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lyla fo fyla

Aw, wow, work just got infinetely better, haha. Thanks much to everyone who voted! That's awesome :)

WCC threesome gala, yo. Dress up.

Sounds fancy, lol.

1/18/2011 #1,231
Fractured Illusion

Hey. People. Mes amis. Look at the date. Remember the deadline.

edit: oh yes it's the end of 30th. That makes me a little bit less nervous

1/26/2011 . Edited 1/26/2011 #1,232

you and me both, fracalac. hahaha! especially since I have near no time until Saturday. whew!

1/26/2011 #1,233
Fractured Illusion

Come on now, midnight, appear.

1/31/2011 #1,234
Fractured Illusion

Hum da dum dum

1/31/2011 #1,235
Fractured Illusion

Shameless advertising: We (the RG forum) are getting a new Review Game tomorrow!

1/31/2011 #1,236
Fractured Illusion

And by tomorrow, I mean like, in one hour.

1/31/2011 #1,237
Fractured Illusion

And the game is trial base anyway.

1/31/2011 #1,238
Fractured Illusion

...I'm gonna stop downplaying the excitement now.

1/31/2011 #1,239
Fractured Illusion

Hurrah, a new WCC soon!

1/31/2011 #1,240
Fractured Illusion

A wild WCC post has appeared!

1/31/2011 #1,241
Fractured Illusion

What will you do?

1/31/2011 #1,242
Fractured Illusion

Change icon?

1/31/2011 #1,243
Fractured Illusion

Post some more?

1/31/2011 #1,244
Fractured Illusion

Try to not make any sense?

1/31/2011 #1,245
Fractured Illusion

All of the above?

1/31/2011 #1,246
Fractured Illusion


1/31/2011 #1,247
Fractured Illusion

What post am I on anyway?

1/31/2011 #1,248
Fractured Illusion


1/31/2011 #1,249
Fractured Illusion

...Mom? Is that you?

1/31/2011 #1,250
Fractured Illusion



The month of love 'n shit.


Prompt: change something


Prompt given by Lyla Glee, last month's winner.


Remember, even though there must be a connection between your submitted piece and the prompt, you need not make "obvious" connections. The prompt is meant to inspire.

Registrations and submissions have now started! Edit in the link to your piece in your registration post once it has been created. You can register and submit your work until the end of the 7th of February. Remember, one piece per person! We accept both poetry and stories.

If you have any preference on what you want reviewed if you win, write that into your registration post.

It is okay to promote voting through author note or your profile.

If you have any questions, ask at Problems/Questions.

If you find bumps on your way, you can go to Help with your writing and get help there.

Otherwise, Resources for Writing has some nifty links to help you along with uncertain areas.

Good luck everyone!

2/1/2011 #1,251

Damn, never mind. I thought I'd have time, and I was wrong. :( Good luck, everyone!

2/1/2011 . Edited 2/7/2011 #1,252

I'll give it try. I read the rules and I promise to review the winner and stuff.

My entry: Somewhere I Know There Is Nothing

2/1/2011 . Edited 2/5/2011 #1,253

I do hereby register and promise to review the winner.

My piece: Serotonin

2/1/2011 . Edited 2/1/2011 #1,254
Skyward Ending

I register and all that good stuff

My piece is Never Made a Man Wise

2/1/2011 . Edited 2/6/2011 #1,255

I'm in and will review the winner.

My piece: Strobus

2/1/2011 . Edited 2/7/2011 #1,256
Sercus Kaynine

I'm in and promise to review the winner.

EDIT: Therapy for the Unlucky

FP lies! It is exactly 2,000 words, including the A/N.

2/1/2011 . Edited 2/1/2011 #1,257
Robert Shannon

I register and will review the winner.

My submission: The Economics of Money

2/1/2011 . Edited 2/2/2011 #1,258

I'm in and will review the winner.

Submission: It's Not Okay

2/1/2011 . Edited 2/3/2011 #1,259
lyla fo fyla

I'm in and shall review the winner, mhm.

Word count's 1995

Entry: She's in a Rut

2/1/2011 . Edited 2/7/2011 #1,260
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