fractured Illusion

This is what I'm basing any claims on.

Frac knows better than FP, child XD Listen to Frac and you will not be burned.

Okay, so TonyTiger and this RM icon are to be added with your consent! On it!

12/22/2008 #28
Chasing Skylines

XD Frac, you just took the icon I had in my avatar, didn't you? I did a slightly different one (which didn't have a Naruto quote, for one...) in the link, but it's okay.

Old one I showed you, scaled and fixed the text.

12/22/2008 #29
Mayo on toast

Hows this one?

12/22/2008 #30
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