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Fractured Illusion

Fang you posted Karas' link. Re-post plz

2/18/2009 #61

"self portrait"

2/18/2009 #62

*pompoms* It's Radio-dollie! ;p

2/18/2009 #63

I like Radio's the best thus far... maybe that's just me. :P

2/18/2009 . Edited 2/18/2009 #64

now I'm just getting carried away

2/18/2009 #65
The Ferrett


2/18/2009 #66

Presenting, Dolly!

Unfortuanatly I couldn't find any black sheep stuff, so I stuck without.

Annoyed Dolly:

Sheepish Dolly:

2/19/2009 . Edited 2/19/2009 #67
Left FP

My mini-self:

2/20/2009 #68
Miss Bob

Item one:

Mini me!

Item two:

Reggy-ness! In icon form!

2/20/2009 #69
Miss Bob

It's rather random, and of course it's deliberately off balance.. but I give you:

Welcome To The Madness

2/21/2009 #70
Miss Bob

2/24/2009 #71
Miss Bob

Karas and Sesshy

(It will soon be Deutsche vs. 1337, but I needs Karas to translate :P)

2/24/2009 #72
Nicki BluIs

I may live to regret this but - the fic is up. But let me say this! if any RGers harrass me about updating, so help me Reggy I'll delete faster than yall can say Hail!

2/24/2009 #73

Zion, don't kill me but this is for you. *cough*mugman*cough*

3/1/2009 #74

Radio finally sucked it up and posted chapter one of five of her RGFF. Enjoy! ;)

A Tale of Two Wizards

(Yes, yes, you were right, Karas and Beatles. Haha!)

3/3/2009 #75
Miss Bob


Radio put up her RGFF and I didn't notice?!?

My apologies Radio, this is dedicated to you!

3/4/2009 #76

Cuz I'm really slow, and only saw those av thingies now... HERE ARE THE FIRST OF THE RIVER(S)

Other Rivers

River(s) two

River(s) voice


3/4/2009 #77


3/6/2009 #78

Ok a totally random question...

Does RG have a wikipedia page? cos that would be hilarious!

3/7/2009 #79
Fractured Illusion

@Wiki page

Haha! XD Hilarious idea. But I actually have never done any wikipedia pages so yeah.

3/7/2009 #80

@ Wiki page is an awesome free wiki site that we could use if you wanted to make an RG wiki. It's really simple to use.

3/7/2009 #81

Okay, I gave it a skeleton. From here, RGers can add their information as they please and fill in what I've surely missed. ;p Make a profile, join the wiki and enjoy! Thanks for the fantabulous idea, Miami!

RG Wiki:

*fingers crossed*

3/7/2009 #82
The Ferrett

*lurk lurk* I did my part to humanity.

3/7/2009 #83

*clears throat*

Chapter two of ATOTW is now available for reading. Hope you like it. :)

3/8/2009 #84
Miss Bob

Ladies and Germs, I give you the long awaited chapter five of Newbie Visits The Review Game!


*cricket chirp*

*dust bowl*

Er. Right. Umm.

Oh yeah! :D

~Chapter Fiverino~

3/21/2009 #85
Fractured Illusion

Ahem - just throwing it out there, but ... RM's Review Squad could use some encouraging icons XD

3/25/2009 #86
Miss Bob

Frac, you will want to read this one! :D

Chapter 6 (the first of three chapter centred about my execution for blasphemy!)

3/26/2009 #87

Chapter 3 of ATOTW is now up. Hope you enjoy it! :)

3/27/2009 #88

Fang has posted her story!

Hail to the Moon. Yayz. :D

3/27/2009 #89
Fractured Illusion

I could make some Review Squad icons but I don't really know what kind of pic to use. Help?

4/29/2009 #90
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