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Mayo on toast

For any KH fans

12/23/2008 #31
Nicki BluIs

I think we should have WCC icons!!!

1/7/2009 #32
Fractured Illusion

I was thinking the same damn thing XD

I will create some this weekend. Any preference on what the text should be?

I welcome everyone else to also make WCC icons. The more the merrier!

1/8/2009 #33
Fractured Illusion

Writing Challenge Contest Icons!

Finally here

1/11/2009 #34
Nicki BluIs


id really like to keep my current av (lips with hearts) but i wanna have a variety of colors to choose from. can anyone tell me how to do that? better yet can anyone do it for me :P


1/11/2009 #35
Fractured Illusion

Done and done. :p

Here you go:

1/12/2009 #36
Nicki BluIs

woot! thanks frac!

1/12/2009 #37
Fractured Illusion

Its not that hard. In GIMP, I just played with the "Color" option. I think in English its something called "Nuance" or something.

1/14/2009 #38
Fractured Illusion

okay, I added STORIES as a category for this thread. That is RG fanfics :) Lefty has one but I have read about you guys wanting to write, and then there is my slow attempt at getting one together.

So if you have any RG fanfics, post the link here and I will add :P

If you can think of more avenues RG Merchandise can venture into, please say so here! :) It'd be fun to expand!

1/20/2009 #39

RG Fanart (of Lefty's epic fanfic)

ABS! -

The Girl in the Penguin Suit -

1/27/2009 #40

because it is wanted, the River(s) [plural] collectively add


because reggy is much so important to us!

Bow down!!!!!!!!!

1/28/2009 #41
Miss Bob

Ladies and Gentleworms... I give you: Newbie Visits The Review Game!

Am also, as we speak, working on request chibis....

1/29/2009 #42
Miss Bob

Aaaaaaand we have a chibi!

Penguin and Bazooka ~

1/29/2009 #43

Should anyone care to see the nonsense Radio does when properly inspired late at night and not using said inspiration for wise things:

Enjoy! ;p

1/30/2009 #44
Miss Bob

I gives you.... Hail The Schmexy!

1/31/2009 #45
Miss Bob

and... trying to think of a title for this one....

Ygger's Looking At You...

(thought of one! :D)

1/31/2009 #46
Fractured Illusion

Playlist (made to celebrate our 200 000 post mark)

Celebrate Playlist --

2/2/2009 #47
Miss Bob

The lastest chapter of Newbie Vists The Review Game is up!

(word to the wise, beware Frac-on-a-war-path! XD)

2/3/2009 #48
Left FP

Here's my contribution to the RG merchandise: Chronicles Of The Review Game Land


2/11/2009 . Edited 2/11/2009 #49
Left FP

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY to all the RGrs. Here's something for you:

Enjoy it! With lots of love, Bender! XD

2/13/2009 #50
Miss Bob

Happy Valentines Day Birgin, perhaps?

A new chapter, dedicated to Bender!

2/14/2009 #51
Left FP

Ah, that's so sweet of you Beatles! XD

I loved the fic! *huggles Beatles*

And I did the 4th installment of my RGFF. Enjoy! XD

2/14/2009 . Edited 2/14/2009 #52
Left FP

And and and, the 6 chapter..... A COUPLE STORY...see Zion and Beatles together in this fic! XD

2/16/2009 #53
Miss Bob

Ack... bender you post chapters inhumanely fast!

*offers up the next installment of her own RGFF*

People, it's like 1800 words! O:

2/16/2009 #54
Sercus Kaynine

@Self Portrait

Meh avatar self!

My crazy pirate self!


Myself at candybardollmaker:




Yeah, I know it's a long link but it works. I really do wear glasses, but I forgot them in my earlier creations (whoops.) This site didn't have a pirate hat, so I gave myself a doggy. :)


2/18/2009 . Edited by Fractured Illusion, 2/21/2009 #55
Fractured Illusion

@"Self portrait"

This is a mini version of Frac's real life look:

I urge all other RGers to make a mini version of themselves and post it here!

2/18/2009 #56

@Self Portrait

2/18/2009 . Edited 2/18/2009 #57
Nicki BluIs

Mini Me!!!

2/18/2009 #58


2/18/2009 #59

Check me out!

EDIT: Sorry, Karas. My fault. :P

2/18/2009 . Edited 2/18/2009 #60
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