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Zombiesaurus Rex

I register for the August WCC and promise to review the winner.

EDIT: Here's my entry Zero Hour

8/1/2009 . Edited 8/1/2009 #361
Faithless Juliet

I would like to register this month. I have read all of the rules, and shall review the winner. Good luck everybody!!

Here is my entry: Falling asleep in Ball Gowns

8/1/2009 #362

I register for WCC this month and promise to review the winner ♥

8/1/2009 #363

I register for the August WCC and promise to review the winner

Here's my entry: Ivory Tower

8/1/2009 . Edited 8/3/2009 #364

I register for the August WCC and I promise to review the winner!

EDIT: Here's my piece:

Message of Bereavement

8/1/2009 . Edited 8/2/2009 #365
Nicki BluIs

OMG! It's August! I register for WCC, and totally promise to review the winner!

8/1/2009 #366

I register for WCC and will review the lucky winner.

8/1/2009 #367

I register for the August WCC (Birthday luck!) and promise to review the winner. It won't take me six months this time!

8/2/2009 #368
Sour Plums

I register for the August contest [A Moment Ruins Forever] and I promise to give an in-depth review to the winner! Is it ok if my story is merely 20 words over the limit? There really wasn't much else I could cut out...

8/3/2009 . Edited 8/3/2009 #369

I register for August WCC, have read the rules and will review the winner!


8/4/2009 . Edited 8/7/2009 #370

I register for the August WCC and promise to review the winner.


8/4/2009 . Edited 8/4/2009 #371
Pandora's Flight

I register for the August WCC and I promise to review the winner :)

Edit: Here's my entry:

8/4/2009 . Edited 8/5/2009 #372
When Eden Burns

I register for the August WCC and I do hereby solemnly swear I'll review the winner. Honest. =]

Oh, and my entry is here: The Beast and It's Girl

8/4/2009 #373
Royal Bliss

I register for August WCC and promise to review the winner.

My Entry: Shakedown

AHAHHAH Submitted it 11:59. Beeeloooww meeee. *

* I didn't make my link active... this edit was for that.

8/4/2009 . Edited 8/8/2009 #374
Sakiru Yume

I register for the August WCC and promise to review the winner. If I win, please review on "Despair's Calms". Thanks.

My entry:

8/5/2009 #375

I register for the August WCC and promise to review the winner. Here is my entry:

8/5/2009 #376
Kit-Kat Punk-lover

I shall register, follow the rules, and of course, review the winner :)

Here is my entry:

8/6/2009 #377

I register and promise to review the winner.

HERE is my last-minute entry.

8/7/2009 #378
Fractured Illusion


Poll coming shortly.

8/8/2009 #379
Fractured Illusion

Thanks to my powers of mad l33t skillz, I can safely say that


Now go read them entries! :D


The poll will be kept til the end of the 14th.


Total participants this month: 25

Total submissions: 18


Please notify me instantly if there is any error in the poll (whether spelling or mixing up titles/authors or actually just forgetting one!).

8/8/2009 . Edited 8/9/2009 #380

Are we supposed to be able to vote for two like usual? It's only letting me vote for one story.

8/9/2009 #381
Fractured Illusion

Thanks for pointing that out! It's been fixed now.

But 4 people already voted with the faulty setting... Should I re-start the poll? Poll deadline would be changed accordingly if so.

8/9/2009 #382
Sercus Kaynine

When Eden Burns' piece The Beast and its Girl isn't in the poll!

8/9/2009 #383

if we're missing an option, I think the poll should be restarted. Just to be fair and all.

8/9/2009 #384
Sercus Kaynine

if we're missing an option, I think the poll should be restarted. Just to be fair and all.

Yeah, especially since there was a problem earlier too.

8/9/2009 #385
Fractured Illusion


Due to failure on my behalf, the poll has been changed, which means I deleted the old poll and made a new one. If you voted on the old poll, please vote again in this new one. This poll is completely new.

I apologize for the inconvenience.

Poll deadline: end of August 15th.

8/9/2009 #386
Fractured Illusion

And to remind you all once more: voting ends at the end of today (15th).

8/15/2009 #387
Fractured Illusion


Kit-Kat Punk-lover is the winner of a depth review from each participant. Congratulations to you! :D

Review deadline: end of 29th!


(We are having people over at the moment til tomorrow. Most likely won't be able to do the list til they leave, but I shall try! The proper posts WILL be coming.)

8/16/2009 #388
Fractured Illusion

(Doing it all official like this time :p)



Kit-Kat Punk-lover with her piece "Suffocate"!

Congratulations, Kit-Kat Punk-lover! Bask in the lime light!

Now, to remind everyone: ALL participants have two weeks to review Kit-Kat Punk-lover with a depth review. For review requirements please look at the first post.

You can review whatever you choose from the winner. It doesn't need to be the winning piece.

The review must be delivered til the 29th. If you think you have any trouble delivering it by that time, please tell us in Problems/Questions.

You are bound by depth review requirements. These are your minimum to fulfill. If you have ANY questions regarding depth review requirements, please ask in Problems/Questions.



For review requirements please look at the first post.



(I will make another post soon that contains the score etc.)

8/16/2009 #389
Fractured Illusion


Kit-Kat Punk-lover


I just wish to remind everyone: you are fully allowed to review other participants. The MINIMUM however is to review the winner with one depth review.

You have til the 29th to review the winner, as previously stated.


Participants that are expected to review the winner:

The Eternal Masquerade - DONE


Duckies - DONE

Denizen47 - DONE

Royal Bliss - DONE

Faithless Juliet - DONE

Zombiesaurus Rex - DONE

fatbird33- DONE

vinny2 - DONE

kittyinjurface (who is now apparently Sour Plums) - DONE

SoneAnna - DONE

Cottia - DONE

SeasideDreams - DONE

George Doctanian - DONE

When Eden Burns - DONE

gigglebug - DONE

Sakiru Yume - DONE

dragonflydreamer - DONE

MandiCandy - DONE

tangerine dreamer. - DONE

Xephia - DONE

Nicki BluIs - DONE



Aeriim - DONE

When you have reviewed in accordance to the review requirements, I will check you off the list. PM me what piece you reviewed (and if it has several chapters - what chapter). Don't just say "I reviewed", because I need to check the validity of your review before you're checked off.

Winner, please PM me what you would like the next WCC prompt to be like. It must be delivered before the 29th.


Review requirements are Depth, and stated in the first post.


Total participants: 26

Total active participants: 18

Total amount of voters: 30


Score board:

Kit-Kat Punk-lover: 6 votes

The Eternal Masquerade: 5 votes

Ashelin: 5 votes

Duckies: 4 votes

Denizen47: 4 votes

Royal Bliss: 4 votes

Faithless Juliet: 4 votes

Zombiesaurus Rex: 3 votes

fatbird33: 2 votes

vinny2: 2 votes

kittyinjurface (Sour Plums): 2 votes

SoneAnna: 1 vote

Cottia: 1 vote

SeasideDreams: 1 vote

George Doctanian: 1 vote

When Eden Burns: 1 vote

gigglebug: 0 votes

Sakiru Yume: 0 votes

dragonflydreamer: no piece

MandiCandy: no piece

tangerine dreamer.: no piece

Xephia: no piece

Nicki BluIs: no piece

Catchalittle: no piece

KingdomHeartsIsLight: no piece

Aeriim: no piece




Just a little random trivia - yesterday, the amount of voters were at 22. And when the poll closed - 30! Ha! What a bunch of procrastinators you all are XD

(also guilty as charged!)

8/16/2009 . Edited 8/3/2010 #390
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