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Fractured Illusion


Due to the author wishing it, The Vegetarian Serial Killer has been taken out of the poll (but will still review the winner of course).

As a note for future happenings: Don't detract your piece in the middle of voting, please. Because people will most likely have voted for you by then. That just makes their votes completely wasted. And if you do not care to win you can give the reviews away to someone else.

I hope this will not happen again. I can't control your free will of course but please be mindful of your fellow participants. I can't see who votes for what, and therefore I can't give a vote back.

Carry on.

4/11/2009 #181
Fractured Illusion

Sorry for taking so long, will post the results shortly!

4/14/2009 #182
Fractured Illusion


No one!

We have a tie, folks!

The tie is between Withered Beauty by Carus, and Dandelion by DeeFective.

We haven't had a tie before, so I will explain what will happen.

First, I will document the results as I always do in a following post. When I am done with that, I will make a new poll. This new poll only has the choice between Carus and DeeFective. Only one can win in WCC after all.

It will be a blind poll, and it will last two days. That it will last two days does not mean your review period will be shortened. I will just set the deadline two days later than usual.

So please re-read the pieces if you are unsure which is your favorite. If you are already dead-certain, then just hang on 'til I get the new poll.

((Any questions just ask, unless the answers are already painfully obvious))

4/14/2009 #183
Fractured Illusion




I just wish to remind everyone: you are fully allowed to review other participants aside from the winner's review. The MINIMUM however is to review the winner with one depth review.

In Carus' case, she gave the liberty for the participants to choose "anyone who has submitted a piece for WCC April". As she herself submitted a piece, a review for one of her stories/poems will be seen as legit as well.

You will have til the 30th to review the winner.


Participants that are expected to review the winner:

DeeFective - DONE

vinny2 - DONE

Royal Bliss - DONE

outspoken-ryn - DONE

Denizen47 - DONE

Mazkeraide - DONE

Lea Ai - DONE

SuzannaR - DONE

SeasideDreams - DONE

The Ferrett - DONE

dances.with.sunflowers. - DONE

fatbird33 - DONE

gigglebug - DONE

Fractured Illusion - DONE

effervescent-sentiments - DONE

Misty Elizabeth - DONE

Dreamweaver38 - DONE

improvisationallychallenged - DONE

karma-dollie - DONE

cbei02 - DONE


The Vegetarian Serial Killer - DONE

eyerene - DONE

VelvetyCheerio - DONE

When you have reviewed in accordance to the review requirements, I will check you off the list. PM me what piece you reviewed (and if it has several chapters - what chapter). Don't just say "I reviewed", because I need to check the validity of your review before you're checked off.

In this special case, if you reviewed someone other than Carus, please PM me both username and piece title. Thank you.

Winner, please PM me what you would like the next WCC prompt to be like. It must be delivered before the 28th.


Review requirements are Depth, and stated in the first post.


Total participants: 25

Total active participants: 19

Total amount of voters: 40


Score Board:

Carus: 7 votes

DeeFective: 7 votes

vinny2: 6 votes

Royal Bliss: 5 votes

outspoken-ryn: 5 votes

Denizen47: 5 votes

Mazkeraide: 4 votes

Lea Ai: 4 votes

SuzannaR: 4 votes

SeasideDreams: 3 votes

The Ferrett: 3 votes

dances.with.sunflowers.: 3 votes

fatbird33: 3 votes

gigglebug: 2 votes

Fractured Illusion: 2 votes

effervescent-sentiments: 2 votes

Misty Elizabeth: 1 vote

Dreamweaver38: 1 vote

improvisationallychallenged: 0 votes

karma-dollie: no piece

cbei02: no piece

-totallyred-: no piece

The Vegetarian Serial Killer: no piece

eyerene: no piece

VelvetyCheerio: no piece



Tie-breaking poll:

Carus: 18 votes

DeeFective: 14 votes

Total voters: 32



This month we broke the record of voters with a whooping amount of 40 total! Active participants were also increased from last month. Kudos, everyone!

Now the tie-breaking poll will come up shortly.


(If there are any typos, wrong/dead links etc, please let me know immediately!)

4/14/2009 . Edited 5/6/2009 #184

A tie? Oooh.

4/14/2009 #185
Fractured Illusion


The tie-breaking poll ends in at least 6 hours! Don't forget to vote if you haven't already!

4/15/2009 #186
Fractured Illusion


Carus: 18 votes (winner of WCC April)

DeeFective: 14 votes

I am really in a rush, will fix the rest later when I get home.

Congratulations, Carus!

4/16/2009 #187


I am in shock. Thank you everyone who voted!

I'd like to give away my reviews, to anyone who has submitted a piece for WCC April.

4/16/2009 #188
Fractured Illusion

Awesomesauce Karas, I knew you'd win one day :D *not lying*

Frac knows these things, hun.

4/16/2009 #189
Fractured Illusion


As Carus gave the option of reviewing another active participant than herself, PM me what author you reviewed, as well as piece title, if you did not review Carus.

As Carus was an active participant, she is of course eligible (under her own criteria) to be reviewed.

Don't forget: We are dealing with Depth review requirements. Read about them in the first post.

You have til the 30th to review, due to tie time delay.

I think that was it, yeah. :)

Thanks to all who not only voted in the first poll, but also in the second! It's good so many cares. We also broke a voting record with the first poll - go us, yay team!

Also, I hope first time WCCers have had a nice experience - hope to see you guys again! "Old timers", as always, come back next time, eh? :p

Over and out.

4/16/2009 #190

Congratulations, Carus.


4/16/2009 #191

Well done to you too, Dee!! :D

And thanks :)

4/16/2009 . Edited 4/16/2009 #192
Fractured Illusion


4/25/2009 #193
Fractured Illusion


I also want everyone to check if they are on the list, if they have reviewed. If I did not get your PM or I lost it and you are thus not on the list, please PM me again or post here.

You can also only request an extension before the deadline is met, not after. Afterward, you are banned.

4/28/2009 #194
Fractured Illusion


Give or take 30 min.

If you believe you cannot give the review before the deadline, please request an extension. Having an extension means you get one more week to review, but you cannot participate on the forum til the review is done.

4/30/2009 #195
Nicki BluIs

OMG I cant believe it was tie this time! I must say the quality of the owrk has really gone up! By the end of the year we'll be supah-starz!!!

4/30/2009 #196
Engineer of Words

Congrats on winning, Karas. :D

4/30/2009 . Edited 4/30/2009 #197
Engineer of Words

I'm excited for May's WCC, how about you guys?

4/30/2009 #198

hoooooooray for Karas~!

4/30/2009 #199
Nicki BluIs

Oh yeah and congrats to karas for having the winning entry! cant wiat to see the prompt!!

4/30/2009 #200
Engineer of Words


4/30/2009 #201

I'm excited for May's WCC, how about you guys?

me too!

I'm going to try my hand at 2nd POV just for kicks... :P

4/30/2009 #202
Fractured Illusion

Mod note: Because it is very "late" for me and I want to sleep, I figure that letting you guys get the prompt 2 hours earlier is better than you having it 10 hours late. Besides, this should almost even out my previous belatedness concerning the prompt giving. If you find this a very bad idea, please tell so in Problems/Questions.

4/30/2009 #203
Fractured Illusion



I hear many people are cramming with work this time of year, and what we all need during such a difficult time is a valid reason to procrastinate.'re looking at it.


Prompt: "I'm dying of thirst in the middle of the ocean."

Quote by the band Styx (song - man in the wilderness).


As songs are easy to find as one piece through the intrawebs, I suggest that you only focus on the prompt and only after you have submitted your entry read the entire set of lyrics/listen to the song, so as to not get your original ideas altered. But do as you wish.


Remember, even though there must be a connection between your submitted piece and the prompt, you need not make "obvious" connections. The prompt is meant to inspire.

Registrations and submissions have now started! Edit in the link to your piece in your registration post once it has been created. You can register and submit your work until the end of the 7th of May. Remember, one piece per person! We accept both poetry and stories.

If you have any preference on what you want reviewed if you win, write that into your registration post.

It is okay to promote voting through author note or your profile.

If you have any questions, ask at Problems/Questions.

If you find bumps on your way, you can go to Help with your writing and get help there.

Otherwise, Resources for Writing has some nifty links to help you along with uncertain areas.

Good luck everyone!

4/30/2009 #204

I register for WCC May and promise to review the winner etc etc! :p

My entry: The Edge

Good luck everyone!

Edit: If I win, I'd like to give away the reviews again to anyone who submitted an entry.

4/30/2009 . Edited 5/10/2009 #205

I register for WCC May and promise to review the winner.

EDIT: I'm done, and it's a poem people! Not that that'll matter much anyway, so here's the linkski!

5/1/2009 . Edited 5/6/2009 #206
Engineer of Words

I also register in WCC May, and will review the winner.


If I happen to be the winner, please either review Hammerhead or any of my ventures in poetry.

5/1/2009 . Edited 5/10/2009 #207

I'm in. Pinky swear to review the winner.

5/1/2009 #208
Mayo on toast

I register for WCC May, and promise to review the winner, and, as an additional promise, vow i will break my track record and get this one in.

My really sucky entry.

5/1/2009 . Edited 5/6/2009 #209

I register for WCC May and promise to review the winner! :)

Okay, Here's my crappy attempt *cringes*

Life of a Dead Person

5/1/2009 . Edited 5/7/2009 #210
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