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Sercus Kaynine

I register and promise to review the winner!

My entry: Smooth Jazz

2/5/2010 . Edited 2/5/2010 #661

Whoo, yay, I'm allowed back in! :D I saw the prompt for this month and was like, "Must get unbanned!" :P

So yes, I register and promise to review the winner. :)

ETA: Posted. :) to dance is to live. (It's a poem!)

2/6/2010 . Edited 2/6/2010 #662
in theory

I would like to register for February's WCC (my first one! :D) I promise to review the winner. My entry is 'Synonyphs'

2/6/2010 #663
Fractured Illusion

Everyone has til the end of today to make registrations + submissions for WCC February! We go by FP time as usual. Good luck everyone!

2/7/2010 #664
Wanderer With a Broken Heart

I'm not sure if I'm doing this right... but my submission is Life and I promise to review the winner... Sorry if this is wrong, but I'm new :)

2/7/2010 #665

Whew! My first time doing this. I register and promise to review the winner. Here's my piece: Broken.

Should I win, I'd like reviews primarily for "Rebirth" and "Broken." Reviews for "Dream Catcher" would alright as well.

Good luck and good reading to all! :D

2/7/2010 #666
Fractured Illusion


Voting deadline: til the end of the 14th

We go by FP time, as per usual.

You can only vote once, and with max two votes.

If I made any errors in the poll please notify as soon as possible.

2/8/2010 #667

I have changed the title of my piece from Broken to Discordance. Just thought I should let you know, so it could be edited on the poll and such.

I'm sorry about the abruptness, and I apologize for any inconvenience, Frac.

2/8/2010 #668
Fractured Illusion


2/13/2010 #669
Fractured Illusion



lookingwest with her piece "Notes on Women or, What Is Woman?"!

Congratulations, lookingwest! Well done!

Now, to remind everyone: ALL participants have two weeks to review lookingwest with a depth review. For review requirements please look at the first post.

You can review whatever you choose from the winner. It doesn't need to be the winning piece.

The review must be delivered til the 28th. If you think you have any trouble delivering it by that time, please tell us in Problems/Questions.

You are bound by depth review requirements. These are your minimum to fulfill. If you have ANY questions regarding depth review requirements, please ask in Problems/Questions.



For review requirements please look at the first post.



(I will make another post that contains the score etc.)

2/15/2010 #670
Fractured Illusion




I just wish to remind everyone: you are fully allowed to review other participants. The MINIMUM however is to review the winner with one depth review.

You have til the 28th to review the winner, as previously stated.


Participants that are expected to review the winner:

Mizzuz Spock - DONE

Solstice Princess - TEMPORARILY BANNED

SoneAnna - DONE

Sercus Kaynine - DONE

Kate Marshall - DONE

CyneNoir - DONE

in theory - DONE

Undead Fishtank - DONE

Fractured Illusion - DONE

sophiesix - DONE


no.peace.los.angeles - DONE

fatbird33 - DONE

When you have reviewed in accordance to the review requirements, I will check you off the list. PM me what piece you reviewed (and if it has several chapters - what chapter). Don't just say "I reviewed", because I need to check the validity of your review before you're checked off.

Winner, please PM me what you would like the next WCC prompt to be like. It must be delivered before the 30th.


Review requirements are Depth, and stated in the first post.


Total participants: 14

Total active participants: 14

Total amount of voters: 24


Score board:

lookingwest: 10 votes

Mizzuz Spock: 9 votes

Solstice Princess: 5 votes

SoneAnna: 5 votes

Sercus Kaynine: 3 votes

Kate Marshall: 3 votes

CyneNoir: 2 votes

in theory: 1 vote

Undead Fishtank: 1 vote

Fractured Illusion: 1 vote

sophiesix: 1 vote

rflattsbtbr7: no vote

no.peace.los.angeles: no vote

fatbird33: no vote




Wow, everyone that registered participated too. Awesome, guys!

2/15/2010 . Edited 3/15/2010 #671
Mizzuz Spock

WHOOOOO!! Gratz, Potter! :D

2/15/2010 #672
Nicki BluIs

wanna say i read the top two and they were pretty damn impressive. congrats to potter and woot for all the participants!

2/15/2010 #673

Oh wow, thank you thank you thank you to everyone who voted for me! I really, really appreciate it! I edited my post above for what I'd like reviewed. And yes, a second W00T for all the participants, you guys are awesome!

2/15/2010 #674

Nice work, lookingwest. :)

I must figure out how to write things people will actually like for the future. :P

2/15/2010 #675
Sercus Kaynine

Congrats, Potter!

2/15/2010 #676

I will jump on the bandwagon: Good job on your accomplishment! :D

2/15/2010 #677

*gives celebration-themed Happy Drink basket to Potter*

2/15/2010 #678

*gives celebration-themed Happy Drink basket to Potter*

Oh, why thank you! *shares with participants* XD

2/15/2010 #679
Nicki BluIs


I LOVE your av, CyneNoir!

end OT

2/16/2010 #680


Thanks Nicki! :D I quite like it myself.

End OT

2/16/2010 #681
Fractured Illusion

Ok, FP is being a female dog again, and it won't let me link through edits with the usual code D= But anyway, I have marked off those who are done with DONE, but won't be able to link until it's back to normal.edit: weird. so apparently it automatically added some "class=flink" into the code, and I had to remove it through a second edit to get it work. Argh, confusing.

Edit 2: holy shit now people are disappearing from the list as I add D= Dam juu, FP!

In other news: Don't forget to review the winner before the end of the 28th!

2/27/2010 . Edited 2/27/2010 #682
Fractured Illusion

Dudes, not kidding. Hand in the review or you'll get expelled!

2/28/2010 #683
Fractured Illusion


2/28/2010 #684
Fractured Illusion

New month starts tomorrow too. In case anyone forgot. Because I sorta did.

2/28/2010 #685
Fractured Illusion

Depth review requirements are linked to in the first post of this topic.

In case anyone wants to make the lame excuse of not finding them. Because I do mention they are in that post every single month.

2/28/2010 #686

Dudes, not kidding. Hand in the review or you'll get expelled!



Frac, you are truly the Moddess of all Moddesses... :P

2/28/2010 #687
Fractured Illusion

*shamelessly spamming for new page*

2/28/2010 #688
Fractured Illusion


Well you know, nothing says power quite as much as the ability to alienate at will.

2/28/2010 #689
Fractured Illusion

If you are expelled, you can't take part in the next month's awesomesauce WCC! Yeah!

2/28/2010 #690
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