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Nicki BluIs

i was looking at some pwer rangers pics...

or other super hero group typs...

4/29/2009 #91
Fractured Illusion

Haha that sounds rather awesome. Thanks for the ideas!

4/29/2009 #92
Miss Bob

I realise it's for Dolly's freebie, but I felt like posting it XD

Review Game Song!

5/2/2009 #93
Miss Bob

Some people may want it here.... oh well :P

Review Game Song alá Beatles, her mumbling voice and strummy guitar. Wha-hay!

5/13/2009 #94

I guess this is the place to put it:

A C2 for WCC winning entries.

5/19/2009 . Edited 5/19/2009 #95
Fractured Illusion


Is this a sug on what to get or did you forget to link?

If a sug, I think all entries should be in the C2, should we have one. It's not like there is other great reading aside from them winners :p Also might encourage people to participate (cuz they feel included even if they didn't win). Interesting thought, though!

If a link: did mini authorize this or what?

5/19/2009 #96

Oh, have I broken a rule here? Cos I made it at first just for my own benefit because I haven't favourited them all, and just thought everyone else might wanna have a look.

EDIT: Maybe an "official" one made by you or Mini would be better, which includes all entries...

5/19/2009 . Edited 5/19/2009 #97
Fractured Illusion

No we don't have any rules regarding C2 creations. I just figured if RG was going to have a C2 it'd be by the mods.

Ima add it to the first page.

Edit: first post, I meant...

5/19/2009 . Edited 5/19/2009 #98

Ah, sorry. The link has changed:

5/19/2009 #99
Fractured Illusion

Ok, added it!

I found it surprising two were M rated :o

*is tempted by nearby virgin*


5/19/2009 #100
Fractured Illusion

No, I thought about it (for a min almost literally XD) and decided it doesn't matter who makes it. I mean, look at the other categories here on Merch! Plenty of people can do the same thing, so whatever XD If you screw up and dishonor RG "we" can always make a C2 ourselves.

And changing the link now...

5/19/2009 #101

After too long a wait that I won't bore you with the excuses for, chapter four of ATOTW is up.

Enjoy! :)

5/28/2009 #102

I was using StumbleUpon today, and I came across a really weird looking house.

and so, having my brain be addicted to the RG as it should, I came up with this:


I rather like it.


6/19/2009 #103
Miss Bob


7/7/2009 #104

I urge all other RGers to make a mini version of themselves and post it here!

Cause late is better than never :P

7/7/2009 #105

Kay so I got distracted and wandered here and this is what happened D:

KAY, definitely need to go now :x

7/7/2009 #106

we now have an RG book.


7/14/2009 #107
Fractured Illusion

Head's up:

Beebee finished her last chapter of the RGFF!

(chapter 9)

7/16/2009 #108
Engineer of Words

May I have your attention, please.

The latest variant of the RGFF has made its way onto my profile.

I give you Point Blank.

7/17/2009 #109
Engineer of Words

The Cast In No Particular Order: Malcolm Steele [Interpol] Shane Callaway [Sesshy] Zach Mancini [Zion] Faye Holmqvist [Frac] Leslie Brock [Lime] Caitlin Helmsley [Lassie] Nikki Godfrey [Bubbles] Erika Griffin [Sir] Kelly Moss [Beatles] Alena Rossellini [Radio] Valerie Nelson [Sheriff] Kayla Scott [Kylie]

Posted here because I decided [as per Bubbles' advice] that PB should be read as a stand-alone work. This is for reference, though.

7/17/2009 . Edited 7/29/2009 #110

Lime's RGFF:

Adventures of Lime-Cat

7/20/2009 #111
Engineer of Words

Ladies and gentlemen, chapter 3 of Point Blank has been posted.

7/24/2009 #112
Engineer of Words

...And now chapter 4 is live.

7/29/2009 #113
Fractured Illusion

RG presents (through the words made by Zion which I quoted shamelessly) a new way of lame interaction for us: TEAMSPEAK

Dun dun duuun.

You will need: a mic and speakers! Mic is optional if you just want to lurk.


Link to this post:

How to get the FREE and LEGAL software:


But if you have a Mac, go to this link:


Go to that page and download the one which applies to you (for the majority it'll be the first option Windows TeamSpeak 2 Client, though I know we have a couple of mac users).

Download and install - it's pretty self explanatory.

Once you open the programme there is a menu "Connection" , press that and then "Connect". You'll be brought up to a big white box, right click on it and hit add server. Give it whatever name you want and put in a nickname and stuff. When you get to that stage i'll give you the IP address of the server we're in. It'll probably change from day to day as we're not gonna be buying our own one, we'll just find an empty one.

Once you're in I can talk you through configuring your mic.

8/15/2009 . Edited 8/15/2009 #114
Fractured Illusion

So, if anyone want to make any recordings of this, this thread would obviously host it.


Should we decide a date where all/as many as possible join in and mass chaos ensue?

8/15/2009 #115

Should we decide a date where all/as many as possible join in and mass chaos ensue?

either you were listening or had the same idea as me and Radio.

or both. XD

I'm for it, I think it would be a blast. haha!

8/15/2009 #116

Should we decide a date where all/as many as possible join in and mass chaos ensue?

lol, sounds fun... and hectic. I'm in!

8/15/2009 . Edited 8/15/2009 #117

I'm in!

8/15/2009 #118
Chasing Skylines

Should we decide a date where all/as many as possible join in and mass chaos ensue?

Why not? Even though we may all talk over each other. XD

8/15/2009 #119
Sercus Kaynine

Should we decide a date where all/as many as possible join in and mass chaos ensue?


8/15/2009 #120
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