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Fractured Illusion

Notice: The end of the 7th is quickly approaching!

3/6/2010 #721
Constantine Westwood
Do we have till midnight?
3/7/2010 #722
Fractured Illusion
Yes, you have until the 8th starts, by FP time. And now its 1:42pm FP time, so there's quite a few hours left :p
3/7/2010 #723
Dougie Boy
I would like to register for the March WCC. I promise to review the winner. Here is my entry: Prompting the Prompt
3/7/2010 . Edited 3/7/2010 #724
Constantine Westwood
My entry is "The Dove and the Deluge":
3/7/2010 #725
Fractured Illusion

5 min left! :p

3/7/2010 #726
Fractured Illusion


Voting deadline: til the end of the 14th

We go by FP time, as per usual.

You can only vote once, and with max two votes.

If I made any errors in the poll please notify as soon as possible.

3/8/2010 #727
Constantine Westwood
Sorry for more noob questions, but this is my first WCC. Are we allowed to edit our pieces after submission?
3/8/2010 #728
Fractured Illusion

Not while the poll is open, but before and after the poll.

3/8/2010 #729
Fractured Illusion

Keep on voting til the end of the 14th!

3/12/2010 #730
Fractured Illusion



sophiesix with her piece "Fishbowl"!

Congratulations, sophiesix! Keep it up!

Now, to remind everyone: ALL participants have two weeks to review sophiesix with a depth review. For review requirements please look at the first post.

You can review whatever you choose from the winner. It doesn't need to be the winning piece.

The review must be delivered til the 28th. If you think you have any trouble delivering it by that time, please tell us in Problems/Questions.

You are bound by depth review requirements. These are your minimum to fulfill. If you have ANY questions regarding depth review requirements, please ask in Problems/Questions.



For review requirements please look at the first post.



(I will make another post that contains the score etc.)

3/15/2010 #731
Fractured Illusion




I just wish to remind everyone: you are fully allowed to review other participants. The MINIMUM however is to review the winner with one depth review.

You have til the 28th to review the winner, as previously stated.


Participants that are expected to review the winner:

Constantine Westwood - DONE

lookingwest - DONE

Lyla Glee - DONE

Dougie Boy - DONE

qczhao - DONE

no.peace.los.angeles - DONE

Faithless Juliet - DONE

Nicki BluIs - DONE

Anise-Cary - DONE

sparklingsploosh - DONE

fatbird33 - DONE



When you have reviewed in accordance to the review requirements, I will check you off the list. PM me what piece you reviewed (and if it has several chapters - what chapter). Don't just say "I reviewed", because I need to check the validity of your review before you're checked off.

Winner, please PM me what you would like the next WCC prompt to be like. It must be delivered before the 28th.


Review requirements are Depth, and stated in the first post.


Total participants: 14

Total active participants: 11

Total amount of voters: 23


Score board:

sophiesix: 8 votes

Constantine Westwood: 7 votes

lookingwest: 6 votes

Lyla Glee: 6 votes

Dougie Boy: 5 votes

qczhao: 3 votes

no.peace.los.angeles: 2 votes

Faithless Juliet: 2 votes

Nicki BluIs: 2 votes

Anise-Cary: 1 vote

sparklingsploosh: 0 votes

fatbird33: no piece

Thoth Tarot: no piece

Eternal Skies: no piece




See you next month!

3/15/2010 . Edited 4/11/2010 #732
Fractured Illusion

Deadline quickly approaching!

Don't forget to review the winner with a depth review, guys.

3/26/2010 #733
Fractured Illusion

Tomorrow's the 28th!

Don't forget to review.

3/27/2010 #734
Fractured Illusion

It's the 28th today.

You got until the end of today to hand in that review.

Don't forget: depth review requirements + PM me what story you reviewed.

3/28/2010 #735
Mizzuz Spock


Doesn't April WCC start tomorrow? :D

3/31/2010 #736
Mizzuz Spock

Where's the spam for the next page?

3/31/2010 #737
Anise Cary

you really wanna spam it that much?

3/31/2010 #738
Mizzuz Spock


3/31/2010 #739
Mizzuz Spock

La la laaaaaaaaaa...

3/31/2010 #740
Mizzuz Spock

One evening as the sun went down

3/31/2010 #741
Mizzuz Spock

The jungle fires were burning

3/31/2010 #742
Mizzuz Spock

Down the track came a hobo hikin'

3/31/2010 #743
Mizzuz Spock

And he said, Boys, I'm not turnin'

3/31/2010 #744
lyla fo fyla

I want to spam a little!

...This will probably be it.

3/31/2010 #745
Mizzuz Spock

I'm heading to a land that's far away

3/31/2010 #746
Mizzuz Spock

Beyond the crystal fountain

3/31/2010 #747
Mizzuz Spock

So come with me

3/31/2010 #748
Mizzuz Spock

We'll go an' see

3/31/2010 #749
Mizzuz Spock


3/31/2010 #750
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