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Fractured Illusion

I'm so convincing, I should sell cars.

2/28/2010 #691
Fractured Illusion


Employee of the month, here I come!

2/28/2010 #692
Fractured Illusion

WCC March is a pretty big deal guys.

You wouldn't want to miss it.

*mysterious look*

2/28/2010 #693

Well you know, nothing says power quite as much as the ability to alienate at will.

A comment that's particularly pertinent right now seeing as you seem to have Cthulhu as your icon... XD

2/28/2010 . Edited 2/28/2010 #694
Fractured Illusion

Speaking of - expelled people will be eaten by Cthulhu. It's just the inevitable truth. He's agreed to not OM NOM NOM on RGers, but once you're banned and in no man's land, Frac's loving but strict hand can't reach you anymore.

Loving!...but strict.

So gimme the hand ins!

2/28/2010 #695
Fractured Illusion

WCC February was fun.

Congrats again to Potter!

Poetry is seducing 2010 with no shame.

Must be them purty words.

2/28/2010 #696
Fractured Illusion

2010 - The Revenge of the Poets!


It sounded more impressive in my head.

2/28/2010 #697
Fractured Illusion

WCC March right around the corner!

Hi thar, future.


Are we there yet?

2/28/2010 #698
You know Frac - It is technically March for us already...


2/28/2010 #699
Fractured Illusion

Ok, not there just yet.

Edit: Yes, but in the end, we don't count in this American place. Ahaha...ha...ha. :(

2/28/2010 . Edited 2/28/2010 #700
Frac - you do make me lol. ^_^

I now have images of Cthulhu munching on small, avatar type people :\

If I have freaky dreams this morning, I'm blaming you. :P

2/28/2010 #701
Fractured Illusion

"If I have freaky dreams this morning, I'm blaming you. :P"

Frac's loving but strict hand can't reach you in your dreams, so I shall not feel too bad if that were to happen :p

Cheers to the new page! Thanks for the help.

2/28/2010 #702
Undead Fishtank
Cthulhu cannot eat my Weighted Companion Cube! (It's also a WCC of sorts. :D)
2/28/2010 #703
Fractured Illusion



Damn this site phail, I hope this post comes out right...




Prompt given by lookingwest, last month's winner.


Remember, even though there must be a connection between your submitted piece and the prompt, you need not make "obvious" connections. The prompt is meant to inspire.

Registrations and submissions have now started! Edit in the link to your piece in your registration post once it has been created. You can register and submit your work until the end of the 7th of March. Remember, one piece per person! We accept both poetry and stories.

If you have any preference on what you want reviewed if you win, write that into your registration post.

It is okay to promote voting through author note or your profile.

If you have any questions, ask at Problems/Questions.

If you find bumps on your way, you can go to Help with your writing and get help there.

Otherwise, Resources for Writing has some nifty links to help you along with uncertain areas.

Good luck everyone!

3/1/2010 #704
Mizzuz Spock
Gah. As much as I hate to do this, I'm gonna have to pull out. This week was just so busy, and I don't have enough time remaining to make this piece WORK. D:

Great job to all those who have entered so far. And good luck! :D

3/1/2010 . Edited 3/7/2010 #705
I register for the March WCC and promise to review the winner!

My submission: Flow Writing Near 4AM

3/1/2010 . Edited 3/7/2010 #706
Anise Cary
I register for the March WCC and I promise to review the winner.
3/1/2010 #707
i register for the WCC and promise to review the winner:)
3/1/2010 #708
Thoth Tarot
i register and will review the winner
3/1/2010 #709
Constantine Westwood
I register for the March WCC and promise to review the winner.
3/1/2010 #710
Oh, I like it. :D I register and promise to review the winner. ETA: Here's my entry: no air
3/1/2010 . Edited 3/6/2010 #711
Anise Cary
OK here's my entry The Perfect Shot I really hope the HTML works for the link
3/2/2010 #712
lyla fo fyla
Oh, why not. I register and will review the winner.

I wasn't going to finish... but I decided to suck it up and complete it: Color me Dreamer

3/2/2010 . Edited 3/7/2010 #713

Im in! Ive read ze rules and promeez to review ze winnah too

My entry is Fishbowl:

3/2/2010 #714
I register for the WCC and promise to review the winner.
3/2/2010 #715
Sparkling Sploosh
I register for the WCC and I will, of course, review the winner.

Edit: Here is my entry Guardian Angel. Fiction Press says it is 2,046 words but that is including my AN. On my computer the story is 1,991.

3/2/2010 . Edited 3/4/2010 #716
Eternal Skies
I register for the WCC and promise to review the winner~ GL to everyone!! :)
3/3/2010 #717
Here is my entry: Follow the Prayer
3/3/2010 . Edited 3/7/2010 #718
Faithless Juliet
I'd like to register. I've read all the rules and agree to review the winner. Here is my piece:
3/4/2010 #719
Nicki BluIs
I register for March WCC! I read the rules and I will review!

Here's my piece:

3/5/2010 #720
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