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Fractured Illusion


5/1/2010 #781
Fractured Illusion

I am tired, grumpy, and unwitty. This is not ideal for quick spamming sessions.

5/1/2010 #782
Fractured Illusion

Why does my head hurt? Urk.

5/1/2010 #783
Fractured Illusion

Tempted to post song lyrics just so I wouldn't have to think.

5/1/2010 #784
Fractured Illusion

But that seems too OT for WCC-spam.

5/1/2010 #785
Fractured Illusion

Haha. I thought my pen said "slaughter" but it said "fastigheter". Haha...

5/1/2010 #786
Fractured Illusion


5/1/2010 #787
Fractured Illusion

Hahaha. Ha.

5/1/2010 #788
Fractured Illusion

It's not even funny.

5/1/2010 #789
Fractured Illusion

I'm just boring myself.

5/1/2010 #790
Fractured Illusion

Whoaaaa. I clicked one of those clickable thingies on the post reply menu, AND MY ENTIRE WINDOW BECAME A HUGE REPLY BOX

5/1/2010 #791
Fractured Illusion


5/1/2010 #792
Fractured Illusion

Even my dog is sighing at how boring I am. Not my day today. Haha. But whatevs man. When I get that virgin, it will bless my day, and it will all be shits and giggles.

5/1/2010 #793
Fractured Illusion

I'm glad you approve, Priestly.

5/1/2010 #794
Fractured Illusion

You look fierce in yellow.

5/1/2010 #795
Fractured Illusion

Maybe yellow would be WCC's standard know, if every thread had a color associated with them.

5/1/2010 #796
Fractured Illusion

Or maybe WCC would be green, because the poll results things are green, and WCC is the topic that always uses the poll. Hmm...

5/1/2010 #797
Fractured Illusion

These issues are important to me, as you all can tell.

5/1/2010 #798
Fractured Illusion

Man Im so out of it, I keep forgetting where I am. This feels like the OT now because I am totally abusing poor WCC.

I'm sorry, beloved thread.

5/1/2010 #799
Fractured Illusion

At least I didn't resort to song lyrics.

5/1/2010 #800
Fractured Illusion



Hell yes! I made it! Spring love for all, my pepsies!




Prompt given by lookingwest, last month's winner.


Remember, even though there must be a connection between your submitted piece and the prompt, you need not make "obvious" connections. The prompt is meant to inspire.

Registrations and submissions have now started! Edit in the link to your piece in your registration post once it has been created. You can register and submit your work until the end of the 7th of May. Remember, one piece per person! We accept both poetry and stories.

If you have any preference on what you want reviewed if you win, write that into your registration post.

It is okay to promote voting through author note or your profile.

If you have any questions, ask at Problems/Questions.

If you find bumps on your way, you can go to Help with your writing and get help there.

Otherwise, Resources for Writing has some nifty links to help you along with uncertain areas.

Good luck everyone!

5/1/2010 #801

I'm in! I promise to review the winner.

And here's my entry:

A Good Day for the End of the World

(As always, it looks like it's over the wordcount, but Word puts it at 1999 words.)

5/1/2010 . Edited 5/5/2010 #802

Screw the imepeding double deadline...

Screw the fact I haven't started either of them yet...

Sign me up! I hereby promise to review the winner. :D

*reveals entry with a flourish*


5/1/2010 . Edited 5/2/2010 #803

I promise to review the winner.

My entry is Descent. If you've read it before, please re-read it before you vote! I have done multiple edits!

Please submit a review for The Cabbie if I win.

5/1/2010 . Edited 5/8/2010 #804

I'm in an promise to the review the winner!

Submission: Excerpt from The Light at The End of The Tunnel

5/1/2010 . Edited 5/3/2010 #805

hey! i will participate in the WCC of May (best month of the year!) and i have read the rules and all that jazz. maybe this month i'll actually have time to submit something :)

here's my entry: To Allah

5/1/2010 . Edited 5/5/2010 #806

I Register for the May WCC and promise to review the winner.

If I win please review the latter chapters of the Mindless Ones.

My Entry: Lamb instead of pork

My Review:Eventide

5/1/2010 . Edited 5/17/2010 #807

I register for the May WCC and will review the winner. Even if I don't submit anything in time.

5/1/2010 #808
Once Upon a Time is Forever

This is me, registering for the May WCC and promising to review the winner :D

If I were to win please review any chapter of A Christmas to Remember.

5/1/2010 #809
Yudue's Lover

I am in and I promise to review the winner.

(sorry the author's note made it over 2000 words) (Dreamless - my entry)

5/1/2010 . Edited 5/3/2010 #810
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