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Scottish Princess
Okay, so this thread is where I'm going to put down what's happened so far in this RP, just so that new people will have a clue and so that those of us that have been here for a while can look here if/when we forget. =D So, I'm going to list things in chronological order as they've happened. If I forget to put something in here, please tell me!
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Scottish Princess

June 5th, 1580

-Jack, Maeve, and Aoife show up at the village and get acquainted with the place

-Liam gets sick

-Over the next couple days, Maeve & James and Aoife & Kieran spend quite a bit of time together

-Hogan shows up at the village

-The English show up outside the village and Kieran rides off to the Highlands to get reinforcements

-In the morning, four days after Kieran left, they all find out that the English have captured Kieran when he was almost back from the Highlands

-Kieran gets nearly killed and left outside the village gate by the English

-James and Alec bring Kieran inside and straight to the Alec’s house

-While waiting to hear about Kieran, Aoife finds out from Meghan that she(Aoife) is pregnant with Kieran’s child

-Jack attempts to rape Maeve and Maeve kills him

-James proposes to Maeve and she accepts

-Kieran learns that Aoife’s pregnant with his child

-Artair talks to Kieran and tells him that the right thing to do is to marry Aoife so Kieran proposes to Aoife and she accepts

-Faylinn sneaks past the English and enters the village, and Hogan gets rather attached to her

-The English actually start attacking and the Scottish retaliate after sending the woman and children back to the caves

-Father Galiera shows up at the village and heads straight back to the caves

-The reinforcements from the Highlands(The MacKenzie and MacDougall Clans) show up and come into the village from the back way by the caves

-Pegie approaches the village and gets apprehended by a small group of English soldiers

-The Scottish reinforcements leave the village through the caves and sweep around in a pincer movement

-The Scottish forces defeat the English and send them running off in their underwear

-The village is getting repaired and the people are planning for a huge celebratory feast

-James&Maeve and Kieran&Aoife get married a few days after the feast

-Faylinn gets her own house

-Maeve tells James that she's expecting

-Maeve's parents show up from Ireland and try to take Maeve home, but James talks them out of it

March 19th, 1581

-Nine months pass and both Aoife and Maeve are reaching the end of their pregnancies

-Both Maeve and Aoife have their children, a girl and a boy respectively

-A large group of soldiers have arrived at the village

((And that be all for now. Obviously, that’s an extremely summarized version of what’s happened, but it’s just there for reference. Again, if I missed an important events PLEASE tell me so I can add those in! Hope that helps to clear some things up!))

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