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Andrew Keith
((Here is where anything not really directly near or against the coast of your nations, and for anything occurring in the open ocean. I guess if your nations do not have hundreds of ships pouring out through here for trade, you can post up location/destination and such that your ships are taking across here. This is also the place to act out and use any pirates or naval forces heading out for war.

Form for traveling ships through here: [place, ship name, ship type, representing nation/group]

1. Where they are at in the open sea

2. Name for reference

3. Class and strength of the ship

4. The flag the ship is bearing, for possible war or peaceful interactions with other nations

This is also the starting home for my refugees aboard two sloops towing several more tugboat-sized rafts and barges. Three rather wide and long barges and five tugboat-sized rafts. There are a total of 950 refugees aboard the ships.))

"I see no land!" The young man called from the crows' nest of one of the refugee sloops.

"There are lands here, I be knowin' it! Keep lookin' as he sail, lad!" The captain of the sloop called back, staying at the wheel of the ship.

12/6/2007 . Edited 12/7/2007 #1
[Waters just east of the Archipelago]

Two ships rolled across the waves, their sails catching the wind and speeding them forward.

"See, first we head for Kaleo and sell what we've got: skins, furs, fish, jewelry and so on. Then we load up as much cheap grain as we can get and sail to Sevia. Next is Sarbryn where we can pick up some fancy trinkets and on back from there." The captain stood on deck, watching the endless waves with his young son.

"Why grain?"

"Well see, Sevia will probably buy whatever they can, so we fill up with the stuff that we can pack in bulk and sell well."

"Oh." The boy commented. It was so exciting! After nine years at home he was on his first voyage!

12/6/2007 #2
Andrew Keith
"Ships! Ships ahead and off port-side bow!" The young man in the crows' nest called to the captain.

"Aye, I see 'em!" The captain replied, peering through his telescope. "Settin' course to 'em. Start a smoke column!" The captain bellowed as he turned the ship.

His crew planted and covered a lifeboat a metal bowl, and dumped tender and logs into it. They tethered it to them and the other sloop, then ignited the contents, creating a large column of black smoke between the two ships, in hopes of the other two ships spotting them.

A lad relayed news to the lifeboats being towed behind, and they all cheered in joy at the thought of finding a home soon.

12/6/2007 #3
[ocean east of the Archipelago]

"Dad! Look! It's smoke!" The boy waved frantically at the horizon, where a column of black smoke was rising up from what looked like a small ship.

"What in the..." The captain stared for a few moments at the strange sight. "Tell Adrion to check that out. And Be Ready for anything!" He yelled up to the sailor in the crow's nest. The man waved a series of flags and the second ship, the caravel, veered off towards the smoke. "Now load up the Balistae and get on station!" The captain yelled as man ran around pulling weapons off racks.

Aboard the caravel the action was similar, the catipult was loaded up and the sailors were armed as they slowly sailed toward the sight. As they came closer they saw it was a couple sloops, along with a makeshift raft between them.

"Some kind of trick?" Adrion mused to himself, wiping his handsome brown hair away from his face. "Pull left and keep this distance!" He yelled to the pilot.

12/6/2007 #4
Andrew Keith
A lifeboat off the sloop to the right from the Archipelago ship's view was boarded and lowered into the sea, sent forward at the ship. Aboard it were four armed sailors, captain of the sloop, and three men representing the other refugees in the lifeboats behind the sloops.

"Greetings! We are refugges in need of assistance, may we please come aboard?!" the captain bellowed through conical seashell.

12/6/2007 #5
((Hey, maybe you could do a bit more to explain things about who's coming from where... My suggestion would be, in this thread, to go by a formula sort of like this:

[place, ship name, ship type, representing nation/group]

So if I wanted to do one of Bloody Jean's ships, I would introduce it as:

[Waters North of the Archipelago, aboard the Swift Vengeance, a Sloop, one of Bloody Jean's ships]

It helps keep things from getting confusing so you can figure out much more easily how one ship meeting another ship in the water will react. Location is obvious, of course; the name of the ship is so things don't get confused if you're traveling in a fleet or whatnot; the class of ship basically tells you the capabilities of the ship and relative size/strength; and the nation/group tells you who they work for. That way if two nations are at war you can automatically know whether to attack or retreat on sight of the ship.

Just a suggestion.))

12/6/2007 #6
Andrew Keith
12/7/2007 #7
awilla the hun
Approaching, but not very near, Vladmirsgrad

Ship: The Strength of Unity

Class: Sail powered, secretly armed merchantman (A "Q ship.")

Rakarskian flagged vessel.

Captain Alan Turmoore looked through his telescope at the sea around him. All seemed quiet. Well, the quieter the better. Captain Turmoore wanted his cargo of machine parts to reach the colony safely and swiftly, without pirate attacks. He was a tall man, dashing with long black hair and a clean shaven face. This was his first mission at sea, and he wanted to carry it off successfully and swiftly in the oldest traditions of the merchant navy.

"'ware left!" someone cried. The captain looked around with his telescope and gulped audiably.

Black sails were on the horizon.

12/7/2007 #8
[waters east of the Archipelago, merchant fleet, Caravel & carrack]

"No!" Adrion yelled down at the lifeboat. He wasn't going to let strangers onto his ship that easily. "You can tell me who the hell you are and what you're doing here!" It could be a trap, lure them in and get on the ship, then take it over and wipe the sailors out. Of course these people looked genuinely distressed and pathetic, but a lot of pirates did.

12/7/2007 #9
Andrew Keith
"We are refugees escaping political genocide! Where might we land for a home? Any assistance will most certainly be appreciated!" The captain bellowed out in reply.
12/7/2007 #10
Refugees! A likely story really, but that one that particularly pleased the captain aboard his ship.

"There's land in just about every direction." He called down to them. "The closest is just west of here." Then he turned and waved to one of his sailors, "They them a map and let's be off."

A few moments later one of the archers fired an arrow, which hummed forward and smacked into the side of the lifeboat, wrapped around it was a simply map of the nearby sea, marked with a dot where they were now. The caravel then turned and headed back towards its companion, signaling via flagman.

12/8/2007 #11
Andrew Keith
The expressions of everyone aboard the lifeboat saddened as the caravel didn't let them board, but they kept their hopes up as they plucked the map and arrow.

((Where would you say they'd be in the sea?))

12/8/2007 #12
awilla the hun
The black sailed ship began to draw close. Turmoore produced his speaking trumpet. "Who goes?" he called out. "Comrade or foe? You are free to sail in-"

The other ship produced a skull and crossbones flag.

"We surrender," Turmoore called out.

Time to demonstrate the "Q" part of Q ship. A great battery of guns was hidden beneath tarpaulin on the decks, and smaller pieces were in cabins with shutters to hide the muzzles. When the pirate ship approached, they would blitz it with cannonfire, and the small contingent of marines would board and take it at the point of bayonet and cutlass. Then Turmoore would have a prize to tow to Vladmirsgrad.

12/8/2007 #13
((They're just east of the Archipelago, so they could go in just about any direction and hit land.))
12/8/2007 #14
Andrew Keith

"Let's head south, and stay farther away from the northern oppressors." The captain suggested, bringing nods from everyone else in the small craft as they turned back for their sloop.

--About ten minutes later.--

The flame buoy was drawn back to the ship and the fire smothered out. The two ships turned slightly to their left, altering their course toward the Sevian port of Estanmar.

12/8/2007 #15
[Northeast of the Archipelago, heading East, aboard the Jean's Revenge, a Corvette, Bloody Jean's flagship]

Jean stood on the poop deck looking out over her fleet. 15 ships of varying types, all pledged to her cause. For now, they flew under the flag of the Archipelago. It was a shabby disguise, but the Pirates never ran short of idiots willing to get closer and fall into their trap.

Ah... This was the life. Free of the laws and restrictions other folks bound themselves to. She did what she wanted when she wanted and got richer in the process.

"Mr. Meksdell!" she called the captain of the ship over. He approached her and she couldn't the leer she leveled on him... The tan, the hard muscles... How could she resist?

She sidled over to him and began to run her fingers over his jawline. "How's our progress?" she purred.

"H-heading at a steady pace, m'am. The wind's with us. We s-should reach land in a couple a' days."


12/8/2007 #16
Andrew Keith
((Northeast of the Archipelago, with land at the horizon to their left as they follow it around, heading east, aboard the Z.S. Medallion, an ironclad cruiser, Zerbian Colony Charter))

((Since the ZCC's ships are ironclads, I have to change the class names. But, it's still the same shape and size as the other two, in Sevia and the Archipelago.))

"There should be a port coming up soon. Open engines three and four!" The elf captain bellowed from the wheel house as he continued watching the sea and land ahead of him.

((Not sure if they could be seen from Jean's or not...))

((Just north of Estanmar, Sevia. Heading a few degrees east of north, to ZCC. Aboard the Z.S. Intruder, an ironclad cruiser.))

"Major Yarl will be most pleased with this development." The captain said to one of his lieutenants, bringing an agreeing 'Aye' from the elf.

12/9/2007 . Edited 12/9/2007 #17
Andrew Keith
((Leaving the port capital of Herck, heading for Sevia. Aboard the Z.S. Intruder, ironclad cruiser.))

"We shall see what Governor Tarnar says about this new order." Captain Bonnel said to himself as his crew and the extra fifty elves made their way across the seas, back to Sevia.

12/9/2007 #18
[Southwest of Kaleo, heading East, Aboard the Jean's Revenge, a Corvette, Bloody Jean's flagship]

"A ship!" the sailor in the crow's nest called. "Ahead about 11 o'clock!"

Jean pulled out her spyglass and looked for the ship. It looked like the first victim of their voyage east had just come to them. Closely she looked to see what flag they flew. She had ordered her ships to switch over to flying the flag of Kaleo, and hoped that this was a Kalean ship, or, at least, the ship of a nation allied with Kaleo. It would be nice to get some easy cargo, and, perhaps, a new ship.

((You guys decide who she spotted. :P Edited because I meant South WEST of Kaleo, not south east. lol. I sometimes get the two mixed up.))

12/13/2007 . Edited 12/13/2007 #19
Andrew Keith
((I guess she can spot the Zerbian ship retreating and shooting at Vladmirsgrad.))

((From the north of the Archipelago, heading home to Northern Zerbian Colony. Aboard the Z.S. Strider, ironclad cruiser.))

Captain Grail stood on deck as he watched the seas.

12/13/2007 #20
awilla the hun
The five ironclads reluctantly abandoned the chase after firing their turret guns at the ZCC ship (like described in the RCC thread.)
12/13/2007 #21
Andrew Keith
((From about half a mile out of Vladmirsgrad, heading west for Z.C.C. Z.S. Medallion, ironclad and damaged cruiser.))

Two shells completely missed while one blew off the bowsprit off the the ship. Another split through halfway up the already damaged steamstack, sending it into the sea. The cannonball continued through and ripped a gash in the corner of the deck and hull, taking two sailors with it. The last shell crashed through the roof of the bridge, killing four sailors with the debris.

The ship was about to retaliate with another volley, but as they saw the Rakarskians give up the chase, it turned west for home.

12/13/2007 #22
[somewhere north of the Archipelaego]

In the distance a large object could be seen slowly floating towards the islands.

12/13/2007 #23
Andrew Keith
((Just off the coast of the southernmost mountain in the mountain range south of Herck, heading for Sevia. The Z.S. intruder, leading a small fleet of three other cruisers and a cargo ship, all ironclads.))

"We should be there by tomorrow evening." Captain Bonnel said to the captains of the cruiser behind his, who then relayed it to the rest of the ships.

12/14/2007 #24
awilla the hun
Just outside of Vladmirsgrad docks.

The ironclad picket was still in place, and had not moved for days. Small boats had been ferrying food to the ships and ill or wounded men to hospitals on dry land. And now, it seemed, that the picket was to be put into use.

A great convoy of sail powered ships was making its way towards the docks. (Yes, that means Mindwarp's.) Commodore Roberts, on his flagship RNS Valiant, took one look at the convoy and unravelled a series of signalling flags. He then stood, speaking trumpet at the ready in case they didn't understand.

Message read "State your business, strange vessels, and be advised that these ships are at a full state of alert and are ready to fire upon any who are condidered hostile."

12/14/2007 #25
[outside Vladmirsgrad]

The sailing ships slowed to a near halt at the sight of the ironclads. And, after a moment's bustle aboard one large carrack, a series of flags were unfurled. It read: "Archipelagan merchantmen, seeking trade, peaceful intentions."

Aboard the ship the merchant who was running the show, he had a small stake in the fleet, was staring at the ironclads suspiciously. What in the world are they up to? He thought, it looked like a fleet assembling for war! Pirates maybe? Well too late to back out now, he had to go through with the mission. Whatever was going on, he doubted it would get in the way of trade.

12/14/2007 . Edited 12/14/2007 #26
((Hey, AK. You going to do something with the Zerbian ship leaving the Archipelago?))
12/14/2007 #27
Andrew Keith
((I thought they already landed.))
12/14/2007 #28
awilla the hun
"You may pass," the ironclads replied. "But prepare to be boarded for an inspection." You can't be too careful, the commodore thought as he prepared the small rowing boat full of marines to search the ships.
12/15/2007 #29
The merchant sighed, ordering the captain to advance slowly and anchor when the patrol arrived. Same old procedure. Navies tried to search every ship coming in or out, and merchants kept coming up with new ways to smuggle goods out.

Not that they had anything to smuggle, just a large supply of gold, ivory, and crafted goods. If this mission went well they'd be leaving with much more. It was a gamble, but the gains if they succeeded...

12/15/2007 #30
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