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Kail's army marched out of the desert and into the plains, thankful to see green once agian.
4/1/2008 #31
The shamans had heard of armies entering their lands, but had never seen one. "How can they support that many people?" Breyu asked, watching the army from above as she Fire-walked in the air. "i don't know." Lir truthfully answered. He was walking on gravitational fields of electricity which was always in the air. His concentration was being tasked in trying to answer questions and ride the continuously changing signals. The defenders were only a two days march away from the invaders, and only a quarter of a day by flight. They were there to make sure their "herald" was safe. They watched warily as the lone rider drew up to the army. ------------------ Below, 3rd rider Jenal drew up and gave a salute. "Hail, army of the sandy wastes! What brings you here to the plains of the Kelnanians?" He shouted
4/2/2008 #32
((seems I forgot the number of troops in this army... must look that up later... and besides that your land seems sort of off the map, and I find it hard to find what sector this is happening in...)) Not a single soldier responded though a short time later a man walked forth from the ranks, "While we are not of the sandy wastes behind us, we did travel through it, and for one very specific reason, exploration." The man said, which, at least the last part, is a lie.
4/2/2008 #33

"If it was exploration you seek, why come with so many men and weapons?"

4/3/2008 . Edited 4/3/2008 #34

"The unknown is fraught with dangers, that is why there are so many of us."

4/4/2008 #35
Andrew Keith

[Sector: I-17]

The two riders of Jolayst packed up their gear and hopped back on their horses rode on eastward, exploring the unknown to them.


((And I'd like to withdraw the Kaleon scouts, rather unreasonable for them to be here exploring of all places.))

4/5/2008 #36

"Sure..." The messenger replied, "I doubt that to the nth degree. What were you expecting? An army of elemental creatures? If you go further, you might encounter just that!" He laughed without humor.

4/8/2008 #37

"Elementals would not be unexpected." The man said, "Though not likely."

4/8/2008 #38

"I'm getting irratated," Shouted the messenger, "Answer me, who do you work for and are you a threat to this land???"

4/8/2008 #39

"Anyone with a standing army would be a threat to someone else, it just depends upon the degree, and I can say that we labor for love of(( the Fatherland... lol)) our homeland that is to the west of here, on the other side of the dune sea."

4/9/2008 #40

Sighing, the messanger relented. "Fine, you may explore, under one condition: You must never go near the citadel in the middle of the plains. Anywhere else but there..."

4/10/2008 #41

Scouting parties were quickly organized, along with some groups that had more... insidious orders.

4/10/2008 #42

The two watchers breathed a sigh of relief as they watched their man walk away unharmed, they started back to camp.

4/14/2008 #43

The scouting parties went about their duties, mapping the area as best as possible and searching out area of habitation for later attack.

4/16/2008 #44

While the Kelnanians did not beleive the army a threat, they weren't stupid. They kept the sparse woodlands which dotted the plains between them and the scouts at all times. Or at least treid to as much as possible.

4/18/2008 #45

After the scouts returned and the information put together, it was found that there were no premanent settlements in this area, but the area would still make for great crop growing and cattle herding. A portal was set up and the army started work on a settlement using materials brought through the portal. Soon, when the settlement was finished, they would march to war agianst this nomadic people.

4/23/2008 #46

The soldiers waited by sharpening up on their fighting skills, while the Shamans, stored extra power in their gems. When worn, these gems gave extra stamina for the spells they used.

4/30/2008 #47

Eventually the army started to march towards the coast, leaving behind a garrison at the fort. When they were within sight of the ocean, they turned back inland, heading towards the approximated center of the plains.

5/6/2008 #48

((Sorry I've been off for a while))

The Shamans bristled, learning of the new troop movements.

Two hours later, the small ragtag force raced towards the citadel.

6/6/2008 #49
awilla the hun

((So has everyone else.))

6/6/2008 #50

Once in sight of the citadel, the army stopped and prepared fully for the battle, Stringing bows and sharpening swords, though they did so in shifts as to make sure they were not caught uperapred for a preemptive strike.

6/17/2008 #51

The small complement of riders rode in between the army and the citadel. The Thirty or so men looked at the army looming in front of them and gulped. The Shamans rode out to greet them.

6/18/2008 #52

The Survaekom had known of these plains for a while now, and finally the first signs of their arrival came: three frigate airships and eight sloops flying towards the area, with a sea battleship, ten sea frigates, and twenty sloops following behind.

6/23/2008 . Edited 6/23/2008 #53

Joshua and his people reached the Valley without any trouble. The rainy season would soon come, and the way in would be blocked. Besides, the valley, on the edge of the desert, looked so forboding during the dry season that no one in their right mind would try to use it.

The apprentices came to him, fearful.

"What is it Great One?" Asked Cerchi, the youngest at only eight. She was using her control of water to keep herself cooled down in the heat.

Joshua sighed sadly, and looked out upon the plains as if seeing the airships coming, and the small band of defenders about to do battle futilelessly against an army a 1000 fold their size and more. He shook his head. The ways of the world were getting lost indeed, if the new folk thought they could rule through technology, with no respect for ancient magicks. Once Joshua had met an outsider from the outlying lands. He remembered that visit all too well.

"You must join the new world... or perish with the old."

The old still has some fight in it, though, he mused, as this army and those ships are about to discover.

The young ones repeated the question, stirring him out of his reverie.

"War." He spoke solemnly. The world would be more heavily burdened, before the day was done.

((I'd ask you nicely not to enter the fortress, but I don't think it will help. I won't trouble you with telling what's in there. Then you WOULDN'T go in. I'm going to get on my soap box and say that I would strongly advise you not to enter the fortress. It's locked anyway. To open the gate you need an elemental blast from each of the elements I have for shamans. Fire, Ice, Earth, Lightning, Water, and Wind. Any mage with a spell of this type could open the gate. It doesn't have to be my people. And I'll warn you one last time. The Kelnans haven't stepped foot in their for a little more reason than such superstition as an ancient curse. There's also gold inside. More wealth than most can dream of. Just FYI. STepping off the soapbox now.))

6/24/2008 . Edited 6/24/2008 #54

The Sevian soldiers greeted the shamans with respect, though it was clear that their presence was unwanted.

((the shamans were going towards my forces correct?))

7/4/2008 #55

[Sector 17]

Expiditionary force #2 has just landed on the northern coast of the kelenian plains and is now moving under the cover of illusion in a southern direction. The group, consisting of only five men, victisians to be exact, though they looked very much human, is being commanded by a victisian that goes by the name of Trin.

"Spread out and search the area for hostiles." Trin commanded and the others raced to do his bidding.

7/4/2008 #56

One of the sloops, with a diplomatic party aboard (fortunately with a Byrnian who had once visited the plains), landed in the Valley near Joshua's group. The party stepped off the gangplank and noticed Joshua's band. Therefore, the Byrnian who had been to the plains, Diplomat Irgitz, went with a Survaekom lieutenant and six soldiers to meet the plainspeople.

7/4/2008 . Edited 7/5/2008 #57

((Are you sending people to my army? ... cuase I sort've lost.. and from the looks of it the showdown between the sevians and the kelenians, is happening at J-18 so we are kind've far in land.))

7/4/2008 #58

((OK. Editing post now.))

7/5/2008 #59

The group found a large army and very unexpected army to the south, quite a distance inland, and little of anything else. So they started heading west, along the coast towards the distant mountains.

7/13/2008 #60
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